I watched her as she sat at the pottery wheel, the clay spinning beneath her slender fingers, a whiff of her perfume beckoning me closer.

Like Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore’s “passionate pottery” scene from Ghost, I sat behind her, placing my hands over hers, the clay oozing over them like the aching desire that simmered between us.

It was then that she turned to face me, her chestnut eyes wide and glistening, and asked in her melodious voice:

“Who are you and why are you touching my gourd?”

Long story short, I’m no longer welcome at the Thursday night pottery classes down at the community centre. But, in my defense, the whole sensual pottery idea did work in Ghost. Granted, as the emergency room nurse noted as she bandaged my nose, “that’s just a movie.” But what, I ask you, is Hollywood if not a fantasy factory projecting our deepest sexual desires onto the big screen?

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Tinseltown is synonymous with stories of sexual awakenings, kinky hook-ups, and sordid sexcapades – and that’s just an evening at Charlie Sheen’s house. Then you have the actual films.

As Zoomer’s recent sex survey showed, sexual fantasies run rampant within the 45+ set, and it’s interesting to think how many of those fantasies originated in, or are explored through, film.

Stars like Rudolph Valentino and Theda Bara were among the first to play up their sex appeal on the silver screen. Mae West broke the silence of the silent era, literally going to jail for her sexual frankness, while Betty Grable kept G.I.’s warm in the trenches during the Second World War. Raquel Welch’s fur bikini from One Million Years B.C. made you wish you’d paid more attention in anthropology class, especially since evolution meant the fur bikini gave way to Princess Leia’s golden bikini and trademark buns (the hairstyle – get your minds out of the gutter). Brigitte Bardot made the boys say “Oooh la la” while Marilyn, of course, was capable of scratching almost any man’s seven-year itch.

Films, however, go beyond simply showcasing sex symbols. When it comes to hooking up with that Hollywood heartthrob, what woman hasn’t dreamt of frolicking in the surf with their own Burt Lancaster, ala From Here to Eternity? As for the guys, The Graduate’s Mrs. Robinson opened the door to a whole new fantasy world: the seductive older woman.

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