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From the famed Bloomsbury set to tales of betrayal, brutality of war and multi-generational riffs to romantic love lost and found again, these books are perfect companions for a long, lazy weekend of reading


1-trainTHE GIRL ON THE TRAIN (Doubleday) by Paula Hawkins

This romantic thriller from Paula Hawkins debuted at the top spot on the New York Times Best Seller List, a feat unmatched by any novel in a decade. The book, widely compared to Gone Girl, looks at the dark side of love and how menace can lurk beneath the surface of the most everyday situations. Set in suburban London, the story follows Rachel, a divorced alcoholic who is prone to imbibing cans of G&Ts on her commuter train, drunk-dialing her ex and the occasional black out. Not helping is the fact her train takes her directly past her old home on Blenheim Road, where her ex-husband now lives with his new wife. But melancholy and voyeurism turn into something more dangerous when she sees something amiss in her old neighbourhood. No longer a mere observer, she is drawn into the investigation of a woman gone missing and long-buried truths about her own marriage.

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