Daily Horoscope | January 21st 2017


Open up and let ‘em in. Saturday’s moon-Venus trine in the most sensitive houses of your chart beckons you to drop your guard and be vulnerable. Trying to look like you have it all together will actually turn people away, not draw them near. Model the closeness that you crave by taking a chance and even risk rejection. Coupled Aries could have a near-telepathic connection with a loved one this weekend. Don’t dismiss that deja vu as a mere coincidence. Sunday’s moon in spontaneous Sagittarius and your unbridled ninth house might make you the class clown, but it could also land you in detention. Your sign isn’t known for being tactful, and with lady luna unfastening your lips, you could accidentally insult and important person! Hold your fire, and if you can’t resist a killer bon mot, share it privately with a friend who appreciates your humor.


Just friends—or is there greater potential simmering? Saturday’s auspicious angle between the moon in your relationship house and harmonizer Venus in your friendship zone could add a “benefits package” to a formerly platonic relationship. Why go searching for love when it could be sitting right next to you? Maybe it’s time to allow pals to fix you up with eligible single friends. Coupled Taureans can bring back those lovin’ feelings by doing more together socially. Get out of that bubble-for-two and hang with the crowds again. Sunday arrives with a code orange blurt alert! You’re cautious by nature, but every now and then, when emotions run high, you feel the need to unleash. The urge to unburden yourself or offer unsolicited advice will be strong on Sunday, but hold back. With the moon in your private eighth house, it’s best to avoid direct confrontation. You don’t want to risk being labeled a meddler or oversharer; plus, your discretion will earn you respect with an important new contact.


Who says healthy living has to feel like deprivation? Saturday’s easy moon-Venus trine in your orderly sixth house and structured tenth house inspires pleasurable ways to streamline your life. If your 2017 resolutions include working out more, join a light-filled yoga studio or a gym with spa amenities. Cruise the indoor farmer’s market for colorful winter produce that pretties up your plate. You might even try a service that delivers ingredients for healthy meals, like sunbasket.com, so you don’t have to spend too much time dreaming up recipes. Make it easy for yourself, Gemini. If your key relationships have been running on autopilot, Sunday’s lunar energy offers a good excuse to hit pause and reassess them. The moon is in your seventh house of interpersonal interactions; what will make your ever-evolving sign happiest are connections that continue to grow and change as you do. If your S.O. hasn’t been able to keep up, have a sit-down and talk about your hopes for the future. Single? Don’t rule out platonic pals as romantic prospects. One (or a few!) may have partnership potential.


Saturday’s flowy angle between the moon and social Venus makes you bubble with passion and enthusiasm. Spread the joie de vivre around, Cancer. Your creative ideas could catch fire with your circle of friends, who might even jump on board to bring them to life. Don’t let the wintery weather keep you bundled in fleece and athleisure. Shop around for warmer clothes that also feel glamorous and sexy. Then plan a decadent evening hangout—with friends or your love interest—like dinner, a live show and dancing. Sunday’s salubrious moon sounds the battle cry for a healthier lifestyle, but this doesn’t mean you have to suffer through a punishing, “no pain, no gain” regimen. These days, getting in shape and cleaning up your diet can be fun, motivating and delicious. If cardio machines or power yoga aren’t your thing, try ballroom dancing or aqua aerobics at an indoor pool. Or just bundle up, get yourself outdoors and make walking your favorite new addiction.


Keep the tissues handy on Saturday, when a sentimental alignment of the moon and Venus might not leave a dry eye in the house. Instead of assuming people know how you feel about them, take time to appreciate family members or trusted confidants who have steadily had your back. A glowing text is a great start, but when it comes to the VIPs of your inner circle, pick up the phone or drop by with a little treat—your talks will go deep! Set up an evening for intimate bonding: Cook dinner with a good friend or host a sexy stay-at-home evening with your sweetie. On Sunday, the Sagittarius moon pulses through your fifth house of passion and glamour. Not only will you be teeming with wild (and wonderful) ideas, but you’ll be fearless about sharing them. Gather your pep squad for brunch, then devote half the day to developing your creative genius. This could land you in the public eye, so think like a branding expert. You’ll slay with sleek design and a consistent message that people can quickly latch onto.


Your extroverted nature is on full display this Saturday as the moon and charming Venus align in your interpersonal houses. Conversations will be lively and stimulating and provide plenty of opportunities to flirt. Keep the clever banter coming, Virgo, but make sure you’re also listening. Someone may be trying to communicate an important point, one you won’t want to miss because you’re crafting a clever comeback. Romantically, Saturday will be sublime—and the stars could serve a promising prospect from a dating app or even your friendship circle. Couple: Treat Saturday like an extended play date. Road trip, anyone? You’re not one to wallow in your emotions, Virgo, but there comes a time when you do have to acknowledge them. Sunday’s lunar energy can help you own up to the troubling issues—and stop numbing out with junk food, Cabernet or other crutches. Reach out to your supportive circle to get it all out in the open—and if you need a little extra guidance, ask for their recommendations on therapists, coaches or holistic healers. This isn’t a sign of weakness: The higher you climb, the more stressful life becomes. It only makes sense to assemble advisers to help you with your ascent.


