Daily Horoscope | September 20th 2014


If your love life has been stuck in neutral, Saturday’s stars kick it back into gear. An alignment of the moon and candid Jupiter in your romance sector sets the stage for an illuminating moment of truth. At long last, you don’t need to play that guessing game when it comes to people’s intentions. The timing may even be right for taking a bold risk—anything from turning that friend into a lover to hopping on a plane for a reunion with an old beau. At the other end of the spectrum, this cosmic combo can help free you from a dead-end relationship. You’ve given it your all, Aries, so stop wasting your time waiting around while this person “figures things out.” At the end of the day, it’s their loss, not yours. On Sunday, a potent T-square (a three-way battle) among the moon, agitator Mars, and foggy Neptune brings a tense energy to the day. Take your time reading the instructions before diving into any projects. Gloss over the details, and you’ll kick yourself for it later. If you can hold off engaging in structured tasks, all the better. Instead, devote the day to more free-flowing activities, like researching or even taking a meandering trip out of town in search of inspiration. Tip: make sure your mobile is juiced up before hitting the road.


Home is where the fun is on Saturday, thanks to a mashup of the moon and optimistic Jupiter in your domestic sector. Host a dinner party with your posse of peeps, and show off your haute cuisine skills. As Jupiter is the “honesty is the best policy” planet, you could reach an illuminating moment of truth regarding your relationship with a close woman in your world. You’ve been butting heads lately, and a satisfying compromise may not be possible right now. If that’s the case, taking some space from each other to explore independent activities may be the best way forward for the both of you. On Sunday, steer clear of making hard-and-fast decisions for other people. Sure, your assessment of the situation and how to handle it may be spot-on, but people will not be pleased if you act on their behalf—especially without consulting them first. Be smart about it, and present the facts so they can clearly see that your first choice is the best way forward. This won’t guarantee that they’ll jump onboard with your plan, so don’t get your knickers in a knot if they disagree. When all is said and done, the ideal course of action is the one voted on by the majority. At least that way, you won’t have to worry about accommodating grumpy, resentful people.


Flutter, flutter. Saturday’s alignment of the moon and expansive Jupiter in your third house of amigos opens up those social butterfly wings of yours. Your networking skills are in prime form, so put them to good use and add fresh faces to your existing circle of peeps. This cosmic combination also gives a boost to your existing relationships. You could discover good reason to bump a casual friend in the BFF zone. The two of you might even decide to co-host a fiesta, launch a creative collabo, or champion each other’s offerings on social media. Wonder Twin powers, activate! On Sunday, a tricky T-square (three-way tug of war) could find you feeling pulled in various directions. Professional demands could occupy too much brain space, particularly if you’ve got an important pending presentation or powwow. While you would prefer to not deal with work issues, take a few hours this Sunday to get yourself organized for the week ahead. It will do wonders for your stress levels. Your paramour or family members could also pile on the pressure. Divide your day so you’re devoting a few hours to the varying demands you’re facing. Make sure you also reserve a good chunk of one-on-one time for that special someone, too.


Tame the urge to splurge on Saturday, Cancer. A moon-Jupiter mashup in your finance sector makes you susceptible to overspending. While an impulse buy may seem like a fab idea at the time, you’re likely to regret it later. If you do succumb to a little retail therapy, make sure you have the option of returning it later. Keep the receipt! At the other end of the spectrum, this cosmic combo might also present a prosperity-boosting opportunity. Keep your ear to the ground, especially with regards to a start-up business or a contract that involves traveling. On Sunday, a tricky T-square (three-way planetary battle) could leave you running ragged on the social front. While some of your peeps may demand one-on-one time with you, there simply isn’t enough of you to go around. Avoid burnout and rally your friends for a group get-together. Resist the urge to host this hangout, Cancer, even if your culinary skills are top-notch. You desperately need a breather this Sunday, so hook up with your amigos at your favorite brunch spot, meander through the artsy part of town together, or organize a leisurely afternoon hike.


