Daily Horoscope | October 24th 2014


Keep your cards close to your vest? Not today, Aries. While you may think you can cover your tracks, it’s a risk not worth taking. If people even suspect you’re being secretive, they won’t be forgiving. Sure, it can be scary to put everything out into the open and be so vulnerable. But it’s the only way to truly nurture bonds in your closest relationships. Honesty is so the best policy today.


While you’re already shouldering way too much, you could be opposed to joining forces with others. It’s gotta be one or the other, Bull, and carrying more than your fair share simply isn’t sustainable. Accept the fact that you’re a mere mortal, and welcome the power of two into your world. Be sure to first establish crystal-clear expectations of roles and responsibilities. Keeping the lines of communication open paves a path to a successful partnership.


No shortcuts allowed! You’re closer to the brass ring than you’ve ever been, but you’re still not within reach, Gemini. Part of the victory is experiencing the journey. Don’t short-change yourself out of important learning opportunities. Find your center, and follow the rules. That means being conscious of not making your colleagues casualties of your victory. Gaining key allies can help guarantee you a shining success.


The real romantic deal or a fly-by-night fling? Today’s shadowy Scorpio moon makes it tough to tell the difference. Keep your wits about you: don’t let yourself be snowed under by a sweet-talking player. You know better, Cancer, so run the necessary background checks before giving any candidates clearance to your heart. The best indication is time. Summon your willpower in the name of letting this relationship evolve on its own clock. You can’t hurry love.


You’re chomping at the bit to get started, but a controlling or anxious woman could distract you from your mission. While her resistance to your growth definitely gets under your skin, take a moment to recognize what lies at the heart of it all. She might need to get a few concerns out in the open. Perhaps she feels neglected or fears growing apart. If this relationship means something to you, take the time to talk it through. After you’ve hugged it out, she’ll prove to be one of your strongest allies.


Before you check that important to-do off your list, seek another opinion. Getting a different perspective from someone you trust can open up a new realm of possibilities. You could even glean a major life lesson from the experience. Even if you do decide to close the door behind you, isn’t better you do so with peace of mind, instead of bitterness? Don’t turn to your standard problem-solving strategies, Virgo. Veer off the beaten path, and the perfect solution could emerge.


Getting cold feet? Under today’s stars you could suddenly feel cautious about a situation that you were recently excited to explore. Pay attention to your instincts, and do your homework before jumping in with both feet. That said, Libras love to see the glass as half full, and give people the benefit of the doubt. So, should you feel the urge to swandive in, stop yourself. Tell them you’ll get back to them soon, and then, sleep on it.


You’ve got charm in spades today, thanks to the moon hovering in Scorpio. Just don’t let it go to your head! In your efforts to dazzle them with your sparkle, you could end up overpromising. By all means, put your smooth-talking ways to good use, but don’t run off at the mouth. Instead of responding with a resounding “sure!” play it safe and say, “I’ll get back to you on that.” Better to make them wait a day or two than end up leaving them in the lurch.


Fact or fiction? Today’s moon in your foggy twelfth house makes it difficult to discern between fantasy and reality. If possible, steer clear of making any hard and fast decisions. You probably don’t have the full story here, Sagittarius, so take today to get to the bottom of things. Go out on a limb, and ask those tough questions. It’s the only way you’ll really discover people’s true motivations.


Slap on those blinders, Capricorn. Under today’s Scorpio moon you’ll need to hone your powers of concentration, as social and romantic distractions can derail your day. While you’re craving deeper connections with people, make dates to meet outside the office. You need to keep your head in the game, as a half-finished project could suddenly become your number one priority today. Don’t worry—you’ll have plenty of time to play this weekend.


Don’t push too hard, Aquarius, or you’ll drive away potential partners. Today’s Scorpio moon in your ambitious tenth house could bring out your stubborn side. Sure, your vision is brilliant, but who’s to say it can’t be better? The least you can do is give others a chance to explain their ideas. Even if you don’t use any of them, validating their opinions makes it more likely they’ll try your plans on for size. Who knows? They could pleasantly surprise you.


Drama alert! Today’s Scorpio moon could cause some serious waves for S.S. Pisces. While it seemed like everyone was operating on the same plane, the fact is, too many false assumptions have been made. Fortunately, your nurturing nature can steer your crew back into calmer waters. Rally everyone together to talk it out. Key to the process is ensuring each person has the floor to express their opinions and recommendations. Breaking bread while hashing it out can help take the edge off. Takeout, anyone?

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