When a prominent figure like the mayor of one of Canada’s largest cities is accused of something outrageous – like allegedly smoking crack, for example – your first response may be: “This can’t be true. He runs one of Canada’s largest cities!” However, when the mayor in question is the real-life version of The Simpsons’ Mayor Quimby, with a string of unbelievably questionable actions to his name, you could think, “Actually, I could see that guy hitting the pipe every once and a while.” Because while many have called Toronto’s mayor a “crackhead” figuratively from time to time after one of his many antics, no one has used the term literally.

Take a look through our slideshow of Mayor Quim … I mean … Ford’s wacky moments. After all,  just ask Marion Berry. Crack is wack.

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In May, Ford darted from a community council meeting in Etobicoke, only to tag cars with “Rob Ford Mayor” magnets to people’s cars. He’s facing a $150 fine for the act.

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