There was a time in the past when designers in Paris would be revered and practically be considered fashion seers, with the ability to know exactly what women will desire to wear the next season.

Hence, Paris Fashion Week - which came to a close this past week - used to be the most influential of the fashion capitals. Retailers, fashion magazines and even other designers would look carefully at what came down the runways of the most renown designers like Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, because ultimately it would dictate the trends for the next season. And inevitably, you would come across a breathless headline - PARIS SAYS PANTS! - in a newspaper or fashion magazine with shrill seriousness like it was a commandment. Which it was. Because no retailer dared bucked the trends dictated by the Paris runways in favour of marching to their own beat.

But times change. While Paris still remains an influential fashion capital, the designers' runways are not the only source of inspiration. With the popularity of street style photography in the past decade, what the models, bloggers and fashion show guests are wearing on the streets, have come to help define the trends.

Look at any designer's inspiration board and you will find printouts of some of these pictures. Fashion magazines still count the street style section of their websites as one of the most popular. E-commerce and traditional retailers also regularly feature these photos on their sites as shopping inspiration.

Scroll through our slide show below for a look of some of the most noteworthy looks seen on the streets this past fashion week in the City of Lights. Because come spring, you'll be seeing them on streets closer to you.

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