Daily Horoscope | December 10th 2016


On Saturday, the radiant Sun syncs up with goal-oriented Saturn in your ninth house of travel. Time to get serious about your winter wanderlust, Aries. That holiday vacation isn’t going to plan itself! Price out plane tickets and Airbnbs to see if you get a little more exotic than a road trip and couchsurfing (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Try to get this all confirmed before Mercury turns retrograde on the 19th! Powerful people surround you on Sunday and can assist you with your financial growth. Silence your inner know-it-all and put your pride to the side. It’s okay to admit that you could use some strategic guidance. A lazy Sunday doesn’t have to be unproductive. Download a book on personal finances like “The Automatic Millionaire” and get inspired about building wealth and security for your future.


Ready for a seductive Saturday, Taurus? Keep the blinds drawn and plan on having breakfast (and maybe lunch) in bed. With the Sun and Saturn hooked up in your sultry and intimate eighth house, you’ll want to hover close with that special someone. But a casual connection won’t cut it with serious Saturn here. Have a talk about your relationship status if you’re feeling insecure. It’s best to know where your partner—or potential S.O.—stands before you invest any further. Couples: Are you ready for your next step? This weekend can prepare you to take the leap. Sunday’s moon in Taurus puts your mind on your future—and how to improve it. Change isn’t always easy, or gentle for the recalcitrant Bull, but you’ll have the incentive to tackle one of the bigger areas in your life that’s in need of a shift. It begins with honesty: you’re not happy about the way things are going, and it’s okay to say so. Admitting that there’s an issue is only the first step in solving the problem, not the demise of life as you know it.


Should you make it a double, or stick to single batch status? On Saturday the Sun links up with solemn Saturn in your seventh house of partnerships. This could deepen a key connection, even carrying you to the next stage of your commitment. But if a bond is built on shaky ground, it could rattle the union to its foundation. Feeling moderately unsatisfied? Complaining and blaming won’t get what you crave in a relationship, Gemini. Instead, have an honest but compassionate dialog about your shared future. Spell out your ideal vision of love so your partner can picture it too. Sunday’s Taurus moon in your twelfth house of transitions gives you the urge to purge. Devote the day to a decluttering mission. Before you can welcome anything (or anyone) new into your world, you have to wrap up the unfinished business that’s been piling up on your plate. If you’re low on energy, however, treat Sunday like a one-day, one-person retreat. Sleep in, take a gentle yoga class or schedule a spa treatment. Restoration is a must if you want to have a productive week!


                                                     On Saturday, the Sun and serious Saturn team up in your sixth house of self-care, turning your focus to wellness. Prevention—even more than laughter—is the best medicine. So stop playing martyr and do something about that stiffness in your lower back, heartburn or annoying headache that just won’t go away. Book a massage or acupuncture session, or make a doctor’s appointment to nip this in the bud. Look at underlying causes of stress that might be responsible for this. Have you taken on too much responsibility—again? Delegating could bring relief! Dial down the intensity in a close relationship on Sunday by taking conversations about the future off the table for the day. The best insurance policy for a shared tomorrow is to make sure you’re enjoying each other’s company in the present. When was the last time you approached your love interest the way you would a new friend? Try that tactic and enjoy the ease of communication that flows between you as a result. You might even learn something new about each other, or simply revel in each other’s company on a cultural activities date.


Leo, Interrupted! On Saturday, the Sun and restrictive Saturn team up to remind you that despite your superpowers, you’re still just one person. Your can-do attitude is inspiring, but crashing and burning isn’t. To avoid that fate, dial back on commitments and devote the lion’s share of your free time to YOU! This cosmic combo could bring a heavy vibe to your love life. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Take a break and pick up talks AFTER you’ve pampered yourself and had a fun day with friends. Sunday’s moon-Pluto trine could bring some compelling evidence that it’s time to explore the idea of running your own business, even as a side gig. What Leo hasn’t dreamed, at least once, of signing your own paychecks and being the boss? If Leo, Inc. is not currently in the cards, find ways to take on more autonomy and leadership at your current job. A new role may not be open yet, but you can position yourself for the ascent already. Spend Sunday doing some prep work—or a little shopping—so you can step in the office like a polished pro by next week.


Virgo. Keep the tissues handy! On Saturday, an alignment of the Sun and restrained Saturn can dredge up some emotions you didn’t even know you were repressing. This is not the time to fight your feelings. All the positive affirmations and mantras in this world won’t make these clouds disappear. The only way to move past these emotions is to fearlessly stare them down and work through them. Have a good long cry, punch a pillow, hang with your most supportive squad—the ones who let you vent. This too shall pass, and a friendship could deepen as a result of your vulnerability. Wanderlust strikes on Sunday, so find your way OUT of dodge. A day trip—by train, foot or car—can do wonders to refresh your mood. You might even feel the spark of romance while you’re exploring a new zip code. Talk to strangers, even if you do wind up sticking around home base. You never know, Virgo; a fascinating conversation could evolve into a Sunday dinner date.