Fashion-forward Libra, has the winter weather been dulling your creative flair? If hems have started to droop or you’ve taken to a habit of slouchy sweaters, Saturday’s moon-Venus trine can lead you to quality pieces (and hopefully a few great sales) that help you look chic and tailored in any weather. Be discerning with your budget: you can sail through the season with just a few great staple pieces that pair perfectly with what you already have. Maybe it’s a form-fitting navy pea coat or a pair of tall black boots you can wear over jeans or with a dress. Think: practical and polished. Sunday’s stars implore you to stay open-minded about people—and if you can’t, then at least be willing to hear their side of the story. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. There’s a good chance that someone who is supposedly throwing you shade is actually struggling with a family issue or a stressful work situation. Get the real story. This could be an opportunity to lend some support instead of retreating from the relationship.


Start your weekend with a bang! The Scorpio moon forms a harmonious trine to Venus in your passionate fifth house. Translation: You’ve got the It factor, so by all means, work it. By the time you meet friends for brunch, you’ll have flirted with the doorman, a few fellow commuters and the person who graciously held the door for you. Enjoy the attention and bring that sparkle to your interactions, since others might not be so exuberant after the workweek. The stars set the stage for romance. Single? It’s the perfect night for a blind date or to meet someone new. Coupled Scorpios, enjoy some cultural entertainment. Get a pair of tickets to see one of the Oscar-nominated movies or a live band. On Sunday you may set your sights on a big-ticket item. It often takes a bit of belt-tightening to accomplish financial goals, but the moon in your fiscally sound second house can help you reach them more quickly. What little adjustments can you make to open up more flow for this object of desire? Eat home more—and brown-bag it for lunch. Take a break from pricey lattes and artisanal water. Make a habit of filling up your go cup before leaving the house in the morning. To stay motivated, keep a visual image of the object or goal you desire within sight.


Pause to pamper thyself, Sagittarius—something your active sign often forgets to stop and do. On Saturday the moon in your restful twelfth house takes you gently into the weekend. Conserve your resources, since they might be low. If possible, book a massage, or just veg out and rest at home. If you’re feeling down about something, lean on a nurturing friend or relative, even if you just watch Netflix and order takeout together. You’ll feel like your social self again on Sunday, as the moon heads into Sagittarius for two and a half days. Your larger-than-life sign enjoys spinning yarns and taking a little creative license for the sake of a good laugh. But aim for real talk this Sunday, and take a pass on the verbal embroidery. An authentic conversation with a new acquaintance could light the pathway to a solid friendship. Share from the heart—with a sprinkling of humor, of course. You won’t have to work hard at all to win people over.


Instead of passing the baton, how about simply sharing it? On Saturday you can tap your inner circle for just about anything. With the moon and attractor Venus in the most social parts of your chart, you’re downright magnetic when it comes to networking. Work the generosity principle and offer a resource, a referral or a connection to someone who’s looking. Post your own requests on social media or call up an old contact, perhaps meeting for brunch to casually pitch an idea. The people in your life are eager to help. Ask and you shall receive! Plan to sleep in on Sunday as the moon lounges in Sagittarius and your sleepy twelfth house. Loll in the sheets a bit longer—recalling dreams, meditating and visualizing how you’d like your next week to flow. Reschedule any tasks that require too much mental or physical effort. If you feel like diving into any projects (and when don’t you, Capricorn?), opt for ones that tap your creativity, intuition and compassion. Self-care is in the cards, so see if you can snag a last-minute massage appointment or convince your sister to meet you for a spa day.


Are you dressing for the part you want to play, Aquarius? You hate to feel confined, so you can find yourself in a sartorial dilemma when the occasion calls for a crisp or tailored look. Saturday’s pleasant trine between the moon and stylish Venus makes this a great day to add some polished pieces to your wardrobe that allow you to move and breathe. With these planets lighting up your money zones, you may have occasion to wear these new items soon—perhaps to a VIP event or an industry networking shindig. Sunday’s stars are perfect for group activities, with the moon in your collaborative eleventh house firing up your enthusiasm and energy. As the humanitarian of the zodiac, you’re all about doing good work as part of a team. A volunteer mission or activist gathering could call your name. Joining and participating will be more fun than leading the charge. But if your squad has lost its joie de vivre, deliver the necessary motivational speech. Should you discover that someone’s not on board, speak to them privately to get the whole story.


Just say oui! Saturday’s moon in your worldly ninth house happily angles romantic Venus, making you a multicultural magnet. An open spirit and a friendly attitude are all you need to break the ice and perhaps spark up a romance with someone from a different background than your own. Feeling burnt out? Peruse the travel sites for specials. A pampering trip—or even a weekend spa getaway—could be in order. Nothing like a change of scenery to revive a nomadic Pisces, even if only for a night. With Sunday’s moon lighting up your tenth house of career ambitions, you might spend a few hours tucked away in your home office. You’ll have killer focus, especially without all the distractions of the average work day interrupting your flow. If you’ve hit a plateau on the job, this motivational lunar energy could rekindle your fire. Outline some goals for the next month. The clearer and more detailed you can be, the easier it’ll be to manifest. How about making a vision board devoted to your professional aspirations? For your visual sign, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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