Butternut Squash Apple Aloo Gobi, from Real Food, Real Good, by Chef Michael Smith

Bring the best of Canada to your table with these recipes and cookbooks from top Canadian chefs.

Yes, there is such a thing as True North Culinary Cool, but Canadian chefs don't always have it easy.

Canadian cuisine is an enigma. Its definition is a bit of moving target: Moose burgers and beer? Ice wine and butter tarts? Sockeye salmon and rye whisky?

And, although we're not complaining because each is delicious in its own way, we've evolved beyond these iconic Canuck eats. Now we're embracing our great white weather, the changing of the seasons and the challenges they present to what we eat, when.

From farm to table, locavorism and molecular gastronomy to top chefs lauded around the globe, we've got it all, but the bill of fare is a sum of its parts.

So, with that in mind, allow us to present a shortlist of cookbooks, with a recipe from each selected for you, dear reader (including this delicious take on our multicultural Canadian heritage, Butternut Squash Apple Aloo Gobi, above, from Real Food, Real Good, by PEI super chef Michael Smith) dedicated to true north food that will also make perfect holiday presents for your resident chef.

Click through for more of Michael Smith's recipes, as well as recipes from Araxi's chef James Walt in Whistler, B.C., a vegan recipe for French Toast from Padmanadi restaurant in Edmonton, and a twist on risotto from Beckta's chef, Katie Brown Ardington, in Ottawa. Enjoy!

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