Eating well on the road can be a big challenge — not to mention a big expense. Pricy, processed convenience foods and constant restaurants stops can leave you and your budget feeling bloated.

Need some fresh ideas to eat well on the road? Here, some easy foods to pack and prep.

- Trail mix. It’s a classic snack for road trips and hiking trails for good reason: trail mix is easy to pack, tasty and provides some carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein. Just be sure to keep portion sizes modest and use ingredients that are high in sugars, salts and fats as “accents” only.

- Cherries, berries, grapes and cherry tomatoes. Not only are they nutritional powerhouses and low in calories, they don’t need cooling or chopping.

- Slices and dip. Vegetable or fruit slices are more fun with dip. Keep it simple with a small container of yoghurt, nut butter or honey for fruit and some creamy dressing for vegetables (which can double as a salad or sandwich topping for other meals).

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Elizabeth Rogers