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Here, five famous actors who have expressed regret about their most famous classic film roles.

Famous actors don't always look back at their roles in classic films with the same nostalgic appreciation we do.

In fact, sometimes they regret them. From Harrison Ford's souring view of Star Wars after his third appearance in the franchise to Christopher Plummer's brutally honest assessment of The Sound of Music, we take a look at the actors who have had a complicated relationship with their classic film roles.

Here, 5 actors who have expressed regrets about their most popular classic film roles.


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Sean Connery: James Bond

Initially, Sean Connery had no qualms about playing the suave spy that put him on the map, but by the fifth instalment of the franchise, You Only Live Twice, the role had lost its appeal. "I have always hated that damned James Bond," he once said in an interview. "I'd like to kill him."

Connery thought that Bond had become boring due to a lack of character development throughout the first four films and made his grievances known to producer, Albert Broccoli.

But as production went ahead with the same stagnant James Bond, a feud began between the actor and producer, reaching a point where Connery would lock himself in his trailer when Broccoli came to visit the set.

Connery also wasn't happy about his compensation for the films. After receiving $750,000 and 25% of merchandise profits for You Only Live Twice—modest by Hollywood standards—he demanded $1 million and a portion of the films profits for a return as bond in the sixth film of the franchise.

Unwilling to pay the star's demanded compensation, producers went with George Lazenby for 1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

But after audiences responded poorly to Lazenby, movie executive David Picker would offer the deal of a lifetime to win Connery back for Diamonds Are Forever.

"After we flopped with Lazenby we had to get Sean back, so I met with Sean and it turned out they had treated him really badly," Picker told "I worked out a deal I thought Sean would respond to, where he'd only have to do one more movie for us. [I said], 'If you do one movie more for James Bond we will make a three-picture deal with you where you can make any picture up to a certain budget. Sean came back and obviously revived the series and only made one movie under that deal."

Latterly, the actor must have warmed up to the role. He played Bond one final time in the unofficial Thunderball remake, Never Say Never Again in 1983.

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