Daily Horoscope | December 20th 2014


Even if you don’t make a decision, Aries, you’re still making a choice. When it comes to love, Saturday’s alignment of romantic Venus and transformational Pluto backs you into corner, forcing you to move forward with crystal-clear intentions. Letting go can be scary, but you can’t have it both ways. Perhaps you need to make a clean break with a part-time lover so you can create space for true amor. Or, expand your social horizons instead of sticking to those same old singles haunts. When you push yourself to try new activities on for size, you also invite like-minded peeps into your orbit…perhaps even ones who are worthy of walking down the aisle for. On Sunday, your professional aspirations take center stage. Sure, the holidays are just around the corner, but strike while the iron’s hot! The Sun moves into Capricorn and your ambitious tenth house, right alongside a new moon in the same position. Start by identifying six-month goals, and then sketch out a roadmap to realize them. This lunar light also helps you wipe the slate clean with an important man. Release that grudge, and if it makes sense, consider letting him back into your world.


Your independent side takes the wheel on Saturday. An alignment of Pluto and love planet Venus in your independent ninth house gives you a craving for unencumbered playtime. With seductive Pluto in the mix however, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. You could be tempted to drift into dangerous territory, perhaps right into the lair of a player. Steer clear of forbidden fruit, Bull! If you succumb to the thrill of sneaking around, know that the high will be short-lived. And once you come back down to Planet Earth, you’ll have to deal with the messy consequences. Show a little self-respect, and stick with peeps who honor your limits. Fiji, Finland, or the Falkland Islands: Where oh where will your next worldly adventure be, Taurus? On Sunday, el sol settles into fellow earth sign Capricorn, electrifying your international ninth house. When you’ve had your cup of joe, start surfing the travel blogs for the locale of your next epic vacay. You may even want to create a globetrotting vision board. Got an idea for an entrepreneurial venture? A Capricorn new moon helps you get it off the ground. Up, up, and away!


Saturday comes with an extreme heat alert. A mashup between romantic Venus and powerhouse Pluto in your seductive eighth house amps up the temptation factor. It won’t be hard to read between the lines, especially when it comes to those bad boy/girl types. While the rush that comes with crossing over into taboo territory is titillating, the terrain could easily transform into a slippery slope. Keep your wits about you, or obsession or jealousy could consume you. Coupled? Get a little more adventurous behind closed doors. See where some erotic exploration takes you, but remember that you both need to be fully on board each and every step of the way. Heads up: spite could rear its ugly head. While your revenge fantasies may give you secret pleasure, don’t act on them. Even though someone may have done you wrong, inflicting pain in retaliation will invariably boomerang back onto you. On Sunday, the Sun moves into Capricorn for the next month, pumping up your feisty factor. This solar-powered cycle is all about going the distance—be it in business or romance. Commitment-phobia, begone! With a Capricorn new moon illuminating your eighth house of passive income, focus on attracting abundance without driving yourself into the ground. From properties to day trading, learn more about investing. You might even want to transform one of your genius ideas into a product that could generate royalties down the road. Single? Let the soulmate search commence! Tip: don’t expect overnight results. Think in terms of a six-month cycle.


Fly-by-night fling or the real thing? Saturday’s Venus-Pluto alignment in your relationship sector makes it hard to tell. First impressions can be deceiving, Cancer, so make sure you do your homework before declaring your undying love. If those background checks come up clean, this cosmic combo gives you the green light to explore forging a serious relationship with you-know-who. On Sunday, the Sun decamps to Capricorn and your relationship sector for the next month. Adding even more cosmic juice to your partnerships is a Capricorn new moon. Coupled? You and your boo could turn a huge corner and strengthen your bond considerably. The only caveat? You have to muster the moxie to express your desires. From wanting more “we” time to finally taking that round-the-world trip, speak up. Single Crabs could have better luck starting Sunday. Get back into the dating game, and let your pals play matchmaker. Also, make time over the next four weeks to nurture your business partnerships and creative collaborations.


Time to treat your temple with the respect it deserves, Leo. On Saturday, a mashup of love planet Venus and transformational Pluto in your sixth house of healthy living inspires you to slot in self-care as a top priority. Swap those Jimmy Choos for your crosstrainer,s and head to your favorite cardio class… or find an activity that raises your heart rate AND your spirit. If you don’t have plans for the evening, hook up with your amies for vegetarian fare. But if your bod is screaming for some downtime, there’s no shame in heading home early for a bubble bath and extra beauty rest. This cosmic combo also amps up your efficiency on the work front. Take the time to add a few bells and whistles to that presentation, and unleash your creativity to conjure up out-of-the-box solutions. On Sunday, the Sun shifts into your sixth house of service until January 19, proving it’s much better to give than receive. Volunteers are needed all year long, but especially so this month. Donate your time at a food bank, help organize a toy drive, lend a hand at a local homeless shelter. Sunday also features a Capricorn new moon, paving the way for positive changes on the work and well-being fronts. Submit your resume for a new job, or let the boss know you’re interested in snagging that promotion. Over the next month, stay alert for healers who can guide you down a healthier path.


