Watch: Comedian Jonny Harris Attends Happy Hour With “Alice And The Gals”

Andrew Wright | June 13th, 2017

In the third season of Still Standing, Jonny Harris finds out just how dirty a group of older women can be.

The CBC’s Still Standing is set to return for a third season on June 27.

The show follows comedian Jonny Harris across Canada as he explores the strength of community in towns that are down on their luck. After unearthing the unique qualities of each town and socializing with the locals, he performs a customized standup in tribute to the community.

When he visits Reston, Manitoba, he finds himself at Happy Hour with “Al and the Gals.” The discussion at the table doesn’t revolve around politics or world issues like he expects. Instead, he finds out just how dirty a group of older women can be. Among the topics up for discussion was the size of a humming bird’s genitalia and the effectiveness of a snake’s procreation method.

“It’s a lot more fun to have a conversation with people who don’t have a grasp on Google yet,” Harris quips at the show later on.

Watch the full preview here