In the ongoing war against harmful germs in our homes, we’re making some basic mistakes. Here are some common cleaning blunders and how to avoid them.

What’s the dirtiest item in most Canadian homes? Not the toilet or even anything bathroom-related, but the simple kitchen towel according to a study by the Hygiene Council.

According to the study, these ‘dirty’ towels were, in fact, highly contaminated with E. coli, which can cause severe cramping and bloody diarrhea. The explanation for the not so harmless kitchen towel may have less to do with not laundering them than not laundering them properly. In order to kill bacteria, researchers say, towels should be washed in water hotter than 60 C (140 F) or by using boiling water in a pot.

cleaning-kitchen towelSo what are some the top mistakes we make when trying to keep our homes healthy and hygienic? Click through for some common cleaning blunders.


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Cynthia Ross Cravit