Daily Horoscope | September 3rd 2014


Growth spurt alert! Today’s stars set the scene for rapid expansion, if you’re up for the challenge (we know you are). Strap yourself in, and put the pedal to the metal. As long as you’ve got a firm grip on the wheel, you can make outstanding progress. In this case, fully committing means take a supersized risk. You’ve got backup, Aries, thanks to the moon hovering in your adventurous ninth house. Connecting and collaborating with people from different corners of the globe is also a possibility. Bring on the virtual brainstorming sessions!


Unlock the vault, Taurus. Today’s stars could conjure up conversations that turn into confessionals. If you find yourself resisting, recognize that it’s simply out of habit. Free yourself from this secret, and lighten your psychic load. Meet up with a female friend or family member you trust for dinner. At the very least, make a Skype date tonight. Just make sure she isn’t involved in the situation at hand so she can be objective. Heads up: people could turn to you today like you’re the in-house therapist. Be compassionate, but don’t forget you’ve also got to work to do!


Your social butterfly is bursting out its cocoon, Gemini. Follow that urge, and immerse yourself in different scenes. You’re a master at small talk, but take it deeper today. Really listen to what people are saying, and don’t be afraid to ask more personal questions. The easiest way to be interesting is to be interested. Delving deeper into dialogue could trigger intriguing connections, and maybe even synergy on the love front. Already attached? View your boo through fresh eyes, like you would with someone you’ve just met. Stripping away assumptions could reveal something new about your sweetie that makes your day.


Mission: Impossible? No such thing, Cancer. Why burn yourself out stressing over a complicated situation when you can use that energy to work it out? Pause and take a look at the bigger picture. Then, break it down into smaller chunks. When you categorize and create mini-milestones, you’ll see it’s not as daunting as you originally thought. Sure, it’s a massive mission, but the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. It wouldn’t hurt to also reach out for guidance. Hire a consultant or coach to help you draft out your action plan. Ready, set, strategize!


Today’s indulgent Sagittarius moon gives you cosmic clearance for more luxe in your life. You don’t need to move into destructive terrain to enjoy indulgence either. Treat yourself to a locally-grown berry smoothie or a designer faux fur. With amorous Venus hovering in your sign today, you’ll be anything but shy. Just make sure you know where to draw that line, Leo. When that PDA sesh starts to get hot and heavy, see that as your cue to get a room. Save the best for behind closed doors, and make your sweetie feel special—not like a showpiece.


Put down the vacuum cleaner, and follow the muse, Virgo. Today’s sweet angle between the intuitive moon and creative Venus has your imagination soaring to new heights. If you can take a work-from-home day, all the better. Getting ‘er done in your PJs works just fine for you. When you’ve got all your brilliant ideas and insights recorded and organized, then focus on scaling back the stuff in your space. Clearing away the clutter allows your energy to flow more freely. Bagua map, anyone?


Flutter, flutter. Your social butterfly is out in full force today, thanks to a harmonious moon-Venus angle in the garrulous sectors of your chart. Being stuck behind a desk all day will feel like pure torture, so find ways to stay in motion. Hold that meeting over lunch outside the office, have a brainstorming session in the park, take your laptop to a cafe to return emails. And never mind what your mother said about talking to strangers, Libra. That hottie working at the next table over could become a client, or even your next paramour.


Three, two, one, indulge! Today’s decadent moon-Venus angle gives you cosmic clearance to treat yourself to something luxe. Scan your current finances, and see if your budget has some wiggle room. You don’t need to add a muted orange Birkin bag to your fall wardrobe—but feel free if your bank balance can handle it. You can also upgrade in smaller ways. Pick up tonight’s dinner ingredients at an organic local farm, or even buy that deluxe coffee grinder you’ve been eyeing. Short on disposable income? Set aside a little each day so you have something extra to look forward to.


Authenticity is the name of your game, Archer, and even more so today. A sweet angle between the moon in your sign and Venus in your expansive ninth house activates your vivacious veracity, inspiring others to live their own truth. Own the choices you’ve made, the entanglements you learned from, the mistakes you wish you could take back. Your honesty and self-acceptance helps others become more compassionate with themselves. With all this judgment-free energy floating about, you’re bound to have soulful bonding moments on both the friend and romance fronts.


Life isn’t all business, Capricorn. Take off those blinders, and flow with the emotional vibe you’re feeling today. Put those ambitious missions on pause, and pay attention to the personal connections in your life. You might even have the opportunity to act as a mentor for someone lower on the totem pole than you. On the flip side, don’t let your pride get in the way of seeking guidance from a higher-up, especially when it comes to those influential and supportive women in your midst. Reach out and request a time to meet. Her sage advice can put you way ahead of the game.


It takes a village to keep a relationship thriving, Aquarius. Today’s sweet angle between love planet Venus and the moon in your group activity sector calls for mixing and mingling as a couple. It’s a stellar night to introduce your latest paramour to your posse, or make dinner reservations with your boo and eight of your closest friends. Single? Say “yes” to any and all social invites this evening—and that also includes blind dates. Cupid’s in your corner tonight.


Today’s stars encourage you to think about the energy you invest on the personal front. It’s all well and good to have countless friends, Pisces, but how many of them do you really feel a connection with? If that synergy isn’t there, take a step back. Even if you’re social schedule has some gaps in it, it’s not the end of the world. Besides, the universe abhors a vacuum. Cut out those relationships that aren’t bringing you a healthy ROI, and create space for people who are truly worthy of your time, attention, and love.

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