Daily Horoscopes

Saturday January 19, 2019


Who’s on top? Saturday’s volatile square between the ego-driven Sun and hot-headed Uranus in Aries could find you bristling at the slightest whiff of authority. Someone’s domineering ways could push your buttons, so watch those knee-jerk reactions. If you really want to show how powerful you are, acting like a rebellious teenager isn’t exactly the best way. Hold off for a day before rocking the boat or people may feel threatened by your fervent push for change. On Sunday, the radiant Sun beams into Aquarius and fires up your eleventh house of group activity until February 18, kicking off one of your most social months of the year. Pull your going-out gear to the front of your closet, fill your calendar with concerts, pub trivia nights and maybe some group travel. While your tech sector is being lit by these sunbeams, let your inner geek out to play. Time to upgrade your outdated gadgets, maybe so you can develop a digital venture!


Sometimes the truth hurts—and Saturday it could actually pierce YOU, Taurus. Under a volatile Sun-Uranus square, unfiltered rants could provoke a bigger conflict than you bargained for. If you’re upset, it’s better to be direct—or to vent to a neutral sounding board and get it out of your system first. People are likely to twist your words and overreact. Choose your confidantes with care. On Sunday, the Sun blasts into Aquarius, revving up your ambitious tenth house until February 18. Whether you’re eyeing the corner office or thinking about starting your own LLC, this unstoppable energy is sure to yield results within the next four weeks. Map out your path to the top, taking the time to envision (and savor) the details. You’re at your best when faced with a big challenge, so set this bar HIGH.


Volcanic eruptions? The ego-driven Sun and volatile Uranus could get rivalries and group conflicts boiling like hot lava. Is someone trying to wrest control of a team endeavor—or is your own urge to micromanage turning a collaboration into a dictatorship? Someone on Team Gemini may be acting in a rebellious or destructive manner this Saturday. You might also be considering a risky investment. Think it through before making an impulsive money move. On Sunday, there’s only one question to ask: Would you rather visit Croatia, Costa Rica or the Cayman Islands? The world is your oyster as the Sun blasts into Aquarius and your expansive ninth house until February 18. Set your lens to the widest possible angle, whether that’s a huge career move, a dream vacation, a gap month or an entrepreneurial venture. Over the coming four weeks, the wider the net you cast, the more likely you are to reel in something tremendously rewarding—and sustainable.


Battle of the egos? On Saturday, the ego-driven Sun clashes with irreverent Uranus, disrupting the harmony of a close relationship. Brace yourself for a possible curveball from a collaborator. You thought you were aligned and working toward a common goal, but you might find out otherwise. Or a sudden change to a project could throw off your careful plans. Don’t swallow your anger just to keep the peace. However, avoid flinging accusations or pouring more fuel on the fire by unleashing your emotions. On Sunday, plunge below the surface. Deeper waters will be your favorite place to swim as the Sun shifts into Aquarius and stirs up your intense and seductive eighth house until February 18. Take a pass on small talk and superficial interactions. You’re craving soulful connections and intimate tete-a-tetes. St. Valentine could make an early arrival, leading you to a meant-to-be match or sparking up a smoldering attraction with a “winter warmer.” Couples could take a meaningful next step, from ring shopping to key exchanges—to having the baby convo!


If the truth hurts, is the pain justified? Within reason, yes. But Saturday’s inflammatory Sun-Uranus square could make your honesty a little TOO brutal. Even if your criticism is well-intentioned (and correct), someone could feel attacked by it. Be careful about opening a Pandora’s box by asking certain people for feedback. If you’re not ready to hear their honest input about your performance on a recent project, don’t go soliciting it. On Sunday, the life-affirming Sun beams into Aquarius, making two your magic number until February 18. Whether for business or pleasure, putting more effort in growing and nurturing your unions will deliver a huge ROI. You tend to give till it hurts, Leo, so be discerning about which connections are worthy of your energy. Longtime couples could make a significant step together; make sure you’re really in sync before taking the plunge.


Jealous much? Saturday’s volatile Sun-Uranus square could stir up drama and rivalries. People will be thin-skinned and prone to jumping to conclusions. You may be paranoid about a love interest’s intentions, possibly evren tempted to snoop in their messages. Or you might be tempted to pick a fight to make someone “prove” that they care. None of these things will get you the result you’re hoping for, Virgo. Better to cool off than say or do something you’ll regret. On Sunday, you’ll finally be ready to commit to those self-care resolutions as the Sun shifts into Aquarius and revs up your salubrious sixth house until February 18. For the past month, you’ve been enjoying your share of indulgences, but now you’re longing to feel more vital again. Hop back on the wellness wagon with healthful meals, heart-pumping exercise and nights of quality sleep. Since there’s no way around a busy work schedule, devote time to streamlining your systems and getting into an organized groove.


