Longing for adventures in far off places? Here, what to do if you love travelling but your spouse hates it.


Q. Here’s my dilemma. I love travelling but my husband hates it. We’re both in our early 70s and we can afford to go places, but my husband is a home body and prefers puttering around with projects or playing golf with his friends. I love our home too, don’t get me wrong, but I also long for adventures in far off places, especially while I’m still in good health and able to travel. I’ve considered going alone but my husband thinks that’s absurd. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place and becoming a little resentful to be honest. Please lead me to a discovery!

Anna, Montreal


A. Start exploring your options and get discovering the world. Don’t wait any longer. You can try and find a trip your husband can’t resist, take to the road on your own, or consider bringing along a friend or family member. But get going! There are lots of themes and travel options out there. Just ask Donna Hull, the U.S.-based travel writer and publisher of the website myitchytravelfeet.com.

She suggests you first try focusing on your husband’s special interests and match one up with a trip. “Travel experiences that include photography workshops, for example, are a fun way to see a new part of the world while improving photography skills,” she says. “And one of the benefits of group travel based on interests is that you instantly have a common ground with other travellers.”

Donna recommends checking out the website Road Scholar, which since 1975 has been specializing in educational adventures. These trips are classified as ‘learning experiences,’ which are often richer experiences than commercial travel packages. She also recommends looking into the travel organization Tauck for small group tours, including increasingly popular European river cruises.

If your husband still resists, then just go on your own. Solo travel is more common than you think and tours are increasingly catering to this market.

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