Daily Horoscope | February 7th 2016


Feeling caged in by your commitments? On Saturday, a tense Venus-Uranus square could find you torn between competing desires for security and freedom. In love, you may have gotten so caught up on planning the future that you’ve forgotten to live in the moment. Or maybe the opposite is true: you’ve followed your impulses straight into the arms of an exciting but unreliable person. Either way, there’s a need for balance this weekend, so find that healthy mix of stability and adventure. On Sunday, a rash Sun-Mars square could send egos blazing out of control, particularly among your friends. Jealousy or competitiveness could disrupt the harmony of a group. If you’re organizing brunch or a weekend gathering, leave that loose cannon off the guest list. Antics that might normally amuse everyone are more likely to irritate and even provoke a fight.


Easy on the truth serum, Taurus. Saturday’s tense Venus-Uranus square could turn an “honest” talk into a passive-aggressive showdown if you’re not careful. Apply the same caution if dishing out advice. Unless you’re asked for your opinion, keep it to yourself—and no matter what, be sparing with it. Instead of telling others what they “should” do, share your own experiences. Pace yourself if you go out Saturday night, as you might easily surpass your limits, or turn into an emotional, alcohol-fueled mess. Sunday brings another celestial spat, this time between the hotheaded Sun and Mars. Someone (possibly you) could dig in their heels and attempt to force an agenda, leaving others feeling bulldozed. A friend or lover may crank up the pressure around a commitment, but you’re not ready to make such a weighty decision yet. Stave them off a little longer, even if it means being a little more forceful about your boundaries.


Have your pals been privy to one too many of your dramatic tales? If you’ve shared confidential intel about your love life, you might regret it this Saturday. A tense Venus-Uranus square could bring unsolicited feedback or judgment from friends. If you need to vent, call a therapist or a trusted person—and stop opinion polling anyone and everyone who will listen. Privacy please! The intimacy levels in a certain relationship may have exceeded your comfort zone, and Saturday’s stars could give you the urge to flee. While you may need to assert boundaries, you don’t have to pull a disappearing act. On Sunday, a hotheaded Sun-Mars square could find you dishing out the brutal honesty. Before you step on that soapbox and tell someone else how they need to live, clean up your own backyard. You could jump to hasty conclusions and even be a bit accident-prone, especially with exercise. Pace yourself and don’t rush. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t say “yes” to one more thing until you finish the other tasks that are stressing you out.


You might get along famously with someone, but do you want the same things for the long haul? Saturday’s tense Venus-Uranus square could find you at odds about the future with a romantic or business partner. Sit down and talk it through, especially if there’s been a curveball, such as a new job offer. Your busy work schedule could also interrupt the harmony of an important bond. Be careful not to spend TOO much airtime venting about your clients or boss. It’s the weekend, and nobody wants to spend their precious time off listening to endless complaints and hand-wringing. On Sunday, the emerald-eyed monster could pay a visit, as a rash Sun-Mars square could find you jumping to conclusions—and stirring up drama in the process. Before you explode on someone and fling accusations, get the facts. That said, if you’ve been putting up with poor treatment or turning a blind eye to betrayals, this courageous square could spur you to action. Enough already!


Has your opinion been solicited, Leo? If not, express it with caution—or maybe just keep it to yourself. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus square rouses your inner know-it-all. And while your intention may be to help someone, you could come across as arrogant or overstepping boundaries. Check your own self-criticism today. For example, you may be inspired to revamp your whole diet or go on a decluttering binge. But with impulsive Uranus in the mix, you could lose steam as quickly as you found it. Instead of going for that big “high,” break your plans into smaller phases and tackle those one at a time. On Sunday, an ego-fueled clash between the Sun and Mars could put you at odds with your loved ones. Perhaps your family is pressuring you about your love life, or someone in your household is creating unbearable tension. Nip this situation in the bud, but watch your temper and knee-jerk reaction. No need to stoop to a low level and lose control.


Drama alert! On Saturday, a rash Venus-Uranus square could push your most sensitive buttons, provoking a regrettable reaction. Take a deep breath (or hit that yoga mat) before you lash out, Virgo. If you need to air your feelings, you might want to vent to a trusted confidante before going to the source. Of course, this volcanic aspect could bring everything rushing out before you can apply those filters. You may need to do a quick cleanup job if this happens. Even if your heated emotions are totally justified, is it worth the price of dignity? On Sunday, a heady Sun-Mars square could send you spiraling into analysis paralysis. Your stressed-out thoughts could easily consume you, so do something physical to ease your anxiety or channel that energy into a DIY project.


