Daily Horoscope | November 30th 2015


Are you dragging dynamics you learned from your childhood into your relationships? Saturday’s moon-Pluto opposition activates your mother and father zones, inclining you to revert to old worn-out patterns. They might have worked when you were five, but not anymore, Aries. Stay alert to unconsciously projecting parent-child issues onto others. Then start doing the inner work to clear away the baggage for good. Sunday’s alignment of the Sun and no-nonsense Saturn sets the stage for a powerful delivery, especially if you stock your arsenal with solid facts and figures. Anchor your argument, Aries. If you want others to come on board with your perspective or idea, it’s essential you’ve got the goods to back it up. Dedicate some time to dig up the necessary stats, case studies, and academic articles. Do your homework and others will be eager to support your vision.


If it sounds too good to be true, Taurus, it just might be. Well, at least on Saturday this holds true. If someone presents you with a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity, don’t take it at face value. Do some digging, and confirm the facts. Talk to people who can vouch for the validity of the offer. This person could have an inflated sense of self, and may like to spin a good story. On Sunday, the Sun connects with somber Saturn in your erotic eighth house putting a relationship under the microscope. You might find out that your bedroom buddy longs for more than just a booty call. On the flipside, you could realize that you have more than just lusty feelings for someone you slotted into the fling category. Talk it out, Taurus. Who knows? It could result in a real relationship. For coupled Bulls, the cosmos put serious talks on the table. Be it romance or finance, follow that urge to merge.


Are you worth it, Gemini? Of course, you are—but you might not seem to know that. This Saturday, the cosmos shine a light on your moneymaking sector, and your core beliefs about abundance…along with any buried fears around scarcity. Take a look at your money mindset and the emotions behind your thinking. Dig into your psyche a bit to identify the obstacles that are holding you back from achieving prosperity and peace. On Sunday, the Sun and serious Saturn meet in your partnership house, churning up concerns about where a union is headed. Complaints won’t help create what you crave in a relationship, Gemini. By all means, open a discussion about your future together, but be conscious of your approach. Dwelling on what your pairing lacks won’t generate the results you long for. But placing your energy into what you WANT to see puts you on a path towards realizing it.


To speak, or not to speak… that is the question on Saturday, Cancer. Is it time to say “enough’s enough” to that bully in your life? Before you decide to fire back with an equally aggressive approach, assess whether it will make a difference. This person could be too narrow-minded or insensitive to truly consider your perspective. If that’s the case, double your armor, Crab, and don’t waste your breath. Sunday’s Sun-Saturn alignment in your sixth house of self-care turns your attention to those minor health hiccups. Prevention is the best medicine, Cancer. Instead of soldiering through that knot in your neck, occasional heartburn, or that low-grade headache you can’t seem to shake, nip it in the bud now. Schedule a massage or doctor’s appointment, if needed. Have you taken on too much responsibility at work? Sit down with your supervisor to streamline your tasks, or rally your colleagues together to divvy up the duties more fairly.


Time for a reality check, Leo. No one’s contesting that you’ve got a plate full of pressures in your life, but how much of your stress is self-imposed? You could be spending too much time obsessing about the future, envisioning what could go wrong. While you may think that mentally preparing yourself for the worst helps you cope, it only increases your anxiety. This Saturday, take a time-out from ruminating: meditate, journal, stretch, dance. It breaks the negative thinking loop and keeps you in the here and now. Control what you can, and let go of the rest. Sunday’s cosmos remind you that despite your strengths, you’re still a mere mortal. Your make-it-happen attitude is inspiring, but burning out isn’t. Unless you want to drive yourself into the ground, scale back your commitments. Creating time for Numero Uno is necessary so you can pursue those activities that bring you the most joy. If you don’t refill your tank, you won’t be much good to anyone.


What’s your role in Saturday’s brewing drama, Virgo? You may see yourself as an outsider in the latest soap opera scene, but even if you’re just an observer you’re still a participant. Never mind being polite. It’s not your job to dutifully listen to a friend’s over-the-top theatrics or a relative’s “all-about-me” sessions. Shift the topic to balance out the energy. If that doesn’t work, sidestep these people and devote your time to friends who know the meaning of reciprocity. Sunday’s meetup of the touchy-feely Sun and serious Saturn stirs up suppressed emotions. Don’t fight your feelings, Virgo. No matter how much you try to pump yourself up with positive affirmations, these issues demand your attention. Facing them head on is the only way you can move past them. Scream in the shower, have a good long cry, punch a pillow. Don’t deny your shadow side. It will stop making such a fuss when you give it the respect and airtime it deserves.


