From Wayne and Shuster to Due South, we take a trip down memory lane and uncover fun trivia about some of your favourite Canadian TV shows.

In celebration of Canada 150, we're revisiting the likes of Anne Shirley, Count Floyd, The Six Hundred Dollar Man—and a host of other eclectic Canadian TV characters—and uncovering fascinating facts and trivia about some of the biggest series to ever come out of the Great White North.

We kick things off with SCTV...

SCTV (1976-1984)
The sketch comedy show boasted the likes some of the best North American talent in comedy, including Canadians Catherine O'Hara, John Candy, Eugene Levy, Rick Moranis and Martin Short. The show, broadcast from a fictitious TV station in the town of Melonville, comprised of a variety of programming seen on the station throughout the day. Any given episode could feature commercial send-ups, talk shows, movies, sitcoms and game shows.

Fun facts:
The total budget for the first seven episodes of the series was a mere $35,000.

The city of Edmonton was willing to foot the bill for 26 episodes if the series was filmed in Alberta for one season. Eugene Levy, for one, was not impressed. "People didn't want to move to Edmonton because it was Edmonton," he said.

Rick Moranis is the only SCTV member who did not come from a Second City improv group.

Alice Cooper—a huge SCTV fan—thanked John Flaherty's Count Floyd character in the acknowledgements for his 1981 album, Special Forces.

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