From the glam world of mobsters in a world gone by to a gruesome murder in modern day London and a demented fan stalking a famous Italian opera star, here are 5 new mysteries and must-reads


books-1-Lehane1WORLD GONE BY by Dennis Lehane

Can you be a good person and a good mobster at the same time? In the third installment of the popular historical fiction series starring former mob boss Joe Coughlin, America is embroiled in the Second World War even as Joe fights for his life in a smaller, but still lethal war of his own.
Now consigliore to the infamous Bartolo Crime family, Joe holds a privileged place in Tampa’s shadowy underworld, mixing with mobsters and crime bosses, but also the city’s social elites, powerful politicians and business chiefs. He is also one of Florida’s biggest supporters of charities, friend of numerous hospitals, libraries and shelters, and the doting father of Tomas, who has grown into a sensitive and artistic 10-year-old. But Joe’s life is turned upside down when he receives information that the sins from his past have come back to haunt him and someone wants him dead — and he has only days to figure out who.

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