Daily Horoscopes

Saturday April 20, 2019


Your birthday season draws to a close this Saturday as the Sun leaves your sign, shifting into Taurus and your practical second house of work and money. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to business! Ease your way into this transition by incorporating daily practices like better budgeting and catching up on bills as opposed to trying to overhaul everything at once. Managing your money now will come in handy for the next four weeks. Once el Sol lights up your social butterfly zone on May 21, you’ll be glad to have some spare spending dough! But don’t put those party clothes away. Also this weekend, beautifying Venus beams into Aries until May 15, making you the loveliest and most enchanting of them all. The planet of romance and values stops by your sign once each year, so you’ll have her magic elixir to work with for the next three weeks. Let the spring awakening begin! Remember: Self-love is the prerequisite to any other form of amour. How well are you treating yourself these days, Aries? There’s always room for improvement, so book that spa treatment or pampering session.


The Sun beams into Taurus from Saturday until May 20, igniting your birthday season and all kinds of fresh starts. Put the bubbly on ice, Bull—this calls for a celebration! For the next four weeks, put your own agenda first. You may be resurfacing after doing some deep inner work, closing important chapters and creating space for all the exciting new things to enter your sphere. With the bold Sun shining in your sign, this is a time for heartfelt self-expression and courageously following your passions. Embrace the new and grab life by the horns. Solo stardom is yours for the taking! Also this weekend, your ruler, love planet Venus, moves into Aries and your twelfth house of completions until May 15. Say sayonara to toxic frenemies, disruptive exes and draining drama queens. In your desire to be a good friend or lover, you may have sapped your resources. Perhaps you’ve become a codependent cohort, tangled up in solving someone else’s dramas. While you don’t have to unfriend people, you DO need some distance. Take a breather or start putting up boundaries. Your relationships—even the working ones—will thrive once you do.


Draw the blinds and hang the Do Not Disturb sign. This Saturday, the Sun slips into Taurus and your twelfth house of rest and closure, giving you cosmic permission to channel your inner hermit. For the next four weeks, the power of saying no will go a long way. Use this cycle for deep healing if you’ve struggled to release a painful situation. Since the twelfth house rules the subconscious, you might benefit from seeing a therapist or energy healer. Steer clear of draining energy vampires. When you do come up for air, surround yourself with supportive people who lift you up. Also this weekend, you may be asking: Just friends, or would there be a benefits package to add? Venus, the planet of love and romance, shifts gears, moving into Aries and your house of amigos through May 15. Someone who’s been hanging in the friend zone could reveal romantic promise, or you could develop a crush on a formerly platonic pal. Looking for love? Let your social network play matchmaker! If you’re in a relationship, get out and socialize more as a couple. How about hosting a party or game night together to unite your respective groups of friends?


Come out, come out! On Saturday, the Sun zips into Taurus and your eleventh house of group activity, sparking synergies with new friends and business contacts. Use this cosmic mojo to spread your social-butterfly wings, hitting new scenes in your area or expanding your online following to widen your reach. The eleventh house also rules technology, and it could be time to upgrade your devices or make the most out of social media platforms you might once have shied away from. If you need to raise funds for a charitable venture, this is a great time to make an appeal. Also this weekend, charming Venus dashes into Aries and your career sector, giving you even more starpower and influence in the professional realm until May 15. You’ll ace any pitches or presentations you have to make over the next three weeks. Utilize Venus’ creativity and spice up the graphics and visuals of your business cards and presentations. You might even work with a branding expert or stylist to help hone your image. When it comes to love, opt for a whisper, not a scream. A sophisticated makeunder could help you attract a classy caliber of prospects in the game of love.


Set your sights on that brass ring! This Saturday, the Sun enters Taurus and ignites your career zone until May 20. For the next four weeks, lean all the way into your loftiest goals. Flaunt your sign’s natural leadership skills and rub elbows with industry leaders and VIPs. Since el Sol will gift you with added charisma, there’s no need to downplay your ambitions. Just don’t let it go to your head! Lend a helping hand to an up-and-comer who could use a professional boost. What goes around always comes around. Also this weekend, you’ve got the whole world in your hands—and in your heart—as love planet Venus decamps to your global ninth house until May 15. If you’re single, you could soon be whispering sweet nothings in a different language or hearing them yourself in a sexy accent. A vacation romance helps you get your groove back: Don’t rule out a long-distance love interest now. Coupled Leos, start surfing the travel blogs. A getaway-a-deux is the love doctor’s prescription for kicking your spring fever into high gear over the coming three weeks.


The devil’s in the details, Virgo, but that doesn’t mean you should get lost in them. Yes, your meticulous sign loves to read between the lines, but sometimes you risk missing the big picture by being so fastidious. On Saturday, the Sun soars into your visionary ninth house, broadening your horizons and encouraging higher-minded thinking. This transit stokes your wanderlust. Maybe it’s time to finally take the plunge and book that trip to Bali or download the Duolingo app to learn a new language. Can’t get away for long? Hop in the car or on the train for a weekend getaway. If you’re thinking about relocating, widen your search radius. Also this weekend, love planet Venus swoops into your eighth house of seduction, magnifying your appeal for the next three weeks. Charm? You’ve got it in boatloads now. Magnetism? Yeah, that too. It’s also time to be a bit more selective. Hold out for someone who can meet you on the levels of mind, body and soul. If you’re in a relationship, rest up. You’ll need your energy for sexytime, so clear your calendar and get to cuddling. This Venus phase intensifies your urge to merge. If you’re ready to put a ring on it, brave the conversation before May 15, while the stars are on your side.


