Daily Horoscopes

Sunday November 18, 2018


You’re dreaming of a sweet escape as the moon spends the weekend in Pisces and your transcendent twelfth house. Slip off for some unstructured wandering or even an overnight trip. With the moon connecting to creative Neptune and the Sun, drink in some artistic inspiration while you’re out and about. Meander through an exhibit, or check out a theater performance. If your inner creatrix is clamoring for airtime, you might want to take a painting or DJing class. Romantically and socially, no one can stop you from rocking the rose-colored glasses. Though you might feel like you’ve met The One or your new BFF, pace yourself and let the connection develop organically.


Drop that red velvet rope, Taurus. With the moon spending the weekend in Pisces and your communal eleventh house, “the more, the merrier” is your motto. You’d rather hang out with down-to-earth, fun-loving “everyday people” than air-kiss celebutantes at some stuffy upscale event. Meet friends at a venue where you can let your hair down and mingle with new people. Like the Pied Piper, you could have an ever-growing band of revelers following you through the night. Widen your social reach on Sunday as the Sun connects to the moon. Who are the makers in your neighborhood? You’ll bond best with creative types, whether you’re the artist or an arts appreciator. Romance could percolate with a friend’s platonic plus-one or someone you meet online. Don’t suppress the swipes!


Another working weekend, Gemini? The moon percolates in Pisces and your industrious and ambitious tenth house. You could wake up on Saturday feeling overwhelmed by all the things you didn’t get around to last week. But don’t just dive into “do!” mode. Can you delegate—or ask for a deadline extension? Your powers of concentration are not at their strongest, so if you’re catching up on any unfinished work, get an extra pair of eyes to look it over before sending it off to a client or your boss. On Sunday, the most productive move you can make could be planning brunch with an influential friend group. Or pop by a social event that’s attended by the people you know you need to meet. Casual connections spark profitable synergies.


Ditch the homebody vibe and set your sights outside city limits. A change of scenery is food for your soul this weekend as the moon rolls through Pisces and your peripatetic ninth house. Whether you’re slipping off for an overnight at a quaint B&B or sampling the cuisine in a sister city, anywhere BUT the usual joints is where you belong. Looking for love? With the Sun nuzzling luna on Sunday, it could arrive in decidedly different packaging than what you’re used to. Multicultural mingling is enjoyable no matter what the outcome this weekend. Coupled Crabs could enjoy a sultry spring awakening on a long Sunday drive.


Crystal ball not required. Your intuitive powers are off the map this weekend as the Pisces moon percolates in your intuitive eighth house. And on Saturday, you’ll be exceptionally psychic as Neptune nuzzles up to la luna. If you sense something, say something. Even asking people how they’re feeling can spawn cathartic conversations. You’ll have the perfect advice to offer, but after that, let go. Though you hate to watch people struggle, allowing them to work out their own solutions is how they’ll grow stronger. On Sunday, a moon-Sun mashup is ideal for intimate one-on-ones. Things could get spicy behind closed doors, or you could FINALLY break the ice with a mysterious crush. Brunch could turn into an all-day date—that’s how strong the click can be!


Locked and loaded? The moon floats through Pisces all weekend, activating your urge to merge. With your relationship zone lit up by these beams, you’re playing for keeps—but you’ll also need your RDA of alone time. Find the balance. If a loved one is crowding you, sweetly ask for space, and do it before you start snapping at ’em. Conversely, if you’re craving more attention, don’t pout or text obsessively. Make plans at a mutually convenient time so you can relax and have something to look forward to. Sunday’s moon-Sun merger can replace any friction with harmony. Any conversations you have should be light and inviting, not heavy and demanding. The same hold true for any project or business negotiations. Take that prospective partner to a power brunch and talk shop in a relaxed and organic way.


