By Mike Crisolago

Take that over-sized muskie you caught at the cottage last year and mounted above your mantle and toss it in the trash. This great-grandmother from Australia has got you beat.

Connie Laurie, an 85-year-old amateur fisherwoman, reeled in the catch of her life last Wednesday when she nabbed an 850-pound marlin off the northern Australian coast.

“I certainly didn't feel 85 when I was bringing it in,” Laurie told ABC News. “I was too busy concentrating on keeping it on and getting it into the boat.”

The marlin fought hard against Laurie's line but the determined octogenarian managed to reel the fish all the way up to the back of the chartered boat before the marlin was released.

However, during the struggle, another person aboard the boat snapped a shot of the fish leaping out of the water as it battled against Laurie's will. Once she emerged victorious from the hard-fought battle, Laurie said that the entire experience was a dream come true.

“It's something I've wanted to do all my life, to go out and fish for something big,” Laurie told “I got my wish. It was absolutely fantastic and made my holiday.”

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