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If you've cooked for fussy kids (or spouses!), you know that sneaking in more fruits and vegetables is an art form. Here are some ideas:

- Add extra vegetables to sauces and soups. (You can sneak some vegetables in by pureeing them, if needed.) Same goes for pizza toppings, salads and grilled sandwiches.

- Add extra fruit -- dried or fresh -- when baking or making a salad. (Like raisins or cranberries in oatmeal cookies, or apple slices in your salad.)

- Use tortilla wraps or pitas instead of making sandwiches (there's more room for vegetables).

- Offer salsa, chutneys, hummus, or bean-based dips as toppings, spreads and sandwich fillings instead of sour cream or cream cheese.

- Skip the syrup and use fruit puree to top yoghurt, pancakes or ice cream.

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Elizabeth Rogers