Daily Horoscope | October 21st 2016


Monitor those moods, Aries, as the sensitive moon faces off with aggressive Mars. A professional situation could trigger some anger today, making it easy to lash out at a colleague. You could bring home stress from the office, creating tension with your inner circle. While it’s fine to have feelings, don’t take them out on other people. When your temper heats up, take a timeout and go for a walk; call a compassionate friend who can listen objectively while you vent. There’s no point in trying to be productive while you’re stewing.


You may think that the truth is self-evident today, Taurus, but guess what? It’s not. Don’t get terse with people who aren’t immediately clued in. A clash between the moon and hot-headed Mars could make you snappy and impatient—not exactly building blocks for healthy communication. Err on the side of over-explaining and ask people to repeat back instructions to confirm that they actually understood. Don’t get preachy either! Tolerance is a tenet worth leaning into since you may be dealing with people who have different worldviews than your own.


Your intuition is sharper than a ninja’s throwing star today, Gemini. If you get a strange or unsettling feeling, investigate. There’s just one catch: Make sure you have solid evidence before you act—or worse, react! With the moon opposing impulsive Mars you could make a hasty call that winds up being way off base. Trust that there is some digging to do, but don’t draw any premature conclusions. What’s actually happening is likely to be different than what your imagination is drumming up.


Conflict alert! As your ruler, the sensitive moon, faces off with combative Mars, you could easily lock horns with people today. Notice your reactions to these disagreements. Are you able to take a stand for your beliefs—or do you feel the pull of people pleasing or even the urge to stomp off in a huff? The goal is to create a compromise that feels like a win-win. Should a power struggle erupt, however (and it could!), politely ask for a little time to think things over. You need to get calm and centered in order to drum up creative solutions.


You want to believe the best in people, Leo, but positive under today’s befuddling moon-Mars opposition, positive thinking is not the greatest gauge. Check the facts behind people’s claims. Even if they speak with the utmost confidence, they could still be pulling the wool over your eyes. Then again, there’s a chance that THEY have been misinformed themselves. No need to let your suspicious mind take the wheel. Just do your independent research and you’ll know what—and who—you’re dealing with.


You’re not imagining it, Someone actually IS trying to one-up you today. But you’ll only lose power if you get swept up in the competitive game. Neutralize your so-called opponent by stepping back strategically; even letting them take the lead. It may be enough to simply ask them, “What do YOU think we should do?” It’s possible they’ll flounder for ideas, creating an easy opening for you to step back onto the throne. But you could be surprised, This “nemesis” might have a decent plan in mind—one you’ve (ahem) been too stubborn to hear before today.


Put some soul into your goals today, Libra. What’s the point of chasing the brass ring if you only wind up feeling lonely at the top? As your charismatic sign knows well, solid relationships are the key to success. Brainstorm ways you could include coworkers or fellow entrepreneurs in your success strategy, like pairing up on a project or co-hosting a hotly hashtagged event. Maybe you align your ambitions with a meaningful cause, donating a percentage of profits to charity or using your social media to raise awareness.


Your wide-angled lens on life could be met with some resistance today—especially if someone you adore feels left out of your adventurous plan. Although you’re feeling the call to explore new vistas, don’t rush off without considering your crew. By the same token, Scorpio, you’re not obligated to invite them along on every journey. If you’d like to strike out independently or explore a new connection on your own, simply reassure your loved ones that you’re not abandoning them in the process. Under today’s moon-Mars opposition, everyone’s just feeling jumpier than usual!


Nothing lures you in like a mystery today, Sagittarius, and you could entertain yourself for hours trying to figure out what people are REALLY thinking. But don’t lose sight of the responsibilities that are on your plate. With workhorse Mars opposing the moon, phoning it in could cost you points with the people who sign your paychecks. Try to compartmentalize instead of multitasking. Silence devices while you’re on task and plow through. Make it your goal to wrap work early because an alluring engagement could keep you up until the break of dawn!


Trying too hard to keep the peace lately, Capricorn? Maybe there’s a reason that strategy isn’t bringing rewards. With warrior Mars in your sign from September 27 to November 8, you have planetary permission to speak your mind and fearlessly pursue your dreams—yes, even if that clashes with someone else’s agenda. Today, however, the sensitive moon will oppose Mars, reminding you that you can still disagree diplomatically. Be honest about your dream scenario instead of being “nice” or cutthroat. Your candid admission could pave the way for an unforeseen compromise. Let the negotiations begin!


As the zodiac’s community spirit, working with great people is as crucial to job satisfaction as the work itself. Don’t forget that you can have a hand in shaping company culture, Aquarius. Organize a morale-booster today, like hosting the afternoon meeting at a lively lunch spot instead of the conference room. Tonight, attending a thoughtful event like a fundraiser or meditation circle could bring the added bonus of new friendships. Surround yourself with people who have character and who care about making the world a better place.


Trying to make everyone happy will put you on edge today, Pisces. Abandon that plan and tune in to your own desires. While you’ll still have to compromise if you’re involved with a group, it can help to enter these discussions with a clearer picture of your ideal scenario. Detaching from the people pleasing trap will be great for your love life, too. Forget about playing wingman or -woman! With the moon in your flirtatious fifth house, all eyes are on YOU!

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