With the Pisces moon rolling through your wellness zone, treat this weekend like a two-day detox. Give your body a break from acidic foods like sugar and dairy. If you’re meeting friends for a wild Saturday night, sip a La Croix and offer to be designated driver. You might not be in “rager” mode, but you’ll be happy to burn off some calories on the dance floor all the same. As the Sun sidles up to the moon this Sunday, you’ll be a magnet for attention. Plant yourself among people who are as conscious as you are. You never know who might be waiting at that early afternoon yoga class or seated next to you when you go hear a fascinating activist give a talk. Be open to connections in every form.


A weekend of reflecting and relaxing? Yes, please. Fly under the radar as the moon nestles in Pisces and your domestic fourth house. With dreamy Neptune in the frame on Saturday, set aside your errand list and just chill. A creative breakthrough—including some decor inspiration—could come while you’re lounging on the couch or soaking in tub. On Sunday, the Sun spoons la lune, so how about inviting someone over to share in your domestic bliss? Snuggling on the couch or cooking dinner together will be far more enjoyable that waiting an hour for a table at some overcrowded brunch spot. Some Archers might be inspired to host Sunday dinner. Put a leaf in the table and let the party commence—and make it a potluck if you’re too tired to cook a whole meal! The point is to bond with your inner circle.


A locally grown weekend is just what the stars have on tap for you. Fill your coffee mug and wander around your neighborhood. A yoga studio might be offering a postures workshop, or a community center may need volunteers for an afternoon program. Or just help keep the neighborhood economy flourishing (and the character intact) by perusing the mom-and-pop shops. Chatting up business owners or other patrons could lead to lively conversations about keep the area vibrant. Sunday’s charming moon-Sun alignment turns up the heat on a flirtatious attraction. Even the most mundane conversation could take on a suggestive undertone. Oops! Though you’re in a playful mood, beam that energy selectively. If you know that a friend wants “more” (while you’re not into it), don’t lead ’em on! Coupled Caps, get out for a day of cultural activities and refresh your conversational feed from “Who’s doing the dishes?” to “What did you think of that exhibit?”


Your slow and steady efforts finally pay off this weekend, Aquarius, so don’t quit five minutes before the miracle. That tipping point is close at hand if you keep on trucking. Financially, this could mean getting recognized by the key decision makers, the ones who might just hand you a bonus check at the end of 2018. Devote a little time to polishing up work presentations and social media profiles to pro-level status so you can dazzle everyone come Monday. On Sunday, channel your efforts toward building social capital. Recently you may have radared in on some new people you’d like to call your legit friends. Make efforts to build these relationships, extending an invite for a new pal to be your plus-one at an event, or cooking Sunday dinner at your place. You’ll rack up those loyalty points in no time!


No, you’re not imagining it, Pisces; people really are checking you out. And it’s not because you have kale in your teeth or a wardrobe malfunction. With the moon spending the entire weekend in your sign, your magnetism is amplified. On Saturday, as your co-ruler, glamorous Neptune, connects to luna, it’s an “ask, believe, receive” kind of day. Feel free to special order from the universe but don’t leave those desires sitting on your vision board. Speak up! People will happily roll out the red carpet for you if you boldly take advantage of this two-day benefit from the stars. Romantically, you won’t be at a loss for attention; but you’ll also need some space. Draw ’em in, but take your leave when you need a moment of “me time.”


Hello, weekend warrior! The moon spends the next two days in Pisces and your festive fifth house. Tuck away that errand list and play hooky from any responsibilities that can wait until next week. With healing Neptune pinging luna on Saturday, start with a day of pampering. That 90-minute massage or long soak in the tub can easily be counted as preventative medicine. Less stress keeps you on the wellness wagon, so scour your schedule for activities that you can drop (at least for a while) in order to open up more breathing room and space. Squeeze in a little winter shopping and pick up a new scarf or a pair of water-resistant boots that look great with jeans. You’ll have the excuse you need to meet friends for a fancy dinner or drinks at a posh craft cocktail bar. Your natural charm is amplified, making you quite the coquette. You could have QUITE the update for your friends on Monday morning if you let that side of yourself out to play.