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Get Your House Ready for Winter


It's time for your winter warm-up. Save on heating costs by getting your home ready now. When it comes to saving on home heating costs, it pays to sweat the small stuff. Now, for example, »

How To Make the Move from the Big City


Do you dream of leaving the city in your retirement or semi-retirement? Here, when an urban condo is just not your thing. When you're no longer trekking to the office daily, there may be nothing »

Q&A with Gordon Pape: Twin Savings Goals


Should you create different investment portfolios for different goals? Q – My son wants to save for a home down payment in five years but also for retirement in 30-35 years. Should he create different »

Q&A with Gordon Pape: RRSP Mortgage


A reader wants to use his plan to buy a retirement home in Nova Scotia. Q — ‪What do you know about RRSP mortgages?‬ Here is the background: I own a home with $170,000 mortgage in »

Stock Smarts: Coping with Bear Markets


They’re the hardest time for all investors. Here are four qualities you need to get through them. “Some of your recommendations seem to be getting hammered exceptionally hard,” a newsletter reader wrote last week. He’s »

Real Estate: Is the Boom Over?


Here, gauging the real estate market in 2016 If you’re intending to buy a new home this year, downsize to a condo or get out of the market altogether and rent your digs, you’ll want »

Down Mexico and Way More


For those adventurous and deal-seeking snowbirds, here are 10 money tips to keep in mind. With rising home prices in the U.S. Sunbelt and our ever-shrinking loonie, Canadian snowbirds are expanding their migratory reach, seeking »

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