Here, we asked nurse, Jane Parisi to take us behind the scenes of a busy emergency room.

When we visit the ER there isn't much room for conversation.

But we do have questions. Like why does it take so long to be seen? Is there such a thing as emergency room etiquette? And do nurses really ever pair up with the doctors romantically, say like on TV shows like Grey's Anatomy?

We decided to ask an expert. Pulling back the curtain is Jane Parisi, an emergency room nurse with 18 years of experience.

Here, 10 things she'd like you to know about her profession.

1. It's hard work, but they love it

The emergency department isn't your average nine to fiver. The majority of their 12-hour shift is spent on their feet and designated breaks are hard to come by.

That on it's own sounds like hell, but there's also the incredible stress that comes with high-pressure emergency situations—which most nurses love. "I haven't been bored yet. Everyday is completely different from the day before," Parisi says. "Just when you think you've seen it all, something you haven't seen will walk through the door."

2. It's not all that dramatic

As much as the job isn't boring, it's not nearly as dramatic as television dramas will have you believe.

And it's a good thing too.

Israeli communications scholar Amir Hetsroni analyzed one season each of ER, Chicago Hope and Grey's Anatomy and found a mortality rate of 17.5% as opposed to 5% for the hospitals they portray.

While Parisi, enjoys hospital dramas, she says they're nothing like the real thing. "If you watch shows like Grey's Anatomy, it almost seems like every patient that comes in is rushed in by ambulance in a life or death situation," she says. "It's not as dramatic as it is on TV."

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