Daily Horoscope | March 26th 2017


Devote this weekend to rest and rejuvenation. The moon lounges in Pisces and your sleepy twelfth house, so adopt a flowy pace. This Monday brings the year’s only Aries new moon, a supercharged fresh start. Prepare for your “personal new year” by relaxing and clearing the decks. Is an area of your life calling for closure? Whether that’s decluttering the unavoidable winter pileup or releasing a relationship that’s run its course, moving on will lighten your spirits. We’re now a month out from February’s Pisces solar eclipse, which may have sparked a transition. Allow yourself one good cry or rant before firmly putting a painful situation behind you. Of course, closure is an ongoing process, but you CAN make up your mind not to dwell. Besides, with Saturday’s confab between the sizzling Sun and magnetic Venus in Aries, you’ll be too busy turning heads and charming new fans!


Community time is calling your name, Taurus. As the moon visits Pisces and your group-activity zone all weekend, ditch the lone wolf routine and expand your network. Check out a new scene or drop in at a party where you don’t really know a lot of people. Soon enough, you’ll be working the room! Push past the initial discomfort, and you could end the day with a few great names to plug into your contact database. Be careful about pouring too many drinks to ease your social anxiety. With the Sun and social Venus aligned in your hazy twelfth house, you could overdo it (hello, embarrassing). Technology is on your radar this weekend. Are you eligible for a phone upgrade, or could your social profiles use some polish? Update system software on your laptop and stock your gadgets with time-saving apps you’ll actually use.  


It may be the weekend, but the moon is soaring through Pisces and your ambitious tenth house, putting career matters front and center. Exactly a month ago was a game-changing Pisces solar eclipse, and your professional priorities have been reshuffling ever since. Are you ready to choose your path, Gemini? With the Sun and charming Venus in your networking sector this Saturday, you could meet some trailblazing VIPs at a party. Dress to impress, because cocktail conversation could morph into an impromptu meeting with an influential contact. But skip the boozy brunches with pals and carve time for your goals. Shop for a killer presentation outfit, write up a project scope for collaborators or swank up your LinkedIn profile if you’re looking for a new gig.


                                                     Trying to pin down an itinerary? This weekend’s maxim might very well be “Crab plans; universe laughs.” The moon is in Pisces and your adventurous ninth house both days, beckoning you to be spontaneous. Release yourself from designated-driver or friend-wrangle duty and fly free. Searching for novelty? Look beyond the usual haunts and happenings. With the moon in this intrepid zone, you’re ready to explore new terrain—possibly even by yourself. Devote the day to “field research” and do some unstructured wandering in a new place, even if it’s just a part of town you’ve never visited. We’re now a month out from February’s Pisces solar eclipse, and plans to travel, start a business or study could start to come together. Allow yourself to dream big and stretch beyond what seems possible. Spoiler alert: Your inspired visions could become a tangible reality after this Monday’s new moon.


Welcome to Seduction Central! This weekend’s Pisces moon illuminates your erotic eighth house. Draw the drapes and hang the “do not disturb” sign—an intimate connection could turn into a private party for two. After sending each other sexy Snapchats and texts, you could entertain a special guest star in your boudoir. Then again, you might prefer to be alone under this sanctuary-seeking starmap. Take a break from the world outside your window. Work on creative projects that relax your mind and help you process pent-up emotions. Since the eighth house also rules long-term finances, you might work on taxes or investigate a property sale. If you DO go out, get ready: the air will be crackling with energy. And with Saturday’s randy meetup of the Sun (your ruler) and alluring Venus, you could attract admirers from different cultures and upbringings than your own. Vive la difference!


Weekend for two please! The moon spends both days in Pisces and your partnership house, putting a plus-one in the spotlight. Spend time with a special soul—that supportive person who always seems to get shunted to the back burner. This unwavering ally is at least part of the reason you’ve been soaring so high lately. It’s time to return the favor and lend a helping hand, even if that means luring your loved one out for side-by-side pedicures or a decadent dinner, your treat. Got a project you’re avoiding, like finishing your taxes or installing a new light fixture? Instead of struggling solo, team up or outsource tasks that you consider a headache. Have you been pondering a major commitment? We’re a month out from February’s Pisces solar eclipse, which has given you ample time to gain clarity. This weekend, you could decide to go all the way. Or if your heart’s truly not in it, you may decide to say a tough goodbye.


