Daily Horoscopes

Friday June 22, 2018


Nesting instincts: rising! Today, the Sun makes its annual deep dive into Cancer and your domestic fourth house until July 22, blowing the whistle on hyperactivity and giving you a timeout. Whether you think you want it or not, you’ll enjoy a respite from the overload of social and business obligations that the past four weeks have brought. Give highest priority to your inner circle; invite far-flung friends to make good on their promise to visit “someday.” In between entertaining episodes, transform Chateau Aries into a homey haven.


Hello, superconnector! Tear yourself away from your work and all those research projects and buzz back into the hive. Today marks the Sun’s annual advent into Cancer and your lively third house, which is sure to heat up your social life until (at least) July 22. Even your routine-loving sign will enjoy the diversity of invitations that come your way, so try to keep your schedule loose and flexible. When you’re not sure which to accept, opt for the things that are the newest and most different.


Birthday season draws to a close today (sniff), but are you ready to make it rain, Gemini? Today, the innovative Sun bolts into Cancer and your fiscal second house until July 22. The next four weeks are perfect for boosting your bottom line—or hatching a money-making scheme that might liberate you from the 9-5 grind. Update your resume and start spreading the news that you’re in the market for something new (if you are). Happy where you are? Here’s your summer homework assignment: How can you bring more creativity to your job description?


Happy birthday season! Your personal new year starts today as the Sun blazes into your sign until July 22, kicking off four weeks dedicated to putting yourself first. It’s also the summer solstice—a powerful time to set new intentions and rid yourself of anything and everything that’s holding you back. Buh-bye guilt, sadness and shame! You might want to book a few bodywork or energy sessions to clear your field and welcome the new.


Your annual month of R+R begins today as your cosmic ruler, the Sun, glides into Cancer and your twelfth house of introspection and healing until July 22. How can you possibly process intense experiences and complex emotions when you never stop long enough to reflect on them? For the next four weeks, bow out of uninteresting plans and fight against FOMO. Indulge in healthy “escapes,” like trips to the beach and outdoor concerts. The muse could become your constant companion during this cycle. When you tame the “monkey mind,” genius can blossom!


Release your inner unicorn from captivity! Today, the Sun blasts into your eccentric, synergistic eleventh house until July 22, urging you to color outside the lines. Jump ship from any crowd that makes you feel like you’re being judged or critiqued. These next four weeks are perfect for hanging with a more creative, artistic group of visionaries. The eleventh house also rules technology, so get your geek on by learning a new digital skill that can be applied to your professional aspirations.


Today, as the Sun blazes into your tenth house of career success until July 22, your ambitious side gets called into the game. You don’t have to be cutthroat—you’re a peaceful Libra, after all—but it’s okay to pursue what you truly desire. As the sign of balance, you know better than anyone how to mix business with pleasure. After-work drinks and networking session? Weekend barbecue that turns into a casual job interview? Your natural charms could magnetize exciting opportunities.


An exciting month awaits as the Sun touches down in Cancer and your eighth house of intimacy, soulful connections and long-term investments. This is also the summer solstice—a perfect time to set new intentions for the coming six months. Deep longings will be triggered during this cycle, so do what your sign does best and honestly assess your happiness level. Single? Being clear about your desires can attract a special person. Couples should focus on their joint resources. Is it time to set up a shared investment account or buy property together?


Bring on the dynamic and delightful duos! Today marks the Sun’s annual month-long foray into Cancer and your seventh house of partnerships. This is also the summer solstice, a powerful day for setting intentions and manifesting some of your loftiest dreams. Over the next four weeks, you could turn up the heat on a smoldering attraction, reaching a full boil. (Is it getting hot in here or what?) Under the domestic vibes of Cancer, couples might move in together or, if you’re already cohabitating, buy a place of your own.


Here’s to your health! You’re ready to kick your wellness into high gear, and today’s heavenly shift will act like your own personal trainer. The Sun makes its annual trek into Cancer and your salubrious sixth house until July 22. This is also the summer solstice, a potent day to set some mid-year goals and work toward manifesting them. But remember: A lifetime of fitness and balanced eating starts with small, sustainable steps. Try cutting back on sugar and carbs and getting SOME kind of movement in daily. Then see what next steps THAT inspires!


Step into that spotlight, Pisces! And no slinking allowed. Stride proudly, and like you mean it! The Sun marches into Cancer and your fifth house of fame, glamour and romance until July 22, placing you front and center to werk what you’ve got. Since you’re bound to attract some important observers, you might as well put on a show. And dress the part, mustering up as much maximalism as you can. Add a splash of panache to every outfit, and in a similar fashion, display your talents in meetings and in your social media posts. Got it, flaunt it!


Roll out of that hammock you’ve been hiding in, Scorpio—and bring your passport! Today, the Sun blasts into Cancer and your jet-setting ninth house until July 22. It’s time to peel off the power suit, pack some beach (or outdoorsy) wear and go explore the world! Because Cancer energy feels so homey, you might enjoy traveling to places that feel safe and cozy instead of ruggedly rustic. Whether or not you actually hit the road (or fly the friendly skies), you’ll enjoy connecting with people from other cultures. If you’ve wanted to learn a new language or brush up on one, this is a great time to practice. Just say oui!