John Lennon. Performing at th One To One Concert in Madison

We mark the legendary Beatle and peace activist’s 75th birthday with a look back at some of the most interesting and pivotal moments of John Lennon’s life.

1 John Winston Lennon was born in Liverpool on Oct. 9, 1940 and was named after both his grandfather (John) and Winston Churchill.

2 Lennon’s Aunt Mimi, who largely raised him, claims that John was born during a Nazi blitz on the city. Fans and historians debate this claim and while historical documents and news reports show that the Nazi’s did execute bombing raids on Liverpool during the week Lennon was born, none contain records of bombings on Oct. 9, 1940.

3 John served as boy a choirboy at his local church and was in the Boy Scouts.

4 In school John created a book of his own sketches and musings that he called The Daily Howl. Former classmate Bill Turner recalls, “It was an exercise book filled with his stories, poems, drawings and cartoons … One of his favourite cartoons was a bus stop scene. I remember he wrote under the sign, which said ‘Bus Stop’ – ‘Why?’ And he had a flying pancake at the top of the cartoon and below it there was a blind man wearing glasses leading along a blind dog – also wearing glasses. At one time The Daily Howl was confiscated by one of the teachers and it went all round the staff before he got it back at the end of term.”

5 Not surprisingly, John was considered a poor student.

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