Daily Horoscope | August 30th 2016


Love is in the air! Romance planet Venus cruises into Libra and your seventh house of partnerships until September 23. What you thought would be a casual late summer flirtation could evolve into something much more substantial. You might bid adieu to your single status and welcome commitment into your world. If you’re already attached, you’re game for delving deeper into your bond. Bring on those co-creation talks, anything from moving in together to baby-making.


Glow from the inside out, Taurus. Love planet Venus grooves into Libra and your sixth house of self-care until September 23. Give yourself the same attention and adoration that you do your loved ones. When you treat your body with love—balanced meals, regular exercise, and plenty of shuteye—others can’t help but be drawn to your energy. Make workouts and rest just as important as your other non-negotiable appointments. Collect recipes featuring fresh seasonal produce to keep you in top form.


Swoon! Cupid’s in your corner until September 23, thanks to amorous Venus touring your fifth house of romance. If your love life has been lacking this season, don’t fret. You could be swept off your feet over the next three weeks. But don’t sit around waiting for it, Gemini. The universe rewards positive action. Take more initiative: mix and mingle among the eligible, introduce yourself to an intriguing stranger, ask your crush out for coffee.


Move over Martha! Beautifying Venus nestles into your domestic fourth house until September 23, motivating you to feather your nest. Showcase a couple new pieces of art, reupholster your living room set, paint one wall a vibrant color. You’ll be the host with the most during this Venus phase. Invite your nearest and dearest over for an epic dinner party. Single? Your female friends can help you make a true love connection, so get them to play matchmaker. Their solid support helps ground you when taking risks in the game of love.


You’ll have ’em at hello, Leo. As love-planet Venus cruises through your communication house until September 23, you’ve got charm in spades. Your seductive qualities shine when you speak, but don’t underestimate how smooth your delivery really is. Be conscious not to string others along unless you really feel a click. Deep discussions will light your fire and perhaps lead to some spicy pillow talk. Single? Set aside that obsession with finding your other half. Testing the waters in the dating pool might even tune you into a sexy, intellectual type you had never considered. Bring on those beautiful minds!


The finer things in life are calling your name, Virgo. With beautifying Venus shifting into Libra and your luxurious second house until September 23, the urge to splurge will be strong. If you’ve had your purse strings pulled tight, you’ve got cosmic clearance to loosen them a tad. Perhaps that means setting up a special savings account for a meaningful indulgence. On the love front, this Venusian spell sounds the call for courtship rituals. Whether you’re swimming in the dating pool or rolling in the deep with your long-time sweetie, some good old-fashioned romance can really heat things up.


Hello, charm personified! Love planet Venus (your cosmic ruler) sashays into Libra until September 23, making you simply irresistible. This Venusian spell could help you attract a wider audience. Primp and preen so you look your best in the public eye. Single? You could end up with a queue of suitors, but don’t be quick to give them official relationship status. You’ll be happiest over the next few weeks flying solo, perfect for channeling the muse and flirting to your heart’s content. Already spoken for? Take a more active role in your bond. When it comes to date planning, don’t go along with everything your sweetie suggests. Get your mate to try your ideas for a change.


The line between fantasy and reality gets blurry when it comes to romance, thanks to love planet Venus moving into Libra and your surreal twelfth house until September 23. For the next few weeks, loosen your grip on the reins and go with the flow. (This can be a tall order for Scorpios, but try anyway.) By surrendering control, you allow for new possibilities to emerge, especially when it comes to stuck situations. Letting go can be terrifying, but at the same time, you’ll also feel invigorated and excited about what’s to come. Finally! Already spoken for? Get outta dodge together. A secluded cabin, an RV adventure or a quaint B&B could do the trick.


There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful mind, Sagittarius. With love planet Venus decamping to your intellectual, idealistic eleventh house until September 23, substance is more important than what’s on the surface. You’ll go weak in the knees for a free thinker who expands your views on life. Some Archers will crave for more independence. Single? Wade into the dating pool without obsessively searching for your other half. You could strike gold via online dating with Venus in your technology zone. Already attached? The couple that plays together, stays together. Socializing as a pair will bring out the best in both of you now.


Mixing business and pleasure? Today, amorous Venus grooves into Libra and your tenth house of career until September 23. Any percolating workplace crushes or attractions heat up over the next few weeks. It’s also a stellar time to advance a fledgling friendship with a colleague. Nurture that bond outside the office. Coupled? Becoming business partners with your S.O. may be a possibility. Keep things crystal clear, and draft out your respective responsibilities on paper. It could prevent a serious lover’s spat around the boardroom or dining room table.


Oh l’amour! Today, romance planet Venus launches a three-and-a-half week tour through your global ninth house. Single? Cross-cultural connections of all of sorts now thrive. For some Water Bearers, this Venusian cycle makes you crave more freedom. Even if you’re already attached, give yourself plenty of “me” time to explore new horizons. Pursuing independent interests gives you so much more to discuss when you’re together.


Meow! Sultry Venus submerges into Libra and your erotic eighth house until September 23. Get back into touch with your body through flowy movement. Yoga is a good place to start, but also consider other modalities that can draw out your seductive side. Belly-dancing or burlesque 101, perhaps? Mysterious souls or intense characters could hold special appeal over the next few weeks. By all means, turn on those coquettish charms, but think long and hard before crossing any lines. You could find yourself obsessing if you don’t keep your eyes wide open. Steer clear of the players—the initial exhilaration won’t outweigh the crash that is sure to follow.

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