Ouch! On Saturday, someone close to you could wound your tender feelings with an off-the-cuff remark. Or, you could be the one who unintentionally offends, so watch your delivery. Make sure you’re not flinging accusations or treading on touchy terrain. A relationship could also hit a bumpy patch. If you’ve been stuffing down your true feelings to keep the peace, it could all explode now. Watch your temper, especially with family. Sunday’s stars are no easier, as a hotheaded Sun-Mars square puts everyone on edge. You could fight over money, or perhaps flirty exchange that’s misinterpreted and blown out of proportion. Dial down the drama and get the facts before you react. If your love life has gotten too predictable, it’s a good time to bring the excitement back. Just do it in a way that doesn’t disrupt your hard-won stability.


Control freak alert. On Saturday, a rebellious Venus-Uranus square could find you grasping for the upper hand. Give it up, Scorpio. The more you try to coach, advise and explain, the less cooperative people become. Similarly, you’re in no mood to listen to the so-called “voice of reason” from anyone else. Save any heavy talks for another time. In love, your picky or paranoid side could come out, especially if you’re scouting online options. Step away from your device and go do something active, in nature if possible. Sunday could bring domestic drama, as a tense Sun-Mars square puts you at odds with an ego-tripping roommate or relative. A woman or child in your life could be particularly challenging. Be careful not to lose your cool, Scorpio, because it would be all too easy to go nuclear under these tension-filled skies. Break up any cabin fever by tackling a long-overdue household project—but be sure to take a break and get out for fun.


Don’t spend it all in one place, Sagittarius! You could be tempted to gamble your hard-earned financial (or emotional) security this Saturday, as a cagey Venus-Uranus square puts your inner hedonist at the wheel. But instant gratification will come at a price if you pursue it with those famous Sag blinders on. An old flame or a dramatic friend could even contact you, which could lead to confusion and mixed messages. If you insist on following your heart, don’t abandon common sense. Sunday’s stars make this a tall order, as an impetuous Sun-Mars square crosses the wires even more. Don’t be gullible or take people’s promises at face value. Someone’s passive-aggressive barbs could start to veer into hostile terrain. Try to keep the conversations open and above board, but know that you’ll be dealing with some fragile egos today. If you find yourself walking on eggshells, excuse yourself and make plans to discuss this subject another day.


Family drama? On Saturday, a dicey Venus-Uranus square could bring an unexpected emotional outburst or tension with a relative. Surprising news could through a curveball into your day—this cosmic aspect could bring an unplanned pregnancy, a move or changes with a loved one. You also may need to stand up to a disruptive woman in your life, letting her know that she can’t walk all over you. On Sunday, a tense Sun-Mars square send bring ripples of discord through your inner circle. Someone’s insecurities could spark a rivalry in your crew, or perhaps you’re feeling some pressure to keep up with the Joneses. Don’t break the bank trying to fit in, Capricorn. Avoid loaning or borrowing money with friends today, as it could become a sore spot.


The truth hurts, but it can also heal, depending on your delivery. Today’s Venus-Uranus square could spark a difficult or upsetting conversation, but one that needs to happen. Be careful not to say anything that does irreparable damage; even if you feel like the victim here, that’s simply not justifiable. Some father issues could even be at the root of any conflicts you’re having. Get clear about the outcome you’d like to create before you open your mouth, pick up the phone, or press “send” on that email. On Sunday, issues with boundaries, authority or even a specific guy in your life could flare up. A tense square between the Aquarius Sun and hotheaded Mars could bring out your rebellious side. While you don’t have to go along with the status quo, there’s no need to thumb your nose at it quite so openly. Unless, of course, you’d like to burn some bridges. Be careful what you post online, too, as employers or potential clients could see it and raise a red flag.


Cancel that reservation? On Saturday, a Venus-Uranus conflict could inflate the costs of this weekend’s activities. Watch your budget—or at least, set one—because you could find yourself picking up the tab or covering people who didn’t bring enough. A surprise expense could also necessitate that you tighten your belt now. Instead of feeling sidelined, suggest some less prohibitively priced fun. You might also get a VIP invitation, but one that you can’t bring your friends to. Should you ditch your crew last-minute to attend this exclusive event? Maybe, don’t expect them to be understanding or happy about it. On Sunday, beware getting roped into anything too far out of your comfort zone. It’s one thing to take risks, but these could be of the foolish variety. Don’t invite that energy vampire to brunch because you feel sorry for him/her. Unless, of course, you want to be cornered into playing therapist or listening to a one-sided conversation. You’ve got better things to do, Pisces.

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