What are you focusing on, Libra? Your personal life could hijack your professional aspirations on Saturday. Look out! A conflict with a relative or close friend could fill you with anxiety and distract you from your goals. Despite your best efforts, tidal waves of emotions derail you from getting the job done. Call up a grounded friend and meet for brunch or an afternoon tea. If you’re feeling blocked on the work front, start by examining your past. Reflect on what beliefs about money could have been passed down to you by your family. It’s time to change the script. Sunday’s Sun-Saturn mashup in your third house of communication could put your personal information at risk. Time to change your passwords? If your laptop, tablet or phone is accessible to others, protect it with a lock code. Using someone else’s computer? Be diligent about signing out of email and social media sites. Also, take extra care with anything you put in writing today, Libra. You don’t want the wrong set of eyes reading those snippy texts or angry emails. Err on the side of caution, and save those fiery rants for face-to-face encounters.


Keep it honest, Scorpio. You’re tempted to stretch the truth on Saturday in order to get what you want. It might not feel like a grand infraction, but it’s a slippery slope. Instead of using your powers of persuasion (and sleight of hand), be upfront about what you’d like to accomplish. It’s less complicated and more effective. On the flip side, someone might try to manipulate you with a slick sales pitch. You’re too sharp to be snowed, Scorpio, but don’t shut anyone down until you hear the full pitch. Snap judgments could cause you to miss out on a good thing. On Sunday, the Sun and sensible Saturn meet in your money sector, urging you to take greater care with your hard-earned cash. Double-knot those purse strings. Look beyond the fleeting feel-good vibes of retail therapy, and aim to achieve longer-lasting satisfaction from your income. Create a savings plan for something more substantial than yet another designer handbag (though who can blame you for loving them?!). On the work front, spruce up your presentation and earn greater respect. Proofread emails, polish reports, and don’t engage in office gossip… well, at least not until you’ve left the building.


Look beyond appearances this Saturday, Sagittarius. Instead of rushing to conclusions about people based on externals, set aside your judgments and take a closer look. You also could be grounding an exciting project because of a cashflow concerns. Break out of the box you’ve put yourself in. You’ve got options, Sag, but only if you draw on your resourcefulness. See if you can work the barter system. Sunday’s once-this-year meetup of the Sun and serious Saturn in your sign prods you to polish your public image. Don’t underestimate the power of first impressions, Sag. From impeccably pulled-together outfits to sleek business cards to the perfect elevator pitch, ensure you communicate competence and sophistication from the get-go. If you need to invest in a wardrobe upgrade or a high-end cut and color, don’t hold back. The confidence booster this brings will pay off in the long run.


Saturday’s reminder: Most people are doing the best they can with what they have. Good on you for all the inner work you’ve been doing, Capricorn. But just because YOU’VE decided to change the game by reacting and behaving in new ways, doesn’t mean the people around you are up to speed yet. Change is a slow process and we all have to keep showing and proving that we’ve got integrity. Be patient with others…and yourself. Sunday’s Sun-Saturn mashup in your twelfth house of endings could lead you to part ways with a once-close person. This once-a-year alignment is especially potent for you since Saturn is your ruling planet. Just because you’ve accepted someone’s apology doesn’t mean you’re obliged to stick around, Capricorn. Even though what’s done is done, you still may feel a little gun-shy about opening up again. Listen to that instinct. If you’ve been hurt, history is likely to repeat itself—particularly if this person is known for doling out lip service. Protect your heart instead of putting yourself in the line of fire again.


Welcome to the surreal world, Aquarius. Saturday’s powerful moon-Pluto opposition stimulates your subconscious and could trigger intense dreams. You could also be especially susceptible to absorbing other people’s emotions. We know you’re feeling off-balance, but don’t freak out. Instead, find your center by moving that energy through breath work, yoga or a flowy dance class. On Sunday, a Sun-Saturn alignment in your eleventh house of teamwork turns up the tension within a group in your world. Stop ignoring an obvious problem even if that means making others uncomfortable, Aquarius. If these unspoken and strained dynamics are left untended, they could create irreparable divides within your team or spur an out-and-out rebellion. Address it now, while you still can. It’s easier to prevent a fire instead than to put one out.


Practice your lines, Saturday’s moon-Pluto opposition could send drama rippling through your day. Brace yourself, because people are projecting their baggage onto each other like crazy. At the center of the today’s theatrics is a person known for blowing things WAY out of proportion. As a sensitive and caring soul, you might feel obligated to swoop in as the hero. Don’t go there, Pisces. This person is looking for an audience, not a solution. Sunday’s Sun-Saturn mashup in your ambitious tenth house prods you to reflect on the current state of your career. Do you love what you do, Pisces? Calculate how much of your workweek you devote to aspects of your job that you adore. If you spend too much time on unfulfilling tasks, recalibrate. Delegate to-do’s to your team or even hire a contractor. Training takes extra effort, but the initial investment will bring long-term returns. Do you sit on a lower rung on the ladder? Volunteer with an expert—it will pay off in the long run.

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