Winter is a trying time for many of us. It's cold, dark and messy. But as chef Ricardo Larrivée optimistically puts it, "It's not all year long that we can celebrate potatoes and scalloped potatoes covered in cheese. We can afford to eat heavier food, more cheese, more cream."

Perhaps our waistlines can't afford these indulgences, but our moods certainly can! What is better on a cold winter day than coming home to a big bowl of hot soup? And that's exactly what Larrivée was thinking during the production of  his self-named magazine. That and how incredible Canada is. A multiple-page story celebrates our nation featuring soup recipes from every province with photographs taken at approximately the same time.

"We were like, 'Take a picture of a house that represents the place that you live. I don't want to tell you more than that.' Because otherwise it is not going to represent exactly wherever you are in the country. When I saw the pictures, I had shivers. I was looking at them thinking, 'Oh my god, it's so beautiful' and thinking that all of this was taken on the same day almost at the same time from coast to coast. It was like instant picture," gushes Larrivée.

Larrivée and his team did not just choose any soup. They thoughtfully considered each region and a soup that would represent that locale's agriculture, landscape and people.

Click through for a few of the recipes featured in the issue as well as reasons why Larrivée chose them.

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