Here, we've compiled eight of our favourite comeback stories in Tinseltown's history.

Helen Mirren gave me a puzzled look from across the table in a hotel room in downtown Toronto. I'd just asked her if she felt that her Last Station co-star Christopher Plummer had experienced a career renaissance in recent years – topped by his Oscar win in 2012 for Best Supporting Actor in Beginners – and clearly she didn't view his professional trajectory in the same way I did.

"No, absolutely not," she laughed, almost consolingly. "No, Chris' career has been absolutely constant … But the thing is he was always an incredibly substantial theatre actor and big theatre star … Your film career, for whatever reason, because you don't want to do film for two or three years and then you come back and you do a film – your career, over a long period of time, fluctuates. But no, I would say Chris' work, life work as an actor, has been a constant thing. And also, I would say mine."

And so there you have it – Christopher Plummer is not a comeback story. There are, however, a number of Hollywood heavyweights who did rebound from tough times, personal problems and bad reviews to rejuvenate their careers. And especially today, when franchise films rule the box office and younger stars often prove interchangeable, these older Hollywood legends remained, and in some cases still remain, in demand and bankable on their own merits, without the need for a superhero or sexy vampire franchise to lure in fans.

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