The arrival of fall brings cool, crisp days that are ideal for enjoying outdoor activities and turning over a new leaf by making some changes to your lifestyle. The Arthritis Society suggests the following fall fitness ideas for joint health:

Watch, actively. The new TV season needn’t sideline your exercise ambitions. Squeeze some stretches into the commercial breaks or balance on an exercise ball while you watch.

Do laps. Cheering on a family member during their sporting activities doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sidelines; you can walk laps around the perimeter of the playing field instead.

Walk to school. Volunteer to be a ‘walking-to-school participant’ for the neighbourhood kids. No such program at your local school? Consider starting one. See for more information.

Make a splash. A heated indoor pool is especially inviting when the weather turns chilly. Plus, the water works like an exercise band, providing resistance, while its buoyancy eases the load on your joints. Dive into community listings to find locations, times and classes that suit you.

Take a hike. Rugged terrain makes for a more demanding walking work-out. What’s more, research suggests contact with nature combats stress, improves concentration and even speeds recovery from surgery.

Get fresh. Take advantage of sunny days by walking outside or running your errands on your lunch break. This can help you get some vitamin D and provide a change in your daily routine.

Commit to be your healthiest self by joining thousands of Canadians who “move” to improve their health. Take The Arthritis Society’s Lifestyle Makeover Challenge. You can visit or call 1.800.321.1433 for registration information.

– News Canada

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