A new high-tech solution to battle sagging skin promises a new lift, especially for men.

High-tech solutions to aging are nothing new. What is newer, however, is using technology to help with age-related and, even more interesting, weight-loss-related sagging of the skin, particularly in the telltale areas of the jaw and neckline. Of course, we can’t alter gravity or genetics but we can do something to combat these “conditions” of aging. Sure, there are injectibles and surgeries, but what about something new that’s non-invasive?

Viora, a developer of esthetics technology, has manipulated radio frequency (RF) in a whole new way, and it is brand new to Canada. Using RF may not be groundbreaking for this application, but what the company has done, via its Reaction device, is utilize not one but three RFs to enable the precise delivery of energy to different penetration depths (based on the area treated and the thickness of each patient’s skin), reinforced by a vacuum to stimulate circulation. Because it has this “smart” technology built right in, it promises to provide a more personalized treatment, determining the depth of penetration and amount of RF energy dispatched to the skin. Plus, unlike some other RF treatments, it’s virtually painless.

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