Leon James & Willa Mae Ricker demonstrating steps of The Lindy Hop. Photo: Getty Images

Nothing can captivate a large crowd like an entertaining dance fad. Here, we step (or is that two-step?) back in time to relive some of the most popular and influential crazes.

For every Macarena or Chicken Dance there is something infinitely more challenging—and, not to mention, more thrilling—to watch. Think: The Lindy Hop or The Hand Jive.

Every decade has its fad, some more memorable than others. Even if they're short-lived, they leave a lasting impact. And these social and cultural expressions are directly linked to the evolving trends and values of the time.

Here, we raise our glass—and put on our dancing shoes—in tribute of some of the most memorable dance fads of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

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