By Brooke Benjamin
Charlie Sheen's highly anticipated North American tour has officially gone underway. The first show took place last Saturday in Detroit and was followed by less than stellar reviews. In fact, it was so bad that only a few minutes into the show, several audience members began to boo the troubled actor. His attempts at salvaging the show failed, as these boos were followed by insults being shouted at him from all angles. To sum up the written reviews that came the next day, the article in the Toronto Sun was titled “Sheen's Torpedo Bombs in Detroit.”

His second show was in Chicago on Sunday and there was a stark contrast in the crowd's reaction this time around. The format of the show was dramatically different, perhaps as a result of the disaster in Detroit. The show received a standing ovation upon its ending. Shortly following the curtain close, Sheen told reporters that the show was still just a work-in-progress but only time will tell what is to come of Charlie's Torpedo of truth.

For the sake of his future Toronto audience, we hope he gets his act down pat before he visits his neighbour to the north.

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