We asked you what your favourite Canadian songs were and the results are in!

With all the Canadian talent that has graced our ears over the years, it's not easy to narrow down our favourite Canadian songs to a top 10 list. And that's why we decided to ask you.

Here, the 10 best Canadian songs as chosen by Zoomer readers. 

Leonard Cohen—"Hallelujah"

When Cohen submitted songs to Columbia Records for his LP, Various Positions, the label execs weren't overly impressed with "Hallelujah." In fact, they had their reservations about releasing the album at all.

And even when they did—first in Europe in 1984, followed by North America a year later—it wasn't exactly what one would call an instant success.

Instead, it was a slow burn both for fans and fellow musicians alike. "Hallelujah" was first covered by Bob Dylan in 1988, followed by by The Velvet Underground's John Cale in 1991. But it wasn't until the late Jeff Buckley recorded a rendition of the song for his 1994 album, Grace, that it garnered a true cult following.

Now, "Hallelujah" ranks high on the lists of Cohen fans across the globe.

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