Sex & Relating

Diane Sewell

To be human is to talk about sex. As surely as primitive man drew outsized penises on his cave wall, the urge to communicate about copulation is hard-wired in us. Add instant »


  Come clean about your affair or keep it a secret? Here, intuitive coach Colette Baron-Reid on guilt, forgiveness and extra-marital affairs   Dear Colette, My husband and I married when we »

Garden Goods With Bedroom Benefits


  Make your garden and your libido bloom with these four aphrodisiac foods. Sure, we’ve all heard that oysters are a turn on, but what about the things that make your garden »

“Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold” ― Zelda Fitzgerald

Why Do We Kiss?


Humans have been kissing one another for thousands of years. But is smooching more science than art, more biology than poetry? “A man’s kiss is his signature.” — Mae West A kiss »

New Sex Study: Forget Faking It


How was it for you? Never mind, I already know Forget faking it in bed, say psychologists at the University of Waterloo who have been engaged in some saucy research. Your sexual »