Author: Vivian Vassos

Vivian Vassos
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We know Canadians love eating good food, and fine dining, in particular. Well, that's no surprise, but what might come as newsflash is that, according to OpenTable, one of the most popular tools that provides online restaurant reservations, bookings for...Read More»
As Canadians, we like our differences. They have bloody Mary, we have Caesar. They say tomato, we say clamato. So, to ring in the season, or any season, for that matter, we're proposing a bit of a twist on our national drink. First, try a new way to...Read More»

A Taste of Dublin

Here, a guided tour of the Emerald Isle's capital city. "Four million Canadians go to Europe every year," says Eamonn Ferrin, president and COO of Air...Read More»
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