The 74th Golden Globes on Sunday night kicked off the red carpet season - one of the most scrutinized arenas when it comes to fashion.

There is no denying that the attire of the red carpet now plays an important role in the fashion world, often influencing what you will soon see in evening, cocktail and even the bridal industries.

There were many winning moments on this year's Golden Globes red carpet. Awards should go to those young actors that brought their moms as their dates on their big night. And if ever there was an award for best dressed family, it should go to the Stallones (pictured above) with Sly looking sharp in his tux and surrounded by his wife and their daughters - all dressed in elegant black.

This year's Globes, saw a few actresses break with sartorial protocol and instead of wearing the usual red carpet gown, opted for tuxedos, pantsuits and one Zoomer-aged actress went with a divine looking jumpsuit. We want to see more of these trail blazers! And while some young starlets showed up in gowns reminiscent of Disney princesses - some of the older and seasoned pros showed that when it comes to red carpet attire, they too can hold their own - regardless of fairy tale princesses hogging the limelight.

Here, we round up some of the best-dressed Boomers and why their outfits were winners.


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