Proof that the style icon is that rare celebrity who is not afraid to take fashion risks and consistently make unconventional and bold statements. All the more laudable because even at age 77—as seen here at the 2015 Grammy Awards—she not only marches to her own fashion beat but bends the rules to make them work for her.

Let us count the ways she does this with this singularly striking red carpet look. First, the emerald green outfit is by Balmain, the Paris based fashion label known for clothes which are relentlessly sexy and full-throttle glamorous. It's a brand beloved and worn by all female members of the Kardashian clan and Rihanna. Hence, it was unexpected to see Fonda on the red carpet in this particular label.

Second, it's a jumpsuit. That's right, a one-piece outfit, cinched with a wide belt and accessorized with a waterfall of gold chains. How many septuagenarians do you know can rock a jumpsuit so effortlessly as if they are pyjamas?

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