Daily Horoscope | August 1st 2015


Romantic review time? Today, a retrograde (backward) Venus, the planet of romance, backs into Leo, stirring up some amorous antics, and perhaps creating needless drama along the way. Your love life—and, in particular, how you fully express yourself—is up for reevaluation. The planet of love is in this compromised position until September 6, which could bring back an ex or some old romantic issues. Start unraveling emotional knots, and keep your temper in check.


Home is where the heat is for the next five weeks. Your personal life could turn rocky, as peacemaker Venus continues its retrograde (backward) spin, entering Leo, which rules your domestic fourth house. The planet of love corrects course on September 6, so until then, you could feel like you’re swimming upstream—perhaps arguing with a roommate or family member, or just feeling like your so-called sanctuary is anything but that. (Is that construction you heard at 3:00 a.m.?) Take a time-out from any rabble-rousers in your midst or brush up your conflict resolution skills, stat.


Talk is cheap, Gemini. Today, harmonious Venus backs into Leo, shining a spotlight on your self-expression and social interactions until October 8. However, Venus is retrograde (backward) through September 6, which could tangle the normally smooth lines of communication. Conversations may be frustrating—you feel misunderstood, accidentally offend people or there are needless arguments. A relationship with a sibling or friend could get bumpy for the next five weeks, too. During this time, stay introspective. You may just have an important a-ha moment on your own communication style—and then pinpoint a place to make changes.


Missing the mark? In work and money matters, you could be frustrated, as harmony-loving Venus backs into Leo and your finance sector. Venus will be retrograde (backward) here until September 6, which can bring unforeseen slowdowns and challenges, especially with interpersonal matters. Use this time to get clear on how your day-to-day life could be improved. Maybe you need to do a better job of budgeting. Or perhaps a relationship with a coworker needs finessing. If you’re contemplating a high-end purchase, you may want to wait until the fall, as this retrograde can stir up real buyer’s remorse.


Say what? Misunderstandings could abound as charming Venus backs into your sign, where it will stay until October 8. That WOULD be good news, except that until September 6, the planet of pleasure and popularity is retrograde (backward). During this reflective cycle, think hard about the image you want to project. Is it time to revamp your look in some way? Is how you interact with the world really working for you, Leo? Venus retrograde is a good time to ponder new approaches—and to tone it down a bit. If you come on too strong, the feedback will be negative, so use a softer touch. In high-stakes matters, think before you speak—and carefully.


Stuck in the past, Virgo? Romantic Venus ha been retrograde (backward) in your sign for a week, and today, it slips back into Leo, your twelfth house of closure and healing. Venus will remain in this U-turn until September 6. You could find yourself pining over a lost love, brooding on an ancient betrayal or just feeling totally out of sync with your current partner. You may uncover hidden information, or reveal a troubling secret of your one. There IS a silver lining: once Venus turns direct (forward) on September 6, you’ll have one more month to sort out fact from fiction—and to let go, for once and for all, of the things that just don’t serve you.


Frenemy alert! Your inner circle could be a source of friction for the next five weeks, as harmonious Venus turns retrograde (backward) into Leo, making waves in your social life and other group-centric activities. You and a close person could argue incessantly, or you might feel a gap widening between you and your community. If your ideals are out of alignment, it might be time to seek a new tribe…but don’t rush. Once Venus turns direct (forward) on September 6, you’ll have a whole month to mine these experiences for the valuable lessons they are—and weed out difficult people where necessary.


Where ARE you on your professional path, Scorpio? You could do some major soul-searching over the next five weeks, as harmonious Venus will be retrograde (backward) in your career zone until September 6. Watch for trouble in professional paradise now. You could have discord with a supervisor, unexpected misfires on the job, deadline dilemmas, design/branding issues. All of this could prompt you to ask: Is this what I really want to be doing with my life? You will have a month to make tweaks and even larger course corrections after the retrograde ends. Until then, do your best to take the speed bumps in stride.


Pursuing your purpose? Today, harmonizer Venus will go retrograde (backward) into Leo, prompting you to question your place in this great big world. From now until September 6, you can revisit your grand plans for expansion—should you take that yoga teacher training retreat, or roll the dice on a tech startup? Leaps of faith are your rocket fuel—BUT it’s best to wait until Venus is direct (forward) in September to take any major concrete steps. Take it easy on the truth serum now, too. Your blunt comments can already push the envelope, Sag, but now they could also burn a bridge.


Today, sensitive Venus will turn retrograde (backward) in Leo, intensifying your most hair-trigger emotions for the next five weeks. Any anger that you’ve suppressed, especially in your most intimate ties, could come boiling to the surface. With the planet of love retrograde, you may feel especially suspicious—perhaps suspecting betrayal, hidden motives or general reasons to mistrust. You might even take a break from dating now, using this time to sort out what you really want. Between now and September 6, when Venus goes direct (forward) you may want to avoid making major decisions, especially if an ex resurfaces from the fog. Your mind is on the past for a reason: there are important emotional matters that need closure.


“What have I gotten myself into?” Today, love-planet Venus turns retrograde (backward) in Leo, stirring up confusion in your partnership house. You or someone else could suddenly need “space,” or feel confused about what you want for the future. Coupled Aquarians could hit some speed bumps, arguing over the balance of give and take, or solo time versus together time. A business alliance could also go through a rough patch. Things will even out once Venus turns direct (forward) on September 6, giving you a more stable month to make important changes. Before you go running for the door, remember: freedom is a state of mind.


System overload! Your efforts to gain control over the minutiae of your life—via healthy habits and getting organized—could slip from your grasp. From today until September 6, beautifying Venus turns retrograde (backward) in Leo, your sixth house of wellness and efficiency. You may fall of the fitness wagon, be surrounded by clutter or just find yourself stressing unnecessarily about the small stuff. You could be extra self-critical, too—so it might be good to inoculate yourself with some upbeat, affirming mantras. Once Venus resumes normal activity in five weeks, you’ll be able to get back on track.

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