Daily Horoscopes

Monday June 18, 2018


It might be hard to tell the difference between dreams and reality for the next five months as “master of illusions” Neptune turns retrograde in your fantasy zone until November 24. You may not always catch yourself when you’re slipping into a reverie or projecting your hopes (or fears) onto a situation. Having a regular meditation practice can help—but don’t retreat too much from reality. While Neptune retrograde can cause some collateral damage among your relationships, you’ll never lose your inner circle of rock-solid supporters.


Today, as nebulous Neptune turns retrograde in your social-networking corner until November 24, you’ll have the opportunity to “curate” your list of acquaintances. While you certainly have some first-rate friends, if you take a good look at everyone in your world, you may be forced to acknowledge a few bad apples. During this five-month transit, cut ties with the haters and energy vampires who suck you dry. You won’t be left lacking for company—if anything, you’ll be surrounded by solid, supportive people who understand the meaning of reciprocity.


Today, soulful Neptune turns retrograde in your tenth house of career and public image until November 24. A period of career soul-searching (and possibly uncertainty) could begin. Use the reflective energy of this transit to manifest your dream job or to forge a deeper connection to your work. If you’re happily employed, this slowdown gives you space to pick up half-finished missions. Hop on LinkedIn to see what former colleagues are up to. Synergies could strike with people you worked with in the past.


Is it finally time for your vision quest, Cancer? Today, deep-diving Neptune turns retrograde in your farsighted ninth house until November 24. Over these next five months, the familiar may start to feel stale as you set your sights on more enticing horizons. You don’t need to hike the Inca Trail with a Peruvian shaman or run off to an ashram (although you could…). However, you may need to ask yourself some big questions: What is your highest purpose in this world? Where do you need to travel (or perhaps move to) to develop your gifts? Don’t let the prospect of change overwhelm you; allow it to inspire you!


Deep-dive into your own life, Leo. Today, mystical Neptune turns retrograde in your internal eighth house. Until November 24, powerful forces in the universe may conspire to pull you back from certain intimate relationships and more into your own core. This doesn’t signify a coup de grace to any relationships! On the contrary, it could spell the beginning of new ways of interacting with others—without melding into a codependent “we.” Focus on creating healthier boundaries over the next five months. This is also a perfect time to develop your intuitive gifts and deepen your connection to spirituality.


Enough’s enough! Today, hazy Neptune turns retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships for the next five months. If you’ve been going the extra mile (or maybe 20) to make a relationship work, you may realize how exhausting that effort is turning out to be. This backspin can help you establish boundaries with people and figure out where your own edges lie. Repeat after us: “Starting today, I will not put my goals on hold for anyone, no matter how much I love them!”


Health habits come under the microscope today, as sensitive Neptune turns retrograde in your wellness zone for the next five months. You’re often an early adopter when it comes to nutrition trends—who did a raw food detox first and turned all her friends on to matcha lattes?—but this backspin is a chance to figure out the best eating style for YOUR body. Remember, Food is more than just fuel, so be sure to include fun and nurturing in the menu. And with aquatic Neptune off-course, you could afford to double your daily water intake!


Today, as compassionate Neptune turns retrograde in your domestic zone until November 24, family dynamics could start to feel draining. You love your kith and kin, yet your indie-spirited sign can occasionally resent the short leash they keep you on. (Or, to be accurate, that you perceive yourself being kept on.) While you may indeed have your wings clipped a bit over the next five months, this is an incredible opportunity to really show up for someone who needs your support. Give what you can, but stop short of making sacrifices that will turn into resentment.


Time to thin the herd! Today, as illusory Neptune makes an about-face in your third house of allies, you’ll begin a five-month process of weeding out fair-weather friends, hangers-on and energy vampires. Between now and November 24 you’ll benefit from being more discerning about the company you keep. You don’t have to be an elitist—just do appropriate background checks before granting any full-access passes. Take your time getting to know new folks. Neptune can be a trickster, and the faces people present may not reveal their true colors.


Is that a pot of gold at the end of rainbow, Aquarius, or an optical illusion? Or maybe, because trickster Neptune turns retrograde in your money house today, it’s a bit of both. Your idealistic dream schemes could make you a mint over the next five months, but don’t expect money to drop out of the sky. Explore freelance opportunities; reconnect with an old creative partner and see if you can work magic again. And harness the power of positive thinking by seeing every setback as an opportunity.


Identity crisis alert! Today, your co-ruler, numinous Neptune, turns retrograde in Pisces for five months, making you wonder who that face in the mirror really is. Well, maybe you don’t NEED to define that at the moment. Since retrogrades rule the past, you could reconnect with a tucked-away aspect of yourself—one that’s worth reviving! You’ve had a quantum growth spurt since the enchanted planet first entered your sign in February 2012. This next phase will help you integrate the exciting new you with the enduring qualities you never want to lose.


You love spinning a bit of a mystery at work AND in romance, but today, as illusive Neptune turns retrograde in your amorous, glamorous fifth house, try to strike the right balance of intrigue and forthrightness. During this five-month backspin, your personal brand could hit pay dirt—meaning now more than ever you need to be authentic. Wouldn’t you rather have people get your version of your story than read it in the gossip blogs? Remember, Expressing your true self is the way to win, whether you’re making money moves or romantic ones!