When did eating become so complicated? Here, we debunk 10 common diet and nutrition myths.

Today we have access to more diet and nutrition information than ever before. The bad news? A lot of the information is out of date, lacking in evidence, conflicting and sometimes downright confusing.

We all know some of the basics of healthful eating, but some not-so-good advice has a habit of sticking around. Here, we debunk 10 common diet and nutrition myths.


diet-carbsDitch the carbs if you want to lose weight

Low-carb diets are trendy, but they aren't for everyone. In addition to side effects like constipation, avoiding whole grains, fruits, starchy vegetables and legumes could leave you short on the nutrients and fibre these foods provide. True, some studies show that cutting carbs may help shed unwanted weight, but other research warns people who lose weight on restrictive diets have a slim chance of keeping it off permanently.

Some experts also argue that low carb diets haven't been around long enough for us to understand their long-term effects. Dieticians generally agree that grains can be part of our daily diets -- provided we don't over-do it, of course.

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Elizabeth Rogers