Daily Horoscope | January 26th 2015


How are your Q1 goals progressing, Aries? Today’s quarter moon in your grounded second house helps you stay on track with your aims and plans. Rams tend to fly by the seat of their pants, but use this balancing lunar energy to attend to the practical details. Tweak your timelines, respond to unanswered emails, pay those pending bills online. Get ‘er done now, and you could have some extra cash in your pocket by the end of the week.


Welcome back, Taurus! Although you may have been in low gear all weekend long, you’re on fire today. Today’s quarter moon in your sign infuses you with go-getter mojo. If the needs of other people have taken center stage, shift the spotlight back onto your ventures. This lunar light is perfect for launching a new project. It’s fine to dream, but right now it’s best to dive into something doable. Start building the foundation of your plan. Hey, it might even involve updating your look. Hello, boutique district.


Downshift, Gemini. You could be dragging your feet today, thanks to the quarter moon nestling into your sleepy twelfth house. That said, what you’re lacking in energy you make up for in creativity. Tweak your schedule, so you’re focusing on more flowy tasks. Put your right brain at the helm, and you’ll be able to whip up solutions to stubborn problems. From doodling to free-writing to painting, using your creativity will allow new answers and ideas to materialize. Let your intuition lead the way. This lunar light also helps you establish more realistic limits with the people in your life. Aim for balance.


Today’s quarter moon in “the more, the merrier” eleventh house sets the scene to connect and collaborate with innovative thinkers. Shed your shell, and socialize with like minds. You might even find your way onto the invite list for an elite soiree tonight. Pay no mind to those occasional flashes of insecurity, Crab. Be your charming self, and you could make a fated connection. This lunar light is about restoring balance, so take stock of your social network. Identify where you could add a few more friends and bid adieu to those needy takers.


How many rungs of the ladder have you scaled lately, Leo? Today’s quarter moon illuminates your tenth house of ambition, making you eager and enthusiastic about realizing your professional goals. If you haven’t established any 2015 milestones yet, take time today to identify something satisfying you can accomplish by the full moon on February 3. Build up your get-er-done muscles by realizing a smaller aim this week.


Sweet inspiration! Today’s quarter moon in your horizon-expanding ninth house prods you to tune into your highest calling. What’s your true purpose, Virgo? If you don’t have a clear path forward, remove those blinders and become more involved with the world around you. Summoning your inner culture vulture can reignite the passion for your own life: explore fresh scenes, check out cutting-edge art exhibits, or investigate spiritual outlets.


Fold up those social butterfly wings of yours, Libra. With today’s quarter moon in your reflective eighth house, your time is best spent working through any bottled-up emotions. Silence your smartphone, and pull out your trusty journal. Purging your feelings on paper helps you make sense of them. Bow out of obligations this evening. A night in chez Libra will top your tanks again, and get you in the right frame of mind.


It takes two to make a thing go right. Today’s quarter moon in your seventh house of partnerships prods you to sniff out potential powerhouse collaborators. While you prefer to be in control, there could be someone low maintenance and highly productive in your midst who makes it worth loosening your grip. Aim to merge with a person who possesses strengths in areas that you lack and vice versa. Wonder Twin powers, activate!


Unfocused much? Today’s quarter moon in your sixth house of organization urges you to take a breather so you can deal with those pending to-dos. While you’re not a fan of dealing with the practicalities, addressing those tasks clears the way for much more satisfying projects. Bring order to the Archer court, and then you’ll be able to soar.


The pleasure principle is calling your name today, Capricorn, thanks to the quarter moon hovering in your playful fifth house. Give your responsible M.O. the day off in the name of letting your hair down. Your light-hearted vibes could also put you on Cupid’s radar. Glam it up, bat those lashes at that cutie in the latte line, get something fun on the agenda for tonight. Coupled? Surprise your sweetie with a romance-filled evening, or take in a rom-com with mutual friends. This lunar light encourages a balanced perspective on love. No one is perfect, Cap, so assess your amour du jour without the rose-colored glasses.


Warm and fuzzy is where it’s at today, thanks to a quarter moon in your domestic fourth house. Give your social butterfly wings a rest, and cozy up in your cocoon. Spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest, dive into your latest Amazon download, whip up your favorite comfort food. A couple of days of topping your tanks will put you in prime Aquarian form again. If you’re inspired to do a bit of nesting, don’t take on projects that will take you longer than a week to finish. Think: strip and stain an antique armoire, install floating shelves, add a fresh coat of color to one of the living room walls.


You silver-tongued devil, you. With today’s quarter moon in your communication sector, you’ve got a captive audience, so take full advantage. Get clear on the message you want to spread to the masses, and then turn to social media to get it out there. Get your Facebook friends turned on about a cause you care about, breathe new life into a trending topic, start a red-hot hashtag. Talk about potent powers of persuasion! Shyness, begone!

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