Ever catch a rerun of The Partridge Family or The Munsters or Leave It To Beaver and wonder—whatever happened to those kids? Well, so do we!

Sometimes it feels like our favourite child actors disappeared off the face of the earth. Whatever happened to The Beaver or Little Ricky? After a bit of digging, we found out what some of those former child stars are up to now: one grew up to open a counseling centre, while another went on to star in his own reality series. Others left Hollywood entirely, or take part in the horror convention circuit.

Here, we take a look at where some of those familiar faces are now.

Jerry Mathers, Leave It To Beaver (1957-1963)


Jerry Mathers was only nine years old when Leave It To Beaver premiered in 1957 and became an overnight success story. With its "by golly gosh" wholesomeness which spoke to the times, Beaver became an instant family classic. But the series ended in 1963 and, by 1966, Mathers had joined the U.S. Air Force Reserve. Although he later reprised his famous role for a TV reunion in the 1983 film, Still the Beaver, and landed bit roles in series such as The Love Boat and Married…With Children, Mathers largely disappeared from acting. In 1997, he briefly resurfaced to become the first male spokesman for Jenny Craig after losing more than 40 pounds after a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Now 68, he lives in Los Angeles with his third wife.

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