Daily Horoscope | June 30th 2016


Carve out family time, Aries, and give your inner circle higher priority in your daily schedule. Today, communication planet Mercury moves into Cancer, your domestic fourth house, until July 13. While your social calendar might be busy, find a few different time slots to connect—especially with the women in your world. Over the next two weeks, a particular power-wielding lady could offer you priceless guidance. Don’t brush off her advice—unless you want to waste your hard-earned cash and precious time.


Double up! Starting today until July 13, communicator Mercury zings through your third house of dynamic duos, making two your magic number. Joining forces with another go-getter can bring lucrative results, but be sensible about it. Map out all the specifics, so you’re both on the same page when it comes to expectations and responsibilities. Your social life is also bound to get a whole lot busier—and you won’t have to travel far for it either. Check out what cool events are happening in your hometown this weekend. Go out of your way to meet your neighbors, or even sign up as a volunteer for a local cause.


Finances are in the forefront of your mind, as Mercury (your cosmic watchdog) decamps to your second house of work and money until July 13. Networking with like minds during this cycle means money in the bank, so work that gift of gab! If you’re looking for a new gig, the quicksilver planet helps you with strategic planning. Tip: Don’t overlook your homies, as they are sitting on a wealth of knowledge that can help you in more ways than you realize.


Speak now! As communication planet Mercury moves into Cancer today until July 13, finding and using your voice becomes your primary focus. People may be surprised by this assertive new M.O., but they’ll soon get used to it. Want to get an important message or idea into the zeitgeist? Try Facebook Live, podcasting, YouTubing, or strategically using social media. This cycle also motivates you to explore new avenues, from self-help seminars to coaching programs—all in the name of creating a life that truly excites you. It’s also a stellar time to invest in your personal growth, but no cutting corners! You may have to “wax on, wax off” for a while before you can claim pro status. Be patient: Nobody starts from the top.


Next stop: the imagination station. Today expressive Mercury moves into your twelfth house of the subconscious until July 13. Be it journaling, painting or composing songs, tap into your creative side and you could be struck with a personal breakthrough moment. You might require extra emotional support during this cycle, so consider booking sessions with a therapist, spiritual advisor or even a holistic healer. Forgiveness is also a major theme now. Don’t brush away any of the tough stuff that might surface, or these unresolved emotions could turn into physical complaints. Shower yourself with extra TLC.


Technology is your new best friend, Virgo. Today communicator Mercury decamps to Cancer and your eleventh house of all things digital until July 13. If you’ve been pondering the possibility of launching an online endeavor, there couldn’t be a better time to do it! Boost your other projects (both personal and professional) with the help of social media. Break the Internet with a memorable hashtag, a clever Vine or a gorgeously filtered self-portrait on Instagram. As the eleventh house also rules group activity, joining forces with others is the way to go. Ready, set, collaborate!


Starting today until July 13, mental Mercury moves into your tenth house of success, drawing your attention to your grandest goals. The quicksilver planet infuses you with inspiration to get your ambitions into motion. If you’ve got a business idea you’ve been sitting on, draft a concrete, viable plan. Ring up a well-connected contact, or set up a meeting with a recruiter. With the tenth ruling important males, the men in your world could take center stage. Don’t be shy about requesting their assistance or advice. A couple guys you meet now could also be especially helpful.


Speak your truth, Scorpio. Starting today until July 13, communication planet Mercury decamps to your candid ninth house. Saying what’s in your heart and on your mind will be effortless, but don’t forget to pepper your delivery with a bit of diplomacy. As the ninth house rules cross-cultural connections, you could meet fascinating new people from backgrounds different than your own. It’s a stellar time to learn a new language, too. Download that Duolingo app or sign up for a conversation class.


Expressive Mercury moves into Cancer and your erotic eighth house, until July 13, summoning the siren within. Make no mistake about it, Sag, this transit is an intense one, for better or for worse. Your seductive allure will attract admirers far and wide, but you need to be discerning with the dalliances in which you get involved. The temptation might be strong, but certain entanglements could bring you into obsessive territory. Only make choices that resonate with your highest self, and you could find yourself smitten with a soulmate of sorts. Coupled? Your bond can be strengthened during this phase if you’re both willing to work through the tough stuff together. Communication is key.


It takes two to make a thing go right. Today expressive Mercury settles into Cancer, activating your seventh house of relationships until July 13. Be it personal or professional, conversations could turn to cementing a partnership. Already attached? The quicksilver planet puts important talks on the table, anything from resolving an ongoing conflict to co-creating exciting plans for your shared future. Online connections also thrive during this phase, so if you’re single, you could strike gold on Tinder. Ready, set, swipe right!


The wellness wagon is pulling up to your front door, Aquarius. Today, detail-oriented Mercury moves into Cancer and your sixth house of self-care until July 13, prompting you to make healthier choices. Add darks greens to your meals, incorporate more movement into your day, download helpful apps to keep your files in order. At work, this Mercury phase helps you streamline and systematize. Wherever you’re struggling, you may need to either seek a little mentorship, or delegate and outsource.


Let those clever bon mots fly! Communication planet Mercury moves into Cancer and your passionate fifth house until July 13, putting you in a live-out-loud mood. Your flirtatious side also comes out in full force, inviting romance into your orbit. What’s more, this cycle could attract public accolades for your artistic talents. Pull the curtain back on your piece de resistance, or throw yourself into an endeavor that you can share with world before mid-July. If your style needs a revamp, start Pinning looks that appeal. A little edge goes a long way for you, Pisces!

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