On Saturday, the sizzling Sun slides into Taurus and your sultry eighth house, cranking up the spring fever. Until May 20, your superpower is drawing sexy admirers like moths to a flame. But adding another notch to your Gucci belt isn’t the end goal here since the eighth house is all about playing for keeps. Single Libras are far more interested forming an intense and lasting bond with someone special. Coupled Libras may experiment with some sultry new seduction techniques. Also this weekend, the urge to merge intensifies more as your ruling planet, romantic Venus, orbits into your seventh house of relationships until May 15. Commitment issues can be an Achilles heel for your sign, but this Venus phase wants you to go all in. Place all your chips on a promising prospect. If you don’t have one in your database, a change of scenery could reveal a sexy new type. Just stop trying to turn a player into a prince(ss); this is not the time to bet on a long shot. Marriage proposals and other co-created adventures are in the offing for many Libras now. Hello, happily ever after!


Hang up your hedonist’s hat, Archer. After a wild and carefree month of excess, the Sun glides into Taurus and your healthy sixth house from Saturday until May 20. Skip the extra Americano and opt for a matcha latte or fresh smoothie for clean, green energy. Fill your plate with fresh veggies and cut back on animal products, excess salt and sugar. Incorporate more self-care into your regimen: daily movement, massage, acupuncture or even a trip to the spa. Opt out of happy hour and spend more nights in to rest and rejuvenate—you deserve it. But don’t cut back SO far that you remove the joy from your life! Just as the Sun exits the Ram’s realm, pleasure planet Venus picks up the mantle, heading into Aries until May 15. Over the coming three weeks, romance could reach red-hot levels. Sure, there may be some dramatic twists and turns, but as far as you’re concerned, that just makes the whole experience even more exhilarating. Already spoken for? Find healthy outlets for excitement: dancing, spontaneous vacations, couples’ skydiving. You don’t need theatrics to get your kicks—remind yourself of this often for the next few weeks.


Lights, camera, action! This Saturday, the confident Sun blasts into Taurus and your passionate fifth house, setting the stage for romance and fame. But don’t expect it to happen while you hide in the shadows, Cap. You’re going to have to step out in a big way before May 20, wearing your heart on your sleeve and unabashedly expressing yourself. Work this cosmic charisma to your advantage and turn up the charm dial to maximum. You could find yourself in front of some serious power players during this phase, and you’ll want to be ready for anything! Feathering your nest could become a twin obsession this weekend, when aesthetic Venus grooves into Aries and your domestic zone until May 15. Oh, the joys of a perfectly organized bedroom closet and breathtakingly balanced book-to-accessory ratio on your shelves. Surrounding yourself with beauty is better than therapy for the next few weeks. Venus rules love as well, and this cycle calls for cozy time behind closed doors. Privacy please! Single? Let your mom play matchmaker…and close friends too. Their picks will impress you.


Spring awakening? More like a mini hibernation. Chez Aquarius has never looked so appealing. After a social month, the Sun decamps to Taurus and your cozy fourth house, activating your domestic bliss until May 20. You’ve been on the go and are nearly running on empty, but thankfully the stars give you permission to unwind and nest. Spruce up your digs so you can feel more at home. Then invite your close friends over for dinner instead of going out every night. You’ll still have plenty of social mojo though: Also this weekend, flirtatious Venus swoops into Aries and your coquettish third house until May 15. Bat your lashes without restraint, but don’t ignore red flags or rings on fingers. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and while you’re definitely ready to take some risks, you should still wear the proverbial crash helmet. Fortunately, disaster doesn’t have to be your fate if you pay attention to the clues. Someone you friend-zoned could show romantic promise now: surprise, surprise. In a relationship? Get more playdates on the calendar right away!


How well do you really know your neighborhood, Pisces? On Saturday, the Sun glides into your community-oriented third house and encourages you to explore fresh terrain in your own backyard. For the next four weeks, locally sourced is the name of the game. Hang up your car keys and explore your town by foot or go check out an up-and-coming district. Chat up fellow residents at the coffee shop, see an art exhibit or peruse the culture listings for what’s happening near you. But exercise some restraint over those retail therapy impulses. Your lust for luxury intensifies this weekend as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moves into Aries and your moneyed second house until May 15. You want it, you want it, you really, really want it…but wait! Breaking the bank for beautiful “objet” makes sense in the moment, but how about a more sensible approach? Create a special account for your posh purchases so you can enjoy them guilt-free. In love, this Venus phase taps the brakes. Slow down and enjoy the courtship ritual. If you are moving toward a “happily ever after,” what’s the rush?


This Saturday, the Sun slides into your seventh house of committed partnerships, activating your urge to merge. But does your highly selective sign need to lower the bar just a little? Nobody will ever meet ALL your criteria. You could do yourself a disservice by dismissing someone over a few petty flaws. For the next four weeks, bring more balance to friendships, romance and business alliances. Find common ground by exploring shared interests. Strengthen your bond by asking questions instead of assuming you already know what someone will do or say. Also this weekend, love planet Venus heads into your sixth house of wellbeing until May 15, helping you identify what makes a healthy relationship. You’ll require more certainty from dates and mates during this phase, so relationships that have been hovering in the gray zone will need to be more defined. If you’re already attached, deal with the pragmatic issues like getting your schedules aligned and supporting each other in eating well, getting enough rest, and managing finances. There’s nothing wrong with turning your bedroom buddy into your fitness buddy. “Spot me, baby” has a ring to it, right?