Look of the Day


In the Navy

The pop of white shoes adds a nice nautical touch to this all-navy ensemble.


Monochrome Pair

Another example of dressing as a couple and looking like you coordinated, as opposed to looking matchy-y.


In Between.

Not quite hot enough for summer clothes, but not quite cold enough for fall attire?
Black and white ensembles like this one are always easy to put together during seasonal transitions.


Pretty in Pink…

…and her fella doesn’t look bad, either! We think that if you’re going out as a couple, it’s better to co-ordinate like this stylish pair—with just a hint of pink from her outfit in his tie—rather than going too matchy-matchy.


Dragon Days

We love the Asia-inspired details of this outfit.


Little Blue Dress

Opting for a classic—with a twist—the little black, sorry, blue dress is perfect for any occasion. To add even more interest, try to pick and interesting silhouette, like she’s done here.


Cool Shades

Accessories don’t have be loud to make a bold statement. These sunglasses for example, may seem subtle, but the detailing in the frame creates an impact and adds to the outfit.


Perfect Pairing

It’s always nice to see couples with different style aethetics compliment each other’s looks without being too match-y.


Casual Cool

We love the laid-back look of this outfit. Relaxed fits can still look put together, so long as the tailoring is on point, like this gentleman’s jacket and trousers.



Adding nude details to delicate lace gives this look a feminine touch.



Classic silhouettes are given a cool update with a more relaxed fit.