On Saturday the Sun links up with cautious Saturn in your third house of communication. No more putting off enhanced security measures—especially with Mercury turning retrograde on December 19! Google “strong password” and update ALL of yours, inventing a code to remember them or storing that information someplace safe. Or research password “vaults” that do the job for you. If you’re using someone else’s computer, be relentlessly diligent about signing out of email and banking social media sites. The same protectiveness extends to anything you put in writing. Err on the side of caution, and save your rants for in-person encounters—or your locked diary. On Sunday, you may be privy to people’s flaws, but be sensitive when sharing what you see. The point is to support them in their evolution, not to leave them feeling judged or shamed. Rather than going for the direct hit, try sharing a similar lesson you learned from your own life. That might shine a light on the issue for them, helping them see their own foibles without you having to point them out.


Halt with that holiday shopping spree, Scorpio. On Saturday, the Sun and restrictive Saturn sync up in your money sector, calling for mindfulness. Before you Amazon Prime another gift, make a list and check it twice. And ask yourself honestly if you are expecting too much of yourself with your giving strategy. Overspending to show that you love someone could lead to resentment—along with never ending bills. Sidestep that by being honest about your finances with your family and close friends. You might even agree upon a price point for gifting so everything feels fair and square. Sunday could bring some fascinating wake-up calls about your love life. There’s always more to learn, Scorpio, but does the same relationship keep appearing in different forms? Or maybe you wind up in the same frustrating role, no matter who your partner is. Rather than pointing the finger, begin looking within. An honest awareness of your self-sabotaging patterns is the key to breaking them. Today you could catch yourself in the act and make the choice to try a different tact. Hello, personal breakthrough!


On Saturday, the radiant Sun joins forces with conservative Saturn in your sign—an event that happens just three times every 29 years! This extraordinary opportunity can help you manifest whatever gravitas you want to bring into your life. The first lesson: If you want others to take you seriously, you need to take yourself seriously—and present yourself the way you want to be seen. (No more “take me as I am”!) If your wardrobe could stand a little refreshing, get yourself a few investment pieces that will give you air of professionalism and confidence. Polish your elevator pitch and have a short, snappy “script” at the ready, should people ask follow-up questions. On Sunday, say no to an offer that is not quite good enough. There’s no reason on earth you should have to settle, Sagittarius, so don’t sell yourself short. Taking second best just stalls the process of getting exactly what you desire. There may be room for negotiation, so don’t rule out that option; yet, if this is a fundamental mismatch, you’d be wasting time trying to mold this situation to your desires. Have faith and hold out for the correct fit.


On Saturday, the Sun teams up with your ruler, serious Saturn, in your twelfth house of closure and healing. These two planets only align there three times every 29 years, making this is a huge opportunity to finally let a toxic person or old behavior pattern go. Yet forgiving is not forgetting. If someone did something truly unconscionable—or you don’t have the confidence they won’t do it again—cut your losses NOW rather than risk going through THAT again. The twelfth house helps you protect your heart, and lets you see that being too accepting of somebody who hasn’t earned that trust can put you right back in the line of fire again. Sunday’s playful moon in Taurus helps you shake it off. Let your hair down for the day and ignore your errand list for as long as you can. You may realize that you’ve been keeping yourself way too busy to avoid your emotions. A little Vitamin F (fun, that is) can take the edge off—and if you have a little cry during a dance class or brunch, it will be a relief! Pamper yourself while you’re at it. With transformational Pluto winking at the moon, you could wrap the weekend with a glamorous new hairstyle—or even a tattoo!


Ready to join those reindeer games, Aquarius—or are you still dodging official participation? On Saturday, the Sun teams up with sober Saturn in your eleventh house of groups. Take an honest appraisal: Membership has its privileges, sure, but is there a deeper reason you’re resisting? If you have lingering doubts, don’t be shy about asking questions. Even if you choose to remain a free agent, at least you’ll do so from an informed place. On Sunday, you may have to make a sacrifice for someone you love, but you’re actually fine with it. This person has come to your save more than once and it’s no skin off your back to return the favor. Conversely, you may be the one who needs to reach out for a helping hand. Put pride to the side and just ask. That’s what friends are for, Aquarius—and you’ve proved that yourself time and again.


On Saturday, future-oriented Saturn aligns with the Sun in your ambitious tenth house—a career-propelling mashup that happens just three times every 29 years! Take some time to reflect on your feelings about your job. How much time do you spend doing things you don’t enjoy—and what are the tasks that make your heart sing? You may realize that it’s time to delegate or outsource a few of the tasks on your plate. That might take money—and training someone else takes time—but these are steps in the right direction. Start doing more of what you love, and eventually you’ll have a whole new relationship with your work life. On Sunday, the Pisces social butterfly needs to fly free. But while you like to breeze from group to group, this habit may be affecting the quality of your closest relationships. You’ll never have a chance to truly connect to people if you’re always fluttering away. Consider becoming a more actively engaged member of a group, especially if this crowd shares common values—and can hold your interest for longer than an hour. Or, devote Sunday to social experimentation. Mingle with new people and you might just find your tribe.

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