Daily Horoscope | April 20th 2014


Put away those party hats, Aries. This Saturday, the Sun exits your sign, marking the end of your monthlong birthday celebrations. While it’s been a blast, you’re eager to get your life back into working order. El sol settles into earthy Taurus and your practical second house until May 20, making it easy to slide into a grounded groove. Sure, you avoided those nitty-gritty details while you were whooping it up. Reality is calling now, so bring your budget back into focus, fill your pantry with organic fare, and take time for neglected family members. On Sunday, the cosmos send a wake-up call when it comes to work. If you want to get ahead, you’re not going to do it by just “getting by.” Take control of your career trajectory, Ram. If it means you need to work this weekend to get up to speed or gain an extra edge, do it. Your stress levels will thank you.


Hats off to the birthday Bull! This Saturday, the Sun blasts into Taurus until May 20, crowning you this month’s zodiac royal. Say goodbye to the dark vibes of the last month, and hello to following your whims. Let down your hair, and dip your toe into various ponds with no immediate intention of signing on as a member. It’s a stellar time to invest in yourself. Think: self-help workshop, motivational seminar, training course. Inviting new experiences into your world buoys your spirit, something you’re in need of now. Go forth and explore! Sunday’s stars summon your curiosity. As you’re set in your ways, it’s easy for you to disregard perspectives that don’t align with your own. But with open-minded Jupiter opposing mystical Pluto, you could be drawn to alternative attitudes and ideas. Allow yourself to explore at an event or lecture, even if it is somewhat outside your comfort zone. At the very least, you’ll walk away with a wider-angled view on life that inspires you to assess your steadfast ideas about life. Challenge yourself and grow.


Release and recharge, Gemini. On Saturday, the Sun nestles into your twelfth house of transitions for the next month. You’ll feel sleepier than usual, so you’ve got planetary permission to put off bursting into spring mode. Honor your body’s need for more rest. When the Sun zips into your sign on May 20, you’ll want your tanks fully topped. Make sure you clear your world of any physical or emotional baggage that’s weighing you down. From overflowing closets and bursting junk drawers, go on a decluttering mission. Invest in a few therapy sessions over the next four weeks, and give your psyche a well-deserved overhaul. On Sunday, invest a bit more time delving deeper into conversations with the people in your life. Although you love getting to know fresh faces, you will be pleasantly surprised at the depths your inner circle can reach. As you crave more security in your romantic life, beware of falling into old habits. You don’t need to pick a fight or pursue that player to stir up some excitement. Come on, Gemini, you’re WAY more creative than that.


Shed your shell, Cancer! This Saturday, the Sun zips into your eleventh house of social networking for the next four weeks, infusing you with mixing and mingling mojo. Sure, you love your inner circle, but you will feel the need to spread your wings. Dip your toe into different scenes this weekend, virtually and in real time. If you’ve got an online venture in the works, it could start to gain momentum. Hire that developer to help get it off the ground. Expanding your tech knowledge now can end up padding your pockets down the road, too. On Sunday, your closest peeps may doubt your latest ideas, requiring you to defend them. Some people may feel insecure about losing you as you grow and stretch. Others could be threatened, and may try to squash your efforts at moving forward. All you need to worry about is allowing your star to rise as it’s destined to. You aren’t responsible for other people’s happiness—only your own.


Up, up, and away! This Saturday, the Sun blazes into your tenth house of career until May 20, giving you a supersized boost up the ladder. Step into a top-dog spot with confidence, Leo. Your natural ability to lead and manage others is all you need to snag that executive corner suite, so don’t even think of second-guessing yourself. For best results, follow your instincts and honor your ambitions. (Tip: be sure to acknowledge those who have lent a helping hand along the way. It won’t be forgotten.) On Sunday, you’re at risk of going to extremes. A faceoff between take-it-as-it-comes Jupiter and possessive Pluto requires staying in control, but also admitting that you simply can’t do it all. First, get clear on your game plan, and then, request other people’s opinions. Ultimately, you decide what you can’t live without, but just be careful not to drown in the details. Be willing to compromise or your loved ones could end up getting the short end of the stick.


The fog is dissipating, finally giving you a wide-angle view of the horizon. This burst of illumination comes courtesy of the Sun blasting into your globetrotting ninth house from Saturday until May 20. Distant lands are calling your name, Virgo, so check the expiration date on your passport. Epic vacays take planning, so in the meantime, even a weekend beyond city borders can buoy a sagging spirit. And whether you’re teleconferencing with the Latin American offices or simply checking out international events in and around town, mixing and mingling multiculturally can also introduce you to terra nova. If you’ve got a business idea brewing or are contemplating taking a course, the next four weeks are ideal. On Sunday, read your audience before revealing Virgo uncensored. Even if you’re just sharing the details of your most recent accomplishments or endeavors, others may feel intimidated or even a tad jealous. There’s no need to smother your own star on account of others, but remember that every conversation isn’t all about you. There’s more than enough room on the stage for everyone, so go out of your way to acknowledge and encourage the best in them.