Take a page from the book of fellow Leo Madonna, and express yourself! This Saturday, the emo moon and straight-shooting Jupiter align in your sign, giving you full cosmic clearance to unapologetically speak your truth. Your words will likely ignite an animated discussion that could gift you with fresh insights about Numero Uno. Do a bit of soul-searching, and don’t be afraid to try fresh ideas on for size. Don’t limit yourself by saying, “I am who I am—period.” Doing so will deprive you of illuminating experiences. Look to others as your mirrors, and allow them to reflect qualities in yourself that are just outside your peripheral vision. Brace yourself on Sunday: A tricky T-square (three-way struggle) between the moon, Mars, and Neptune could stir up drama fast. You’ve got la luna grounding one paw on solid ground, Lion, but with agitator Mars and foggy Neptune in the mix, beware the manipulators and drama queens. When a diva throws a fit, or someone prods your soft spot to advance personal aims, don’t cave! Instead of battling it out, step away from the situation. This isn’t about admitting defeat, but rather, a matter of self-preservation. Stop engaging with them or they’ll drain you dry.


Next stop: compassion station! Saturday’s alignment of the emo moon and generous Jupiter in your sensitive twelfth house puts your sympathetic side at the helm. Craving affection, or even just a little more attention? You get what you give, Virgo. Be more demonstrative and flattering with your friends. Another good antidote against slipping into the “woe is me” syndrome is lending a hand with kids or the elderly. Perhaps even donate a few hours to a cause you care about. When you start truly valuing your contributions, you won’t need validation from others nearly as much. The muse could also come knocking. Be prepared to pull out your guitar, oil paints, or pen and paper to capture and develop those flashes of creative insight. On Sunday, the Virgo moon brings you back to life and craving adventure. Take a few hours to head out solo so you don’t have to worry about others keeping up. That said, don’t let their calls go to voicemail, especially if they ring more than once. A tough T-square (three-way tug of war) between the moon, aggro Mars, and guilt-tripping Neptune could stir up intense demands from your significant other or inner circle. It’s not your job to save them, but a brief conversation can settle them down. Point them in the direct of a solution that doesn’t involve you—yet again.


Get your geek on, Libra! This Saturday, a moon-Jupiter mashup electrifies your eleventh house of all things tech. Investigate options like a new piece of innovative software or a gadget that can amp up your efficiency. Do some comparison-shopping, and seriously consider investing in it. Remember: you’ve got to spend money to make money sometimes, too. Does your online presence need some polishing or updating? Perhaps, you’ve got some great ideas for blog posts. Make a date with your laptop this Saturday, and get ‘er done. Sunday comes with a guilt-trip warning. A tough T-square between the moon, agitator Mars, and foggy Neptune could find you backed up against a wall with a dominating person in your midst. No matter how much you try to appease those demanding divas, your efforts will never be sufficient. It’s time to say, “enough is enough.” Establish crystal-clear boundaries that feel fair to you. In other words, only give what you can without compromising yourself or your other obligations. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem, not yours.


Saturday’s all about the goodfellas in your world, Scorpio. A meetup of the moon and expansive Jupiter in your masculine tenth house sets the stage for bonding with the important guys in your life. An exploratory day trip or even an adventurous weekend getaway is an ideal way to strengthen your connection. As the tenth house also rules your career, you could become absorbed in advancing a professional goal. Take the time to develop your vision this Saturday, and you’ll end up head and shoulders above the rest. On Sunday, steer clear of your go-to sounding board. A tricky T-square (three-way planetary struggle) could cause you to second-guess yourself or water down your plans if open up those opinion polls. Even if you’ve got an idea in the germination stage, keep it to yourself or you’ll end up facing a deluge of criticism. If you’ve got a group hangout on the books, get people onboard with an active endeavour. Sitting around the brunch table is only inviting busybody conversations. Do something different, like catching an indie film or checking out an avant-garde art exhibit. The change of pace will give you fresh fodder for discussion.


