Daily Horoscopes

Sunday March 18, 2018


Let it go so you can grow, Aries! Saturday’s Pisces new moon electrifies your twelfth house of healing and helps you release something or someone that’s passed its expiration date. This is a perfect time for a fresh start. If you’re finally ready to shed that self-defeating behavior or toxic relationship, make a clean break. Take the next six months (until the corresponding full moon on August 26) if you must. Relax, but don’t get lost in your meditation cave because ambition is calling! Later on Saturday, your cosmic custodian, driven Mars, arrives with a bang in Capricorn and your tenth house of professional ambition until May 16. You won’t have patience for the old “slow and steady wins the race” and might just burn up the track on your ascent to the top. You could be publicly recognized for your accomplishments or offered a position with more responsibility out of the blue. Just watch out for an overly powerful competitive streak. Mars isn’t so good at moderation or modesty.


You’re a creature of habit, Taurus, but every now and then you get a wild hair to go maverick. That could be the case starting Saturday, as fearless Mars steamrolls into Capricorn and your global ninth house. Suddenly your earthbound sign is eager to take wing and experience new people, places and things. This Mars cycle, which lasts until May 16, could inspire a very long-distance trip, possibly to study (or teach) abroad. Whet your appetite with some virtual exploration—of destinations and programs—with some deep online research. Also on Saturday, the year’s only Pisces new moon in your eleventh house kicks off an amazingly productive six-month cycle. The eleventh house rules your social and digital life. Talk to marketing-savvy friends for promotional tips or your pals in development to see if your brilliant idea for an app is actually viable. Single? Online dating is perfect now, so check out a new app. Not your cup of oolong? Ask friends to make introductions on your behalf.


Hello big dreams! You can take them from fantasy to reality on Saturday, Gemini, thanks to the year’s only Pisces new moon landing in your tenth house of career ambition and success. Are you ready to launch your 2018 professional plans into orbit? Start taking steps now. Just be sure to tap your patience because it could take until the corresponding Pisces full moon on August 26 for these goals to fully manifest. And no more skimming the surface of amour, Gemini! Later on Saturday, passionate Mars blasts into Capricorn and your eighth house of intimacy and eroticism until May 16. If you’ve been more of a dabbler than a committer, your status may change over the coming eight weeks. A small calculated gamble in the game of love could bring a rewarding payday. Attached? This is a beautiful time to go deeper and bring your bond into the perma-zone. Initiate a talk about next steps, whether that’s meeting each other’s families, getting a place together or even doing some family planning.


Where on earth do you want to go? For the next six months, the only thing that will hold you back is your own imagination. Spin the globe, Cancer! On Saturday, the only Pisces new moon of 2018 lands in your intrepid ninth house. Travel, adventure, higher education or an entrepreneurial venture could send you in a whole new direction. By the corresponding Pisces full moon on August 26, your life could look very different. Later on Saturday, passionate Mars jets into Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships for the following eight weeks: sweet harmony! All kinds of partnerships get a little extra juice between now and May 16, so don’t linger in hibernation mode or DIY those projects that could benefit from an extra pair of eyes and hands. Single? Be open to different types. The old “opposites attract” rule will be in effect during this cycle. For couples, excitable Mars can bring some fresh energy into your bond. Note: It can also churn up friction, so be careful not to let simmering resentments turn into active volcanoes.


You’re on fire this Saturday, Leo, as the year’s only new moon in Pisces powers up your seductive eighth house. The moon will ratchet up your desires, and it’s easy to get carried away with all the choices. But if you’re playing for keeps, make sure your other half is, too. Those one-hit wonders will never satisfy you. Later on Saturday, there’s more magic-making in store as energizing Mars zips into Capricorn and your salubrious sixth house, sending you on a wellness quest until May 16. But don’t do it the “extreme” way—that will lead to one big push that’s followed by one bigger hiatus (or injury!). Experts say it takes 21 days to establish a new habit, so think in terms of small, sustainable steps. Renew your yoga studio membership, give up gluten for the eight weeks of this Mars cycle—but don’t totally deprive yourself. Follow the 80/20 rule: Eat healthfully 80 percent of the time and give yourself permission to indulge in between.


Dynamic-duo time! On Saturday, the year’s only Pisces new moon lights a fire in your seventh house of partnership, amping up your desire for genuine commitment. Single? A budding romance could deepen quickly, and you’ll know whether this is a keeper or a “one and done” chump. (If the latter, drop it like it’s NOT hot.) Longtime couples may rediscover the spark that brought you together in the first place. This new moon can also help a fledgling business venture or creative collaborative reach critical mass. But wait… there’s more: The next eight weeks are your time to sizzle, Virgo! Later on Saturday, passionate Mars jets into Capricorn and your romantic, creative fifth house until May 16. Peel off the power suit (or level up to a leather jacket or blazer with a fur collar), kick off those sensible shoes and let the Virgo vixen out to play. Amour is definitely on the docket now, whether that means keeping your S.O. close to your side or roaming free and sampling the options. Whatever your fancy, this is a time to explore and go deeper. Mars CAN bring up jealous or combative feelings, so stay tuned in and address growing tensions before they explode.


