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Britain’s royal family’s private home videos are to be exhibited at Buckingham Palace.
The self-shot footage shows Queen Elizabeth as a little girl and as a young mother playing with her own children, and will go on display as part of the palace’s Royal Childhood Exhibition this Summer.
The personal videos also show the 88-year-old monarch as a youngster performing dance routines with her sister, Princess Margaret, reports The Mirror newspaper.
Curator Anna Reynolds, who has been working on the exhibition since last October, said: “There’s an interest in royal children at the moment, so we felt that this was a good year to do it.
“We looked through a large amount of private film footage that’s generally kept in the royal archives.
“I think you get a sense of the fun side of royal childhood and the close relationship between the parents and children.
“This gives such an intimate view into them as children.”
The collection also includes more than 150 objects that belonged to 25 royal children from George IV in 1763 to today’s Prince George, including christening robes, toys, prams, clothes and cots, as well as Prince William’s geography schoolbooks full of drawings of butterflies.
Anna added: “It’s such a privilege to get to see these personal items and we hope that will make the exhibition really appeal.”

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