Looking to update your look? Here, some inspirational ideas from glamorous women who aren't afraid to break conventional hair rules.

Your hair is perhaps one of the easiest and least expensive ways (compared to cosmetic surgery) to have a brand new look. As you age, your skin changes in texture and tone. The hair style and colour that looked fabulous on you 10 years ago might not look so great today without some tinkering with the shape, hue and style. Consult your hairdresser for some advice on updating your hair or perhaps finally trying an entirely new do. Be prepared to be honest about details such as if it's suitable for your current lifestyle and how much maintenance is required to upkeep.

And relax, it's not like a pricey home reno or time-consuming decorating project you hated once you saw the final outcome. This is only hair. If you don't like it, it grows back.

Scroll through our slide show below for a look at some inspirational ideas and a few women who broke conventional hair rules. 

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