You know the ones. The foods people think they should avoid because they’re either unhealthy or they make you gain weight.

But are they – and do they really?

By staying away from certain foods, people are actually missing out – nutritionally and enjoyment-wise, says Heidi Boyd, a Newfoundland-based registered dietician and spokesperson for Dieticians of Canada.

Here are Boyd’s top five misunderstood foods.


1) Bread: “It’s a myth that eating bread will lead to weight gain and that low-carb diets are a great way to lose weight,” says Boyd. “These kinds of diets certainly ebb and flow in popularity, yet the truth is carbs remain an important source of energy and a good source of vitamins.”

Whole grain breads also contain a good dose of fibre, she adds, something Canadians tend not to get enough of. Another myth related to bread is that vast numbers of people are gluten intolerant when in fact only a small percentage of people have trouble with gluten, says Boyd. “This is a trendy topic right now that is not factually based.”

As for enjoying things like fresh, white baguettes, Boyd says by all means go ahead, just remember to make whole grain breads the mainstay of your day-to-day diet.

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