Daily Horoscope | October 4th 2015


Get set for a social Saturday! The moon is traveling through your communal third house until late afternoon, making it a great day to check out any fall festivals, local culture or neighborhood gatherings. Don’t confine yourself to hanging with just one person—and avoid needy, attention-sucking types like the plague. Adopt a “more the merrier” attitude and tell everyone to meet you while you’re out and about. Let ’em catch YOU if they can. Come Saturday evening, it won’t be hard to geotag you, because the moon settles into your homey fourth house of the remainder of the weekend. Get cozy at and book quality time with your clan—maybe with a little dinner party or a movie night chez Ram. Sunday’s quarter moon inspires you to add your personal stamp to your home decor. Forget making your pad look like a Pinterest board or a Pottery Barn catalog. Turn it into a canvas for your self-expression.


Roll up your sleeves this Saturday—there’s work to do, Bull! With the moon in your practical second house until early evening, pay bills, tackle chores that have piled up, and streamline the unwieldy parts of your life. Simplicity is refreshing now, so cut back where you’ve accumulated too many things—less really IS more. Take outdated clothes and belongings to a charity dropoff center, then treat yourself to a luxe new wardrobe staple once you’ve cleared space in your closet. By Saturday evening, the moon rolls into Cancer, your social third house, staying for the rest of the weekend. Put all your projects aside for now and go spend time with friends. An emotionally charged situation from last week could get resolved through honest dialogue on Sunday, as the quarter moon helps you talk it through from a more rational place.


The spotlight’s on you, as the moon hangs out in Gemini until early Saturday evening. Some unstructured free time could be the perfect antidote to a long, stressful week. Put it all behind you by following your own whims and indulging in some spontaneous fun. The moon moves into your sophisticated second house on Saturday night, setting the stage for a luxurious evening on the town. Put extra thought into your look, then head out to a gallery opening, a new wine bar or the restaurant that your foodie friends are raving about. Sunday’s quarter moon puts your mind on your money and practical plans. You’ve had a few epiphanies about your long-term path over the past week. Now, it’s time to get into action around those goals. Make room in your schedule this week to take care of business.


Sleepy Saturday ahead! The moon lingers in your restful twelfth house until early evening, getting your weekend off to a lazy start. Keep your schedule loose and allow yourself to lounge. If you’re running on fumes, no amount of caffeine will pry your lids open today, so just surrender to it. Sleep in, unwind with a gentle yoga class, listen to dreamy music or a guided meditation. Basking in this sensual ambience will be restorative, Crab. Your energy returns full-force on Saturday evening, as the moon moves into Cancer. Cancel that Netflix night you had planned and go out for a little spontaneous fun. On Sunday, the quarter moon in your sign inspires you to get cracking on a personal goal. You’ve been mulling over big-picture options for the past week, and you may even be contemplating a serious career move. Now, the dust has settled and you’re ready to take decisive steps in one clear direction. Your destination: the top!


Eat, drink and make merry during the daytime on Saturday, because by the evening, your social butterfly wings will fold inward. Your weekend begins with the moon in your uber-social eleventh house. Indulge in some afternoon fun: Frisbee in the park, window shopping, a street fair. Head out to a lively brunch spot or catch a matinee of a movie that debuted last night. You won’t even mind waiting in line if you’re catching up with good friends. Around dinnertime on Saturday, the moon plunges into your twelfth house of sleep and solitude, so call it an early night. Cuddle on the couch with your bae and a good book, or just go to bed early. Sunday’s quarter moon gives you time to rest and regroup, especially since your brain has been on overload for the past week. Resist the urge to “go go go” and take a mental break. By doing “nothing,” you’ll actually accomplish a lot more.


Working on the weekend? The moon lingers in your dutiful tenth house until Saturday evening. Tackle a project—building shelves, organizing your fall clothes, polishing off a proposal you didn’t finish on Friday. Under these productive skies, you could accomplish your goals in record time, so power through. Since the tenth house rules men, it’s also a great day to connect with an important guy in your life. Your social heats up on Saturday evening, as the moon moves into your eleventh house of group gatherings. Your to-do list can wait, Virgo. Go enjoy some good company and much-needed fun for the rest of the weekend. Sunday’s quarter moon spotlights a key friendship and prompts an evaluation of your social network. Does your inner circle feed your soul? Sure, Virgos can do the hermit routine, but too much isolation is unhealthy. Spend time connecting to your “high-vibe tribe,” and less hours with draining or negative people.


