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Arthur Black

Late last year, Tom Crist, a retired guy in Calgary, got an early Christmas present. It came via a phone call from the folks at LottoMax; he’d won some money. No big »

Q&A: RRSP Withdrawals


  Here, a reader worries about excessive taxes on her retirement savings.   Q – I would be grateful if you could answer my questions about the withholding tax on RRSPs. I »

“The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax” – Albert Einstein

Q&A – Pension Credit


Here, a couple wants to know exactly what can be claimed.   Q – Does the pension credit apply if you are on a pension other than CPP or OAS? – Earl »

Top 8 Scams to Watch Out For


March is Fraud Awareness Month, and we’ve got 8 common scams to watch for, plus tips to stay ahead of the crooks. It’s that time of year again, when we find out »

Q&A: Claiming Pension Credit


Here, Gordon Pape advises a reader who is receiving a life annuity but has not been claiming a tax credit for it. Q – I’m 73 and have and am receiving a »

Top Picks For Your RRSP Portfolio


This portfolio averages 11.5 per cent a year – are you doing as well?   It’s RRSP season again so it’s an appropriate time to review the portfolio I created for retirement »

Boomer Women and Finances


Boomer women who are married or living with long-term partners: let’s take a bow for our financial decision-making! Twice as many boomer women (47-plus) surveyed identify themselves as the primary decision-maker for »

Make Your Donation Work


Canadians are a generous lot, donating more than four billion dollars annually to the 100 biggest charities, according to Charity Intelligence, an organization that provides detailed audits of how much money each »