Feelings aren’t facts, but trying telling anyone that Saturday (including yourself!). The semiannual Sun-Uranus square puts your normally calm, collected sign at risk for an emotion explosion. Someone’s unpredictable behavior could push you over the edge. Or your own Libra vacillating could hurt someone else’s feelings—why DO you need so much time to “think it over” anyway? No need to rush into a commitment, especially under these reactionary skies. But maybe it’s finally time to get off the fence. On Sunday, you’ll be ready to leap into something romantic or glamorous as the Sun drifts out of somber Capricorn and bursts into Aquarius, the ruler of your frisky fifth house, until February 18. Say sayonara to extracurricular activities—and even some relationships—that don’t overwhelmingly “spark joy” for you. By creating this space, you also give Cupid a clear target. Couples who’ve been quibbling have one order of business: Kiss and make up, then slip off for a romantic holiday before Valentine’s Day passes!


Saturday’s clash between the Sun and disruptor Uranus could throw you a curveball. But don’t let the temporary drama destabilize your hard-won serenity. Formulate a practical plan, even if you have to pay something off in installments or call a timeout when an argument gets overheated. On the flip side, if you’re feeling suffocated by too much security, don’t go overboard trying to make things “exciting” again. You could undo all your progress, upsetting people and costing YOU in the long run. Sunday’s arrival of the Sun in Aquarius and your social third house gets your social-butterfly wings flapping. Bundle into your puffer coat and see what winter events are going on in your zip code. Flutter away from the usual places. You may be lit up by the discovery of a new yoga studio, dive bar or karaoke joint. Initiate hangouts! You’ll make fast friends over the next four weeks, and existing connections can become richer. Single Archers could strike gold on a dating app or through a fateful introduction to a friend of a friend.


Nobody puts Capricorn in the corner! At least, not this Saturday. An explosive clash between the Sun in your sign and volatile Uranus could bring some repressed emotions surging to the surface. This could surprise you as much as the person on the receiving end of your tirade. A female relative or friend could be especially triggering Saturday. Remember, you are an independent, autonomous being—so make your boundaries clear and it will be harder for people to cross them. You’ll get your boots back on the ground starting Sunday as el Sol shifts out of your sign and marches into Aquarius and your second house of financial security for a month. Since your birthday season began on December 21, you’ve been deluged by brainstorms, yet you may have struggled with the follow-through. Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and see what might actually fly. But first give your budget a savvy overhaul. Are you setting aside enough for the future? A little belt-tightening now can spell cash in your retirement account AND some beachside hammock time as you escape the subzero temps.


Inner circle drama? Conflict could intensify among a friend group as the Sun gets into a smackdown with your co-ruler, irreverent Uranus. Someone (you, perhaps?) may be disregarding people’s feelings, sparking rivalries or totally ignoring agreed-upon protocols. Should you cut this person loose before they sink the whole ship—or cut and run yourself? Maybe. First consider: Are they delivering an inconvenient truth? If so, don’t shoot the messenger. They could be the agent of much-needed change. On Sunday, chill the champagne and release the balloons! Aquarius season as the Sun blasts into your sign until February 18. You can step off the emotional roller-coaster you’ve been riding for the past month and breathe a sigh of relief. You’re back on solid ground and ready to take on new challenges. Set some new personal goals, map out your route (or at least the first steps) and then hit the gas. Leave plenty of white space in your calendar, though. If you overbook yourself, you’ll miss the best part of your birthday season: spontaneity!


What’s the big idea? You may need to wrestle all the moving parts of a huge plan into place Saturday—and quick! A volatile Sun-Uranus square could pull the rug out from under you, especially in your career or a key relationship. Are things moving too fast? Before you sign on the dotted line or make a major commitment, make sure you’re both heading in the same direction. The last thing you can afford to be impulsive about is a long-term relationship. Pause for the (crucial) cause of sorting all that out. On Sunday, call it a wrap on anything that is draining your energy reserves as the Sun dips into Aquarius and your twelfth house of healing and closure until February 18. While this could send you into deep hibernation, you’ve got four weeks until el Sol visits your sign, so clear out some space literally and figuratively. Declutter, detox and set healthier boundaries. And if you can slip away for a restorative beach vacation, pack your swimsuit and go!


Tunnel vision alert! Saturday’s explosive Sun-Uranus square could push your stress levels over the edge. Your need to control or micromanage will leave others feeling dominated. An employee could behave in a flaky manner, or someone on Team Scorpio may go rogue. You’ll need to be quick on your feet to get everyone back on the same page. Pro tip: Try listening as much as you talk. If you want to resolve this, create a safe space for people to be honest. On Sunday, stop, drop and put down roots. The Sun leaves your mercurial third house and nestles into Aquarius and your domestic fourth until February 18. If you’re not in the mood to hibernate, your home could become a buzzing hive of social activity. Catch up with relatives and friends who feel like family. If you’re in the market for a move, start searching the listings in earnest. You could be renting that U-Haul before March!