Most of us start life depending on our parents to take care of us. But as they age, chances are the roles will reverse. Luckily many simple, quick, affordable – and even stylish and savvy – updates can make homes safer and more enjoyable for you, your family and your parents.

1. De-clutter

Both kids and older adults have reduced reflexes and balance. Spruce up the look of your home – and avoid tripping hazards – by removing clutter and items you no longer use (especially obstacles in walkways).

2. Safe, Spa-ahh Shower

Showers can be an enjoyable and luxurious part of anyone’s day – if they are safe. While you probably don’t want to renovate the shower, simple additions can make it safer and more enjoyable. Start by adding rubber grips to the bottom of the shower to avoid slick surfaces. Next, take a seat with a comfortable shower chair and enjoy a shower massage with a multi-function hand held showerhead. Products like the Home Care by Moen® shower chair and Hand Held Shower with Innovative Palm Feature are ideal choices at affordable prices to add safety, style and spa enjoyment to the shower.

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