From Bermuda and Puerto Rico to Sin City and the American Riviera, we look at five inspired destinations for your next getaway.

1) Where the Twain shall meet

Imagine there’s a country, it’s easy if you try: pink sand below us, above us only blue skies … Well, John Lennon imagined it, and it was here in Bermuda where, after five years of being holed up in the Dakota in New York City, he wrote such songs as the sadly prophetic “Living on Borrowed Time,” “Watching the Wheels” and “Cold Turkey” for what eventually would be his seminal return album Double Fantasy.

Lennon wasn’t the only artist who was taken with this British outpost – made so by the crash landing of colonists en route to Virginia in 1609. “Bermuda is the right country for a jaded man to loaf in,” said American author and humorist Mark Twain, who was so smitten that he made the islands (Bermuda is actually an archipelago of more than 180 smaller landmasses) his second home. Timing, of course, is everything: from now until March, the country is celebrating Bermuda Rendezvous, where you can take in Bermuda Gombey dancing, glassblowing and cooking lessons, play a round of golf in the moderate climate (its subtropical location makes for mild winters) and learn about culture, heritage and tradition. Canadian hotelier Fairmont has town (Hamilton Princess) and beach (Southampton) locations, and both Air Canada and WestJet offer direct flights, at just less than three hours from Toronto.  —Vivian Vassos

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