Daily Horoscope | April 29th 2017


Where can you find the greatest amour of all? Look in the mirror, Aries. With beautifying Venus grooving through your sign until June 6, use the next month to fall madly in love with numero uno. The planet of love and beauty is gracing your sign for a rare second time this year, reminding you that when you truly care for yourself, all other forms of love will follow. Not sure where to start? How about launching your weekend early with a hot stone massage followed by a sea-salt soak? Now we’re talking!


Say buh-bye to toxic ties, Taurus. Love planet Venus slides into your twelfth house of completions until June 6, urging you to disentangle yourself from draining dynamics. Venus is your ruling planet, and this is her (rare) second trip to Aries this year. You might be doing all the heavy lifting for a loved one or acting as your bestie’s round-the-clock therapist. Whether with fair-weather friends, crisis-junkie drama queens or old flames, take the next month to establish clearer boundaries. While you might not need to cut them out of your life for good, you could probably use a proper break from those energy vampires.


Just friends—or something more? Amorous Venus sashays into your social eleventh house until June 6, making a rare second trip this year. You could suddenly see a platonic pal as having romantic promise, or someone hovering in the friend zone might now make you weak in the knees. If nobody’s on your radar, get your inner circle to set you up. Already attached? Save the intimate dinners for next month; now’s the time to socialize. Cohost a game night with friends from both of your camps. The couple that plays together stays together.


Your professional life will feel charmed over the next few weeks, thanks to endearing Venus grooving through your career house until June 6. Expect to captivate your audience when delivering presentations or pitches. Not only are you oozing magnetism, but Venus’s influence gives you an added dash of flair. Is your image (online or off) in need of an update? A branding expert or a personal stylist would be money well spent this month. Subtlety goes a long way in the realm of love, Cancer. A classy look can attract more sophisticated prospects into your sphere.


Love knows no borders, Leo. Amorous Venus settles into your international ninth house until June 6, drawing you to faraway places and fresh faces. Single? You could find yourself being wooed in another language or seducing someone from a different culture. A little vacation romance could be just what the love doctor ordered. And hey, long-distance relationships CAN work. If you’re already attached, start planning your next vacay a deux. Getting away will activate that spark you share. Bring on the passion!


Charm? Check. Magnetism? Check. Love planet Venus slinks into your seductive eighth house for the next six weeks, making you simply irresistible. With all this mojo coursing through your veins, you can afford to be a bit more discerning. In fact, the next month is about uncovering that mind-body-soul connection you crave. Already attached? Scale back on the social outings, Sexytime has arrived! There’s an officializing vibe in the air, so if you’re ready to dive in to “till death do we part,” get down on one knee before June 6. If Venus’ retrograde spin in March and April interfered with intimacy, you get a much-deserved do-over now.


Ready to make things official? Your cosmic ruler, romantic Venus, transits through your seventh house of relationships until June 6, making a rare second trip here this year. “I do” can be two scary words for Libras, but this Venus cycle urges you to not hold back when it comes to amour. Got your sights set on a particular prospect? Go all in on this one. If no one is on your radar, a fresh scene could reveal a different kind of hottie. But don’t waste your time trying to reform a player. It’s all about co-creating your own personal “happily ever after.”


You know what a toxic relationship looks like, but what about a healthy one? With love planet Venus cruising through your sixth house of wellbeing until June 6, focus on getting your romantic expectations onto a realistic plane. You’ll crave more security during this cycle, meaning that you’ll want more clarity with those relationships in limbo-land. Already attached? You’ll both benefit from supporting each other’s organizational and health habits. Sync up your schedules, cook nutritious meals together and tuck each other in at a reasonable hour.


Passion will not be in short supply this month, thanks to love planet Venus cruising through your romantic fifth house until June 6, a rare second trip here this year. Rrowr! Single? While drama may also be served up in equal doses, you’ll actually find the red-hot experience all the more exciting. If you’re already in a relationship, active dates together will stoke those embers. Think: dancing till dawn, impulsive road trips, tandem bungee jumping. Avoid stirring the pot, Sag, and stick to good clean fun.


Three, two, one, nest! No one will need to twist your arm, thanks to beautifying Venus zhushing through your domestic fourth house until June 6. In fact, getting every color, furniture scheme and tchotchke “just so” will be your mission—and a satisfying one at that! As Venus is also the planet of amour, some behind-closed-doors loving is in order. Home is where the heat is for you now. Unattached? The close women in your life (possibly even your mom) can hook you up with some impressive prospects. Go on, Cap, you’ve got nothing to lose!


Amorous Venus flits through your flirtatious third house until June 6, giving your coquettish side the floor. Just be smart about it—don’t neglect to check the ring finger and listen to your gut. Make sure the cutie you’re batting those long lashes at didn’t come with a date. You’ve got the green light to take a few risks, but look before you leap. Averting disaster is possible, but only if you pay attention to the signs. You could find yourself looking twice at someone you slotted into the friend zone. Coupled Water Bearers need to play more. Make date night mandatory!


Your craving for all things luxe amplifies today, courtesy of beautifying Venus decamping to your house of possessions until June 6, its second visit this year. Instant gratification is very tempting, Pisces, but take a more practical approach. Set up a special savings account for those big-ticket items. It’ll keep you in the black AND guilt-free. On the love front, the planet of romance nudges you to decelerate and revel in the process of an unfolding attraction. Or would you rather skip the endorphin rush? That’s what we thought—enjoy!

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