Lace up your trainers and chase after the wellness wagon! On Saturday, the only Pisces new moon of 2018 amps up your sixth house of health and fitness and gets you pumped to spring train. Don’t aim for “perfection”; come up with some strategies you can stick with—and enjoy doing. You don’t have to give up red wine or everything with gluten or sugar in it. Just enjoy those treats in moderation and make sure your plate is 80 percent packed with the good stuff like lean proteins, superfoods and greens. Later on Saturday, hyperkinetic Mars blasts into Capricorn and your domestic fourth house, inspiring some big changes on at your abode. What have you been dreaming of lately, a music room or workout space? A dramatic pendant lamp in the dining room? Maybe a new address? These next eight weeks are the perfect time to narrow your focus and concentrate on manifesting the shifts you want to see. Invite creative friends over for a brainstorming session. By May 16, you could be throwing a lavish dinner party in your dream home.


Breakfast in bed? Yes, please. On Saturday, the year’s only Pisces new moon turns up the heat in your cozy fourth house—possibly on a pot of lentil soup. Use the weekend to reconnect to your domestic side. If your abode is a noisy den of activity, find at least a corner you can make all your own. You may be inspired to feather your nest or bring some flowy feng shui energy into your space. How about a crafting corner or a writing nook? Saturday also marks the first day of your personal economic stimulus program as go-getter Mars swings into Capricorn, heating up your second house of finances and security until May 16. Over the next eight weeks you could land that big promotion or new gig you’ve been gunning for. By the same token, the red planet is good at spending money, so you want to make sure you’ve got a handle on your budget. An extra expense or two could crop up. But you don’t have to save it ALL for that proverbial rainy day. As you build up your bank balance, set aside some of your profits for a little something just for you.


Still looking for your kindred-spirit tribe? Narrow your search radius this weekend. Saturday’s Pisces new moon falls in your third house of local socializing, and it could point you toward intriguing new people. Get to know them before you become a card-carrying member of the squad, though. If you’re thinking about working together, test the waters with a trial project. It could hit pay dirt by the corresponding full moon in August. Now for some truly energizing news: Later on Saturday, unstoppable Mars blasts into your sign for the first time since November 2016 and pours rocket fuel into your tanks. Between now and May 16, your personal goals could really take flight! Easy though: Speed demon Mars might cause you to jump the gun. To avoid false starts, read the fine print and make sure you have SOME sort of project plan (and budget) in place. Looking for a fresh direction? Let your adventurous spirit take the wheel and use the coming eight weeks to travel, explore and experiment.


The only Pisces new moon of 2018 falls in your second house of finances this Saturday, kicking off a six-month cycle of upward mobility. Of course you’ve got goals, but how specific are they? It’s not enough to want “a well-paying job.” Write down the amount you want to be earning by the end of the year. Then create a step-by-step plan that will lead to that objective. Leave room for the universe to work its magic, though! Unexpected blessings could reveal themselves for the next eight weeks as high-achieving Mars checks in to your esoteric twelfth house until May 16. You’ll be motivated—it’s just that your focus is more likely to be inward than outward (or should we say, more metaphysical than physical?). Free up your schedule and lighten your workload to the degree possible. You need to conserve your energy now during this biannual eight-week cycle of recharging your psychic batteries. It’s also a good time for gentle healing modalities, like energy work, therapy, and meditation.


Welcome to your personal new year, courtesy of 2018’s only Pisces new moon. Saturday kicks off a super-charged six months and one opportunity after another for fresh starts. The sky’s the limit, Pisces, but it’s up to you to chart a course and steer your ship in the direction you want to sail. Focus on your dreams, and don’t let anyone tell you they’re not realistic. Later on Saturday, your giving spirit wakes up in a big way as energizing Mars rolls through Capricorn and your eleventh house of high-minded activities until May 16. You’re not hung up on being the leader of the pack, but for the coming eight weeks, embrace the role of social director. You can steer your crew in a rewarding new direction by organizing outings that have some kind of altruistic mission. Volunteer for an event, help paint a mural, plan a charity auction. You feel your best when you exercise your generosity in a big way.


On Saturday, the only Pisces new moon of 2018 churns up the energy in your passionate, glamorous fifth house, the best possible news for one the zodiac’s incurable romantics. The challenge this weekend will be allowing yourself to get a little carried away by someone who seems to have it all—yet still do your due diligence. Attached? Make sure your S.O. shows appreciation for you. If not, give a refresher course. And, uh, so much for your rep as the brooding person of mystery in the corner! Later on Saturday, your co-ruler, passionate Mars, marches into Capricorn and activates your outgoing third house until May 16. You’ll crave company, and you’ll quickly fill your calendar with dinners, parties and networking events. Reach out to old friends and get caught up on the last few months—or years. You’ll be buzzing with excitement about your latest ideas and eager to tell people about them. Since the third house rules platonic partnerships, keep your eye out for a BFF-grade kindred spirit or a project partner who can help level up your dreams.