Hot off the press! From monsters in a Scottish village during the Second World War to a modern-day “Rear Window” and a timeless tale of love and memory, these 5 books are at the top of our list


books--the-buried-giantTHE BURIED GIANT by Kazuo Ishiguro

Following the death of King Arthur, ogres roam the land, and Britain is in a state of perilous decline. Against this dismal war-ravaged setting, master storyteller Kazuo Ishigurao’s seventh novel follows an elderly couple, Axl and Beatrice, as they search for the son they haven’t seen in years … but no longer remember why. A mysterious mist of forgetfulness has infected the country, young and old alike, yet for Axl and Beatrice, the dimming of their past doesn’t dispel a nagging sense something has gone very wrong. It’s a moving story of memory and forgetting – and the blessings of both – but it’s also a poignant portrayal of long-term love, what’s buried as well as what’s in plain view.

The Buried Giant (Knopf Canada) is available at Indigo and

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