Nostalgia & Humour

Arthur Black

Late last year, Tom Crist, a retired guy in Calgary, got an early Christmas present. It came via a phone call from the folks at LottoMax; he’d won some money. No big »

The Greatest April Fool’s Pranks


The recipe for a successful April Fool’s gag is simple: one part clever gag, one part duped audience. Luckily, each year great pranksters around the world rise to the challenge and exploit »

Aging Jubilantly


I am not a coot. Neither am I a geezer, a buzzard, Gramps or Old Timer – and woe betide the wet-behind-the-ears johnny-come-lately who tries to brand me with the repugnant “senior »

Gloria’s Tale


Gloria Steinem turned 80 this week (March 25). In 1974, a reporter told her, “You don’t look 40.” She replied, “This is what 40 looks like.” It’s a Steinem mantra repeated every »

Food & Nostalgia: The Cake


Like music, food is tied to emotion, memory and tradition – and certain dishes can transport us back through the years, all the way to childhood. Here, a cherished family recipe that »

Which Boomer Are You?


Are you an early boomer, born in the mid-to-late 1940s? You’ll likely choose the (a) options in the quiz below. Or were you born into the full-blown 1960s, when the earliest boomers »