Daily Horoscope | October 21st 2014


Balance the scales of give-and-take, Aries. Today’s Libra moon in your partnership sector calls for more equilibrium in your close relationships. It might be easy to drag your feet on certain tasks, or even do more than your fair share without drawing attention to it. In time though, resentment could rear its ugly head. Think proactively, and ask for what you need. And instead of turning to your go-to person, reach out for support from someone new so you don’t drain any one person dry.


Hop back on the wellness wagon, Taurus. The moon is in Libra and your sixth house of healthy habits, putting your self-care habits front and center. Whether you’ve fallen completely off track or treat your body with TLC, making small changes can still make a massive difference on your outlook and energy levels. Skip the elevator and take the stairs, or get off the bus a couple stops early. Cut back on caffeine by alternating a cup of coffee with a glass of water infused with fresh lemon, which alkalizes your drink. Every little bit helps.


Flirt alert! Today’s Libra moon in your passionate fifth house brings out your coquettish side in full force. You might need to tone down the eyelash-batting and racy innuendos with more the timid types, lest you scare them away. That said, take the initiative when it comes to romance. Right-swipe to your heart’s content, invite that crush out for cocktails, or surprise your sweetie with some sexy playtime tonight. And don’t be afraid to go bold with your personal style either. This lunar light gives you cosmic clearance to rock your hottest outfit. Rawr!


Warm and fuzzy are your keywords for the day, Cancer—just the way your sign likes it. Today’s Libra moon nestles into your domestic fourth house, and sets the scene for cozying up with your closest peeps. This morning, call one of your BFFs over tonight for home-cooked haute cuisine, or make reservations for a quiet corner table. Also, make a bit of time to have meaningful conversations with your colleagues. A framed photo or a vase of fresh flowers for your desk wouldn’t hurt either.


Double up! With today’s moon illuminating your cooperative third house, joining forces with a fellow go-getter can make you both stronger and faster. Take your partnership for a trial run with a smaller venture. Should all go smoothly, sign up for more long-term commitments. If you don’t have a suitable candidate on your radar, this lunar light could shine its beams on a kindred spirit today. Wonder Twin powers, activate!


The urge to splurge could strike. Your sensible sign tends to be thoughtful about where you spend you money, and today, you want only the finest of the fine. That said, your luxe tastes may be too much for your budget to handle at the moment. But set aside some savings to obtain that objet of desire at a later date. In the meantime, treat yourself to something small that won’t break the bank. What tickles your fancy, Virgo? A charm bracelet or perhaps dinner at your favorite oyster bar?


Today, la luna lingers in Libra, giving you a cosmic pass to put Number One at the top of the priority list. Finally finish reading that novel you started three months ago; infuse fresh life into a stalled passion project; or simply meander without a destination and see what you uncover. It could be a fab fall lecture series, or the inspiration to get a bold new cut and color. However you spend your day, just make sure the only care you’re providing is for the person you see in the mirror. It’s the only way you’ll keep your tanks topped.


Talk about being a psychic sponge! Today’s moon in your empathetic twelfth house makes you extra-sensitive to the vibes that surround you. You might even find yourself irritated by the energy others are putting out there. Your instincts won’t lead you astray, so honor them—especially if they’re telling you to make your exit, or simply state the obvious. Your sixth sense is sharper than usual, so avoid crowds and emotionally charged environments. Apres-work massage, anyone?


There’s strength in numbers, Sagittarius. With today’s moon illuminating your ninth house of teamwork, seek out ways to merge forces with other like-minded go-getters. Whether you realize it or not, there are quite a few people who would love to advance your brilliant vision. Take a closer look at those around you, consider how they could contribute, and then bring them officially onboard. Playtime can also amp up productivity, so organize lunch outside the office or a meetup for happy hour drinks. Don’t underestimate the power of laughter—even when getting ‘er done!


Destiny could come knocking on your office door today, Capricorn. A moon in Libra and your ambitious tenth house sets the scene for making a key connection with a mover and shaker. Pull out your best power suit, and ensure that every aspect of your image shines like a Bulgari diamond. When dialoguing, don’t be afraid to ask thoughtful questions—especially if you don’t have any bright insights to add to the conversation. Showing interest is a sign of respect, which can help clear the rungs for your ascent.


Double shot of truth serum, coming up! Today’s moon in Libra and your call-it-like-you-see-it ninth house prods you to be honest. Diplomacy has its place, Aquarius, but there’s a time where you need to stand up for yourself. Try to make everyone happy, and you could end up sacrificing your vision. So not worth it. If a collaboration is bringing you nothing but stress, face facts and move on. Greener pastures await.


Is that a seductive undercurrent permeating your interactions? Indeed it is, Pisces. These sultry vibes come courtesy of today’s Libra moon in your erotic eighth house. Single? A certain someone could be sending out some seriously sexy signals. Instead of directly acting on them, play hard-to-get. A little bit of mystery can increase the intensity of your interaction when you do finally speak. Coupled Fish may need to contend with lowgrade jealousy. Don’t get swept up in a wave of insecurity. Instead, focus on fulfilling your own desires—that will get your partner’s attention!

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