Slip on the rubber gloves and grab a box of heavy-duty trash bags, Libra. This weekend’s Pisces moon in your systematic sixth house sets the stage for an epic cleanup mission. Sort, file, organize and, above all else, purge. With a new moon arriving in your partnership house this Monday, clearing your space could attract thrilling alliances. Plus, why be bogged down by “stuff” you no longer want? The same could hold true for relationships. Are you staying together just because nobody better has come along—or some other reason besides, well, genuine love and connection? It’s now officially a month after February’s Pisces solar eclipse, and you should be clear about what (or whom) needs to go. When the Sun and love planet Venus unite in Aries (your relationship sign) this Saturday, sexy new options could already appear. Couples: Prepare for a sultry spring awakening!


Take a walk on the wild side this weekend, Scorpio. The moon spends both days in Pisces and your extroverted fifth house, turning up the dial on your already intense personality. Watch out, world! With the la luna making you larger than life, you’ll command attention wherever you go. Regale people with your colorful stories; opt for the plan that will bring adventure and street cred in equal measure. Romantically, your willingness to take a gamble—and live life by your own rules—will open doors for a more passionate chapter in your love story. Of course, you’ll need a courageous partner who’s up for living la vida Scorpio, which can be quite the adventure. We’re now a month out from February’s Pisces solar eclipse, which ushered in a brand-new amorous or artistic chapter. Developments could start to take concrete shape now. Is it time to move beyond casual dating or to drop that hot new single on YouTube?


A weekend of nesting awaits! The Sun is in Pisces for both days, heating up your domestic fourth house. You’re also a month out from February’s Pisces solar eclipse, which may have dramatically changed your living situation or brought a personal issue to the forefront. Clarity sets in now. With relatives, you’ll have firmer boundaries, which will set relationships on equal footing. If you’ve been browsing real estate listings and scouring neighborhoods, a promising new property could arise. Call the broker and go see it! If all is quiet on the domestic front, then simply enjoy your home. Do a little spring redecorating, swapping in seasonal accessories like a lightweight throw instead of faux-fur pillows. If you DO leave your lair, earmark Saturday night. The charismatic Sun and lusty Venus are in your passionate fifth house, setting the stage for an epic date or a superhot instant attraction.  


Dispatch from Capricorn Central! With the moon in Pisces and your communication sector all weekend, you’re sending out more signals than a satellite tower. Take advantage of the power of your words—but choose them selectively (no “fake news,” please). In your desire to connect with people, you could wind up making promises you can’t keep. There’s nothing wrong with having exploratory conversations with prospective collaborators and love matches. Just don’t commit to anything firm quite yet. If you feel a spark, test the waters with a short-term project or a real-deal date. Saturday’s graceful Sun-Venus meetup in your domestic zone draws out the consummate host within. Whether you serve a fabulous meal on china or invite people over for a potluck game night, the Sea Goat Inn is where the action is at!


The standby flight to Bora Bora will have to wait. This weekend the moon is in Pisces and your practical second house, sounding the call of duty. Money matters could consume your attention, so polish that resume and surf for LinkedIn possibilities. (Spoiler alert: Monday’s new moon will be perfect for contacting them.) While unavoidable tasks can easily feel like drudgery, remember that you CAN have fun getting ‘er done. If you slow down just a little, you might accomplish these items with a sense of pleasure and joy. Stop for a green juice or decadent lunch in between ticking those boxes. Play music, wear fabric that feels great against your skin and perch your laptop by a window with an awesome view. Small, sensual touches go a long way. Sunday’s Sun-Venus meetup could bring a dear old friend back into your orbit. How about a phone or FaceTime marathon while you wash the baseboards or untangle necklaces in your costume jewelry drawer?


Welcome to the one-month follow-up of Extreme Makeover: Pisces Edition. On February 26, a Pisces solar eclipse sent you soaring into brand-new terrain. A major life reinvention has been in the works since then (and really, for the last two years). The catch? You have to stop waiting for permission. Claim your independence, even if others protest. Reflect on developments from the past month and invite more autonomy into your life. Since the moon spends both Saturday and Sunday in Pisces, you’ll be eager to flex those freedom muscles! Don’t expect other people to keep up with you though. Before they’ve even brewed their first espresso, you’ll be showered off from a sunrise run and busy emailing everyone about your latest passion project. Spoiler alert: Monday’s new moon could turn one of your “impossible” dreams into a tangible (and lucrative) reality!

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