Cooked versus raw, frozen or fresh? Here, we debunk some of the most popular and persistent food myths.

Hearing something over and over again – even if it's not true – can make you believe it is. Maybe that's why there are still so many myths about food out there.

Think carbs make you fat? Coffee dehydrates you?

Well, think again.

Here are some of the most popular and persistent food myths, according to Leslie Beck, a widely-consulted Toronto-based registered dietician and the author of 12 books on healthy eating.


1) Eating eggs raises cholesterol: "While it's true eggs are a concentrated form of cholesterol, studies have shown that cholesterol – whether it comes from eggs, shrimp or even meat – has little or no impact on most people's cholesterol levels," says Beck. "If you're looking to cut cholesterol in your blood you're better off to reduce your intake of animal fats."

Beck has one caveat though. "People with diabetes or heart disease should limit their cholesterol intake."

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