Wanderlust alert! Saturday’s alignment of the moon and globetrotting Jupiter in your jet-setting ninth house gives you a serious case of itchy feet. Hitting the open road is the best antidote for a stressed-out or down-in-the-dumps Archer. Hop in the Zipcar, and venture beyond city limits for the day. If you need to stay close to home base, you could also expand your horizons figuratively. Think: an illuminating lecture, an eye-opening workshop, or an adventurous athletic challenge. The stars give you a double-dose of truth serum, so don’t even try telling a fib. When the moment arises, express your genuine feelings. On Sunday, your ambition mojo is out in full force, thanks to the moon lighting up your success sector. Slide into get ‘er done mode, prepping for upcoming presentations and important meetings. It will give you a serious leg up on the week ahead. Just don’t hole yourself away for the entire day, Sagittarius, or you’ll end up on overload. The last thing you need is to get distracted by a new project that you don’t have the energy to complete. Limit work time to only a few hours; set a timer if you don’t trust yourself to watch the clock. Then, pack it in for the day, and kick back with close friends or family. They might even be the perfect audience to give you straight-up feedback on your latest supersized ideas.


Is it getting hot in here? Oh, yeah! Saturday’s mashup of the emo moon and expansive Jupiter in your seductive eighth house could give you a craving for some erotic experimentation. When it comes gambling, your sign usually only goes for calculated risks. But under this cosmic combo’s influence, you’re more likely to venture into the unknown, particularly when it comes to romance and sex. Silence all smartphones and draw the blinds for a day behind closed doors. Meow! Single? Don’t hole yourself up on Saturday solo, Capricorn. You could meet an intoxicating character who leaves you weak in the knees. Succumb and enjoy the ride. The vibes lighten considerably on Sunday, courtesy of the moon moving into your free-spirited ninth house. But with la luna locked into a T-square (three-way tug of war) with aggro Mars and foggy Neptune, the person you couldn’t get enough of yesterday could now feel suffocating. Take some time on your own, ideally in an al fresco activity. Don’t worry—the world will survive without you for the day. They may not like it, but they’ll make do.


Adventure is calling your name plus one on Saturday. A meetup of the moon and intrepid Jupiter finds your daring side desiring some company. Whether it’s one of your besties or a love interest, there’s nothing like trying something new and exciting to strengthen your bond. If bungee jumping or ziplining doesn’t float your boat, set off on an exploration together. Think: a day trip to a quaint little town, bike riding through new neighbourhoods, wandering along walking trails. Come Sunday, your yen for free-flowing playtime doesn’t abate, and unfortunately, your crew is not on the same page. A three-way planetary battle (a T-square) means that going AWOL in the name adventure will not go over well. Before disappearing for the day, touch base with Team Aquarius. People are counting on you, Water Bearer, so be sure to tell them the exact day and time you’ll make good on your promises. If you don’t think you can fulfill an obligation, find a replacement so you’re not leaving them in the lurch. If the cost of a group activity is soaring well beyond the confines of your budget, say something. You’re probably not the only one feeling this way.


You could feel a surge in anxiety on Saturday, courtesy of a moon-Jupiter meetup. Your worries may become a central focus, which can exacerbate your insecurities. Guard against becoming consumed by dark thoughts, and find out what’s really going on, Pisces. Reach out to a wise soul or even an expert for some grounding advice. Physical movement can also help keep this nervous energy at bay—especially if you do it al fresco. Slide into your cross-trainers or lace up those hiking boots, and pop your camera into your backpack. Whether you’re exploring the urban landscape or losing yourself in the great outdoors, embark on a photo safari. Capturing the beauty that surrounds you is an excellent exercise in keeping you grounded in the here-and-now. On Sunday, beware bending over backwards to make others happy. Compromise is all well and good, Pisces, but not if it means you need to give until it hurts. When your friends or lover ask you for a favor, tame that knee-jerk reflex to say yes. If your plate is already overflowing, you’ll need to put your foot down. Lay down the ground rules, especially when it comes to a new amigo or amor. Don’t feel guilty for saying no. Remember, relationships are a two-way street.

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