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"Sometimes it's best to return to basics when you're looking for your life's purpose, and that would be back in your past. What did you want to be when you were 10 years old? How about when you were 16? What were your interests and passions? You might be surprised to learn that you still love the same things!"

— Vikki Stark, psychotherapist, Montreal


24 Get mad about you

"Examine your anger. When people in mid-life are looking for purpose, I encourage them to look at what they've been pushing away. Often it's anger, and I suggest looking into what we are angry about. Are there chances missed, societal injustices, thwarted hopes? If we're angry, there's usually a passion underneath that wants our attention, badly."

— Pamela Rubin, certified counsellor, Halifax


25 Make it yourself

"Instead of considering your purpose as something to be found, try thinking of it as something to be created. You are, in the grand scheme of things, already talented in your life's purpose. This shift in perspective will empower you to take action and follow your unique way to infuse your life with your purpose."

— Ryan Cuillerier, certified professional coach, Vancouver


There's an app for that!

26 Life Purpose
Get more insights into your own identity and values.

27 On Purpose
Create a "purpose statement," then track which daily activities are in line with your purpose.

28 Motto Dots
Inspire yourself with your own life-changing catchphrases.

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