Bruce-Willis_suitBruce Willis is calmer and cooler than he has ever been at any point in his life. He's also been busier - having appeared in five films last year, including the sci-fi thriller ‘Looper’ and the critically acclaimed comedy-drama ‘Moonrise Kingdom.’

But in the end, nothing compared to Bruce as John McClane, his hard-pressed alter ego in the Die Hard films. That is, nothing perhaps until General Joseph Cotton in G.I. Joe: Retaliation. But is all this aggression really befitting of a 57-year-old actor, happily married to actress Emma Heming and now proud father to 10-month-old baby girl Mabel?

“Well, my family and friends are the most significant part of my life, and no film script will ever change that,” Willis smiles, speaking in a low, almost whispery voice. “Having a brand new baby daughter is an extraordinary thing - it feels like it's the first time and it's just as fun and exciting. You feel nothing but love for your child. It's really remarkable.”

Willis is a remarkably mellow fellow these days compared to his former combative self. Ten years ago, he was cold and condescending toward the media, having grown resentful of years of tabloid stories about himself and his former wife Demi Moore, who were once the world's most famous celebrity couple. Today, Bruce is a changed man, refreshingly pleasant and engaging in conversation, having adopted a new approach to the media. He is very much at ease with himself and the world around him, and he is arguably doing his best work as an actor now.

In the interview that follows, Willis opens up about himself and his career and how his life revolves around his relationship with his older daughters Rumer, 23, Scout, 20, and Tallulah, 18, from his marriage to Moore, and how he is faring as a new father to toddler Mabel.


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