BryanAdamsAlbum01Bryan Adams

YEAR: 1980

SINGLES: "Hidin' From Love," "Give Me Your Love," “Remember”

BACKGROUND: Released when Adams was only 20, this debut disc store shelves in February, 1980, just two years after he and song-writing partner Jim Vallance began collaborating. The pair also played most of the music themselves on an album that was more pop than the rock sound Adams eventually became known for. The self-titled album wasn’t a smash hit like his later offerings, but it did serve to put people on notice that a new voice had arrived. The highest charting single was the first, "Hidin' From Love," which hit #64 on the U.S. charts. Vallance recalls writing the song with Adams “in February 1979 in a temporary ‘studio’ I'd set up in the living room of my rented home at 12th and Carnarvon in Vancouver … The song was inspired by a combination of styles and influences, mostly The Cars and Toto. The Cars first album in particular had a major influence on our early writing.” 

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