Here, simple, effective ways to deal with four major winter driving hazards.

Every year, winter driving is a source of many unpleasant surprises.For many, driving on snowy or icy roads is a cause for alarm and even a source of stress. Black ice, loss of control, other drivers, and snow storms are the four major fears identified by Canadians in a recent Michelin survey.

To give you some insights into these problems and allow you to benefit from the experience of a pro, we asked Richard Spénard, professional race car driver and driving instructor, to share his know-how with you. He offers some simple, effective ways to deal with these four major driving hazards this winter.

Black ice: slow down
That thin layer of transparent ice is almost invisible on the road - that's why it is indisputably the most dangerous of surfaces. So drive slowly while frequently testing your vehicle's braking ability by regularly tapping lightly on the brakes to check their reaction and the grip of your tires. That way, you'll be aware of the driving surface and won't be taken by surprise.

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