Go explore, Libra! The moon is in your adventurous ninth house until Saturday evening, putting you in buoyant spirits. Don’t pin yourself down to definite plans. You’ll want to be free to accept a spontaneous invite or to wander around following your whims. With your travel sector lit up, a quick day trip outside of city limits could refresh your perspective. By Saturday night, your mind is back on your responsibilities, as the moon shifts into your dutiful and ambitious tenth house for the rest of the weekend. You may need to finish up work or fulfill an obligation. Sunday’s quarter moon stokes these responsible fires, making you seriously consider where your life is headed. Is it time for a career change, or to start pursuing a big goal? Any changes WILL affect your closest relationships, so an open discussion is in order. Do you both want the same things for the long run? Where do you both see yourselves in five or ten years? Get aligned around your grand plans before you start implementing them.


Come out, come out, wherever you are! On Saturday, you’re flying under the radar, as the moon spends the daytime hours in your private eighth house. Maybe you’re busy reconnecting to a special someone between the sheets (rrowr!). Or you’re deep in contemplation, processing the emotional week you’ve just finished (whew!). By Saturday evening, you’re ready to emerge from that cocoon, as the moon moves into your big-picture zone for the rest of the weekend. Enough obsessing and sweating the small stuff, Scorpio; it’s time to move forward with a positive, hopeful attitude. All it requires is being proactive instead of reactive. In other words, quit complaining and DO something. A short getaway could be just what the cosmos ordered, so make a last-minute hotel reservation or plan a day trip—one that includes movement, like a hike or a bike ride. Since Sunday features a clarifying quarter moon, you’ll have plenty to discuss and think about on the road. Inspiring conversations and some outdoor activity will renew your spirits and break you out of “analysis paralysis.”


Give your indie spirit a couple days off, Archer. This weekend, the stars spotlight your closest relationships, as the moon travels through the partnership zones of your chart. A certain “plus-one” has been waiting patiently for your undivided attention, but that patience is wearing thin—after all, you can be pretty hard to pin down! Lending your full focus makes this person feel appreciated, like a priority in your life instead of an afterthought. It also puts credit in your emotional bank account, keeping your bond tight when you head off on your next solo adventure. So either skip that epic party with 150 of your closest friends, or bring your bae along. Sunday’s clarifying quarter moon in your intimacy sector reminds you that not everyone deserves a spot in your inner circle. It’s fine to keep some people at a second-tier status, filed under “work friends” or “for good times only.” At the same time, someone who’s been ride-or-die loyal in the past week deserves an upgrade to your first-class cabin.


Here’s to your health! The moon is in your wellness zone until Saturday evening, nudging you to hit that morning cardio class or to spend the day in nature. A fall hike or a long bike ride could clear your head after an intense week. Pay attention to what you put in your body, too: whip up a green smoothie or hit the weekend farmer’s market for fresh local produce. With the moon in this orderly sector of your chart, a decluttering spree could set your world back on its axis. Purge relics from your past and do a little feng shui on your home. On Saturday evening, the moon moves into your relationship house for the rest of the weekend. This energetic “space clearing” could invite love into your life or help restore harmony to your current bonds. At any rate, it will make YOU feel more peaceful—ensuring that you’ll be much better company! Sunday’s harmonizing quarter moon balances your relationships with loved ones, and spurs you to take a chance in love. Release any fears of abandonment and rejection. Let someone know how you feel.


A little play, a little work—that’s the recipe for your weekend, Aquarius. The moon is in your fun-loving and expressive fifth house until Saturday evening, so get your kicks in early. You may still be recovering from Friday night’s festivities, but there’s no reason to stop now. Keep the good times rolling with a lively afternoon activity (e.g., a picnic in the park with your favorite playlist and a spontaneous dance party). On Saturday evening, the moon moves into your health-conscious sixth house for the rest of the weekend. Trade revelry for rejuvenation with a light dinner, an early night’s sleep, and a workout the next morning. Sunday’s quarter moon in your sixth house of wellness and organization inspires you to streamline and simplify. Implement a time-saving solution that makes your life more efficient. It might be a helpful app, but it could be as easy as saying “no” when you’re overbooked.


The weekend starts off on a cozy note, with the moon in your domestic fourth house until Saturday evening. Putter around your pad, catch up with family, make your house feel like a home again. By evening, you’re ready for some entertainment, as the moon moves into your festive fifth house. You could host a lively dinner party chez Pisces—although you’ll probably be nursing a wicked case of cabin fever. Painting the town red might be more your speed. Sunday’s quarter moon in your playful, passionate fifth house helps you shake off the serious vibes from the past week. You’ve been taking everything so seriously, Pisces. Lighten up about it all, starting with yourself! Last week’s full moon gave you a confidence boost. Go put this newfound self-worth into action: dress up, flirt, or express yourself openly if you’ve been holding back.

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