Daily Horoscope | June 28th 2017


Overreacting a tad, Aries? Just as you’re ready to blast full-steam ahead with a creative venture, an opposition of the moon and foggy Neptune jams the signals. Communications can get misinterpreted—or even lost in translation. The thing NOT to do is jump to premature conclusions or act impulsively. Wait until you get all the facts to react, and when you do, don’t burn any bridges! You may be marching across the same ones soon enough.


A team project may be heading off the rails, thanks to a confusing opposition of the moon and deceptive Neptune. It’s up to you, o’ practical and stalwart Bull, to ensure that things move forward and morale stays high. Prepare to dole out equal-sized portions of patience AND tough love. Let people know how much complaining is acceptable (hint: not much). Rally the troops with an inspirational reminder of your shared vision. They may resent you today, but when the project finally comes to fruition, you’ll be their hero.


Shield your field today, especially at work. With the moon in your sensitive fourth house opposing foggy Neptune in your career sector, you could absorb all the intense vibes. Don’t get sucked into anyone’s personal dramas, no matter how compelling—and resist the temptation to discuss what’s going on with your colleagues. Allegiances are being formed, and you can’t be sure whom to trust just yet. If you need to get things off your chest, call a friend or, better yet, distract yourself with some challenging physical activity.


Come out, come out! You’ve embarked on a mission of letting people get to know the real you, and the response has been heartening. So much for your reputation of having a hard shell and being a little impenetrable: Friends appreciate your sharing personal bits of info. This new M.O. is also giving you insight into how people react to overtures of intimacy. Today’s intuitive moon-Neptune opposition ramps up your empathic powers and is like a secret weapon for interpersonal—and business—relationships. Just make sure to check the facts before acting on just a hunch.


Today, choose simplicity over extravagance. This may seem to fly in the face of everything that makes you so wonderful, Leo, but the day’s moon-Neptune opposition is like a fog machine, making you confused by too many options. Even as tempting offers—from last-minute party invites to online budget-busting “deals”—come your way at every turn, you can strengthen your resistance by just saying no. This will also keep you focused on what’s most important. The more basic and straightforward your day, the more likely your chances of success!


That tingling you’re feeling isn’t a pinched nerve, Virgo. Today’s starry-eyed moon-Neptune opposition is giving you a giddy little crush on someone! Part of the attraction, if you’re honest with yourself, is all the attention this intriguing person is heaping on you. There’s nothing wrong with that—just make sure you’re not attributing qualities to this person that they don’t have. Another thing to bear in mind under this transit is the likelihood of projection, specifically old family dramas that shouldn’t be invited into this budding new relationship.


It’s easy to get overzealous about your plans under today’s dreamy moon-Neptune opposition. Your challenge is to not get carried away by big talk. Take compliments with a grain of salt, and then get down to business. This may not be easy for you, trusting Libra, but today, a handshake and someone’s word is not equal to signed, sealed and delivered. Get it in writing. And don’t let financial needs be a factor. If your cash isn’t exactly flowing, consider a short-term loan or doing a little freelancing on the side.


Be prepared to play referee in your social circle, today, Scorpio. Even though you’re happier letting everyone do their own thing, a dominating personality threatens the stability of your group. Someone’s got to deal with this, and you’ve been elected, thanks to the moon in your teamwork zone angling Neptune in your outspoken fifth house. Stay detached when you have your conversation with the would-be bully. Let them know this kind of behavior is making everyone uncomfortable. Tonight, neutralize the day’s negativity by dancing it off with friends or your ever-patient S.O.


Tunnel vision much? This shouldn’t come as a surprise, Sag, considering you’re expanding exponentially in your personal and professional life. Thanks to the moon in your career house opposing sacrificial Neptune, you may be obsessively focusing on a goal. Suddenly you’re in demand, and your time is not your own. You know what it’s going to take to get to the next (huge) level, but as you shoot up the career ladder, don’t forget the friends and support team who have been there for you all along. Before resentment reaches critical mass, reach out to someone who’s feeling rejected and let them know how YOU really feel.


Hang up the power suit, pack a bag and follow your bliss! Today’s escapist moon-Neptune connection across your travel axis is urging you to do something out of the ordinary. Don’t be afraid to be a little impulsive, Cap. Plan a weekend visit to your best friend in another town. Grab an online deal for a chic urban hotel, or snag a last-minute flight deal. The whole point is to step out of your highly structured life and discover what creative impulses are bubbling beneath. Just be sure to check the refund policy and read the fine print before you book!


Foggy on your finances? Today’s hazy moon-Neptune opposition crosses your money axis, stirring confusion around your cashflow. If you’ve buried your head in the sand about budgeting, it’s time to start paying more attention, especially to areas where you’re senselessly spending. Those little monthly charges add up! If work feels like a grind, add more sensual touches: Fresh flowers and art can inspire creativity, and a midday dance break (or a walk with your headphones and an uplifting playlist) will bust you out of a rut!


Today’s opposition of the emotional moon and your cosmic co-ruler, Neptune, can do wonders for your fantasy life, but it isn’t so helpful when it comes to seeing things clearly. If you’re in a relationship, this one-day transit could cause some miscommunication between you and your S.O. Don’t try to resolve it under these confusing skies. People are too sensitive to deal with this matter rationally.

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