Daily Horoscope | August 1st 2014


Snuggle up to your loved ones, Aries. Today’s sweet trine between demonstrative Venus and stable Saturn paves a path toward more intimacy in your relationships. Your bond with a friend or lover could advance to the next level, perhaps even exclusivity. Talk it through and ensure that you’re both in agreement with the new terms. That said, spirited Uranus squares off with the love planet reminding you that Rams still need some solo time. Aim for balance.


A fly-by-night romance could suddenly show signs of becoming a lasting relationship, thanks to a harmonious trine between loveplanet Venus and stable Saturn. If you’re already in a LTR, you might find yourself craving something deeper with your sweetie. Open things up for discussion, but take a light-hearted approach. Diving in with demands won’t win over the object of your affections. Steer clear of the vinegar and bring on the honey!


Are there too many people trying to steer this ship, Gemini? Creative Venus forms a tense square to unpredictable Uranus, churning up conflict with your crew. You’ve received so much conflicting advice and feedback that your head is spinning. Fortunately, the loving planet also merges with stable Saturn, helping you scale back in the name of flying solo. Tune into your own wisdom and make decisions that resonate best with you. The planets infuse you with plenty of extra innovation and inspiration now. You might even take a pass on your Friday night plans to further develop your new and improved plan of action.


Beautifying Venus transits through your sign, making you glow from the inside out. But the love planet also forms a tense angle to daunting Uranus, making you especially self-conscious of extra attention. When you-know-who is drawn into your orbit, resist the urge to take cover under that protective shell of yours, Cancer. You’ve got more than enough poise and composure to hold your own. Show interest in others or simply discuss current events. Your charm will captivate—without having to lay your soul bare. Being a bit enigmatic today amps up your allure.


Who says you always need to lead the pack, Leo? Today’s harmonious angle between flowy Venus and Saturn in your feminine fourth house encourages you to get out of the driver’s seat, and let one of your fun-loving female friends take the wheel. Jump on board with her juicy adventure and it might even lead you well beyond city limits. Just one caveat: unpredictable Uranus is in the mix, potentially churning up conflict in close quarters. Insist on separate rooms in the name of keeping the peace. Also, when you’re ready to head home, do so. Hanging around out of obligation will only get your nose out of joint in a bad way.


Open up the opinion polls. It’s far too easy for you to get lost in your head, Virgo, especially when it comes to one dreaded subject again. Today’s harmonious angle between garrulous Venus and sage Saturn prods you to poll your pals. Pay special attention if you receive the same advice from different sources. Aim for objective opinions and avoid people who are struggling with something similar to your dilemma. They’re likely to take a pessimistic stance when what you need is more positivity.


Are you taking full advantage of those Libran charms? Today’s harmonious angle between disarming Venus and goal-oriented Saturn helps you forge a key connection. Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably already got this one in the bag. Stop dropping hints and spell out your proposal. Unpredictable Uranus plays a role today too, meaning that some negotiation will be in order. While you may not get everything you request, discussions might actually lead to an even better arrangement.


Freedom and loyalty can be compatible, Scorpio. With magnetic Venus in your independent ninth house you confidently set boundaries with the people in your world. Thanks to stable Saturn (in your sign) forming a trine to the charming planet you’re able to focus on your most important bonds, and not spread yourself too thin. Tell your closest peeps how you really feel, but just steer clear of finger-pointing. An open dialogue, not a condescending diatribe, will be the most productive.


Dive into the deep end, Sagittarius. Today’s cosmos draw you toward the more mystical side of life, so follow the signs. Pay attention to the clues the universe sends out, be it a book that’s calling your name or a serendipitous connection pointing you in the right direction. Your psyche holds the answers, so take time for meditation or communing with nature. Going inward also helps you harness the strength necessary to support someone close to you. Come this evening, keep plans low-key. If you’re committed to a lively event tonight, chances are you’ll be most comfortable on the sidelines in deep discussion instead of strutting your stuff on the dancefloor.


The number of friends you have in high places is impressive, Capricorn, but are you glossing over the “commoners”? Today’s trine between social Venus and down-to-earth Saturn urges you to get past appearances. Judge a book by its cover, and you could end up missing out on a synergistic connection. For tonight, take a pass on that exclusive event, and mix and mingle at an “all-access” affair. You could experience a magical click with someone you normally wouldn’t look twice at.


Keep it simple, sweetheart. Today, rabble-rouser Uranus squares off with creative Venus potentially slamming on the brakes when it comes to one of your supersized ideas. Take a breather to assess the situation and reconfigure your plan of action. You want to make sure that this new direction will still work to your advantage, but take care not to get too controlling. An older or more established man in your midst can assist you in mapping out a viable Plan B. Ask an influential fella in your life for some guidance.


You can’t hurry love, Pisces. Today’s merger of romantic Venus and stable Saturn reminds you to take a blossoming relationship one baby step at a time. If this bond (be it for amour or friendship) is meant to be, you’ll find out in good time. Tap on the brakes and enjoy getting to know the other person. Your finances also come into focus, thanks to change-maker Uranus squaring Venus. Excessive spending is bound to get you into hot water, so be discerning before you pull out the plastic.

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