Ask anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis, and you’ll understand immediately how important hope really is.

Elana Waldman hopes that a new drug treatment for her ovarian cancer is developed before the one she is on stops working.

Chris Taylor hopes that his life-saving bone marrow transplant will continue to keep his cancer in remission.

Jo-Ann Bolger hopes that no other mother has to lose a child to cancer.

Fifty years ago when the Princess Margaret Hospital first opened its doors, hope was in short supply.  Most people thought of the hospital as a place where people go to die.  But cancer medicine has progressed significantly, and that is because of research and innovation.

The Princess Margaret has always been a place of discovery—where the brightest minds are working to understand how cancer begins and how to defeat it.  This is where stem cells were first discovered, where the breast conserving surgery called ‘lumpectomy’ was first introduced, and where radiation was first used to cure Hodgkin’s disease.

Today, over one million Canadians are living quality lives as cancer survivors thanks to research.

Research happens with the generosity of hospital supporters. Without donor support, the research that leads to breakthroughs and impacts the lives of thousands of patients, could not take place. You can be a catalyst for those breakthroughs. And, you have the power to give all those fighting cancer something so precious- hope. Hope for a better treatment- hope for more time- hope that cancer will be conquered.

Doves of Hope is a campaign to celebrate those who have faced the disease, those who are caring for them, and those who are searching for the treatments of tomorrow.

When you make a special gift, you can create a personalized dove dedication which will be displayed in the hospital to share your gift of hope and support with those who count on it.

Take a moment to honour someone who has warmed your heart. It’s easy through the Doves of Hope campaign.

Go to or call 1-888-755-8881.


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