No one needs to tell you to start your engines, Libra. This Saturday, the Sun blasts into your seductive eighth house until May 20, turning you into one hot tamale. While you may have a queue of admirers clamoring for your attention, save your “final rose” for someone with the body-mind-soul connection you crave. We’re not talking about holding out for the perfect person, but rather someone who can light your fire on many levels. Already attached? Draw the blinds and hang the Do Not Disturb sign. You and your boo are ready to break new ground in the bedroom. On Sunday, the stars call on you to be your own savior. You may have played the victim in the past, teaching your loved ones to swoop in for the save. Rewrite the script, Libra. Take the reins and show others that you’re in control of the situation. Even though you may want to call up a confidante to unload, stay focused and reach out to a mentor for advice instead. It will be so much more satisfying to emerge victorious instead of victimized.


It takes two to make a thing go right. While you don’t necessarily agree with Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, it wouldn’t hurt for you to stop expecting people to be perfect 100 percent of the time. With the Sun zipping into your seventh house of relationships this Saturday until May 20, an intriguing opposite could leave you weak in the knees. Drop your defenses and get back into the dating game. Already attached? Make a point of spending more time together, trying new activities. The couple that plays together, stays together. On Sunday, it’s time to get real about where you’ve over-extended yourself, or created an obligatory dynamic with the people in your world. Break the chains of codependence, Scorpio. New adventures await, so don’t be held back by old pals, especially those who can’t go to the ladies room without a companion. You’ll love being a fresh face in a sea of fascinating people. By the end of the day though, you’ll have made a fast friend…or four.


Let’s get physical! After four weeks of excess and indulgence, the Sun blasts into your sixth house of healthy habits until May 20. Sure you’ve enjoyed every last drop and crumb, but you’re now happy to treat your body with more TLC. Archers love the great outdoors, so spend more time in the fresh spring air. Join a runners group or arrange regular powerwalks with a few pals. Also, focus on getting (and staying) organized. It will help you stay on top of the heavier workload that’s coming your way. On Sunday, wild child Jupiter faces off with possessive Pluto, making your feelings about a certain someone flip-flop. You’re not quite ready for an exclusive thing, but you sure as heck don’t want to share this person’s affections. Alas, Sagittarius, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Get off the fence and make a decision. It’s not fair to keep people waiting in the wings until someone better comes along.


Buh-bye slippers, hello slingbacks! This Saturday, the Sun bids adieu to your cozy, domestic fourth house and blasts into your fifth house of glamour, romance, and fame. Aside from the high-end, invite-only events you’ll attend over the next four weeks, be prepared for some public recognition for your achievements. Make sure you’re camera-ready, Capricorn. You could find yourself speaking to a large audience, or the press could come knocking. On Sunday, the planets pit your desire for independence against your longing for partnership. While you’ve got a mountain of to-dos to tackle, have your most loyal cheerleaders been shifted to the back burner? Prioritize what’s really important here, Cap, and redistribute your time so your loved ones get to see much more of you. You’d be surprised what a little acknowledgment and heartfelt gratitude can do to lift people’s spirits. Go out of your way with fresh flowers, and perhaps something extra special for your greatest supporter.


There’s nothing you love more than mixing and mingling with old and new friends, Water Bearer, but it’s time to recharge your batteries. This Saturday, the Sun nestles into Taurus and your domestic fourth house until May 20. Chateau Aquarius could use some TLC: organize your home office, redecorate the living room, prepare the spare room for a guest or roommate. While you could be in the mood for some “me” time, the idea of hosting THE spring soiree before the month’s end is just as appealing. Mint juleps, anyone? On Sunday, the cosmos call for some personal responsibility, which includes not doing other people’s heavy lifting. In the short-term, it’s an easy solution. In the long run, however, said party will expect you to step in for the save, making you feel resentful. Call out people who aren’t doing their fair share. Sure, they might complain, but ultimately, they’ll feel better about pulling their own weight.


Your own backyard is where it’s at, Pisces! This Saturday, the Sun blazes into your third house of hometown happenings until May 20, beckoning you out into your barrio. Immerse yourself in the local scene or hang your hat in a locale that makes your soul sing. It might even be a vacation property or a studio apartment you sometimes work at. The third house also rules transportation and electronics, so if buying a car, bike, or gadget is on your to-do list, jump into the comparative shopping process with both feet. Stay on top of your schedule, Pisces, or you could double-book yourself. You’ll be in demand for the next four weeks as kindred spirits seem to appear out of nowhere—not that you’ll be complaining. Sunday comes with a green-eyed monster alert. As you grow into a more assertive and public person, a few amigos could start emitting a competitive vibe. Don’t get sucked in that negative energy. Rise above it, and they’ll be grateful you challenged them to be better people. Feel free to give them a pep talk or some advice, but don’t forget: aim to empower, not enable.

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