Drop the mask in the name of love, Virgo. Saturday’s alignment of romantic Venus and transformational Pluto in your passionate fifth house could set off some serious sexy sparks. Lose that modest M.O. of yours, or risk missing out on a sizzling affaire de coeur. Sure, it’s scary to wear your heart on your sleeve, but without taking a gamble, there can be no gain. Even if the object of your affections doesn’t reciprocate, you strengthen your own personal power by being honest about your true desires. If a past affair is holding you back from true love, this cosmic combo can help you make a clean break. Stop stalking your ex on Facebook, and keep you-know-who out of conversations with potential dating prospects. Obsessions, begone! Sunday’s stars hit the “refresh” button on your romantic life when the Sun decamps to Capricorn and your sultry fifth house for a month, right alongside a new moon. Whether you’re single or spoken for, expect to have all eyes on you, Virgo. Get yourself in the right frame of mind with a fresh cut and color. Your creative juices are also flowing at full force, giving you the mojo to produce a pièce de résistance before the end of the year. The cosmos crown you “life of the party” this holiday season, so let down your hair and let the good times roll.


Ready to dance till dawn? Saturday’s alignment of Pluto and your cosmic ruler Venus in your domestic sector urges you postpone plans to paint the town crimson. You’ll be much happier at home, perhaps in the company of a sexy companion. Uncork the Pinot, light a few candles, and impress your guest with your Top Chef-worthy finesse. If you’re one of those Libras whose culinary skills are limited, no worries. Ordering in high-end delivery just gives you more time for stimulating conversation and lingering stares. Meow! On Sunday, the warm-fuzzy vibes continues into Sunday when the Sun settles into Capricorn and your cozy fourth house until January 19. You’ll be inspired to break out the Bagua map in the name of making your home feel like the haven it needs to be. A Capricorn new moon also graces the skies on Sunday, making it easier to turn to a fresh page with a close relative. While the two of you will never be two peas in a pod, release that resentment and seek out similarities you can connect over. If you take the time to look, you will find common ground.


Hello, charm personified! You could sell run-of-the-mill rubber rainboots to a Prada shoe salesperson this Saturday, thanks to a seductive Venus-Pluto meetup in your communication sector. This kind of power comes with responsibility, Scorpio, so use it wisely. While batting those long lashes can get you what you want, it doesn’t mean you should take unsuspecting souls for a joy ride. Remember, everything comes with a price, so think twice before letting others pick up the tab (literally and figuratively). On Sunday, the Sun decamps to Capricorn and your garrulous third house for the next month, setting the scene for collaborative ventures. You could form a dynamic duo with a pal, sibling, colleague, or even a neighbor. Kindred spirits will likely come out of the woodwork, but keep your local, fun-loving peeps at the top of your priority list. Sunday’s skies also feature a Capricorn new moon, possibly lighting the way to your next bestie. Are you a writer, teacher, or media maker? This lunar light gets the wheels of inspiration turning. Keep a handheld recorder or pen and paper on you at all times to capture those flashes of brilliance. One or more of your ideas could turn into something lucrative over the next six months. Follow the muse!


Candles, soft music, and decadent desserts! Saturday’s Venus-Pluto mashup puts you in a sensual state of mind. Take a pass on the club scene, and unwind at Chateau Sagittarius with a VIP guest. Impress you-know-who with your culinary finesse, and let the seduction games begin! If you’re flying solo, cozying up at home with a few close friends will warm your heart and revive your mojo. Single or spoken for, steer clear of crowds and top your tanks again. On Sunday, put away the party hats and save those birthday balloons for next year. The Sun departs your sign, and settles into Capricorn and your practical second house until January 19. Sure, the eggnog may be flowing freely, but you’ll be more interested in whipping your budget into shape or picking up a temporary gig for some extra quid. Sunday’s skies also feature a Capricorn new moon, possibly bringing news of an exciting job opportunity or promotion. This lunar light boosts your confidence, making it easier to talk about an issue you’ve been avoiding like the plague. Speak your truth, Archer. One way or another, folks will eventually find out your real feelings. Better it comes from you, sooner rather than later.


Your magnetism reads off the charts this Saturday, thanks to a Venus-Pluto alignment in Capricorn. Manifesting what you desire is a strong possibility, so don’t be shy in asking for it. You also may be inspired to overhaul your look. Go bold, Cap, even if it’s only a temporary transformation. Not only will this radical makeover make you feel like a million bucks, you’ll also revel in throwing others for a complete loop. Who says the responsible one can’t also be edgy? Hello, Manic Panic! On Sunday, keep the Veuve on standby. Not only does the Sun blast into Capricorn for the next month, it happens right alongside a new moon in your sign—something that happens only once a year. Take time to get clear about your 2015 goals, and set your intentions for the next six months. You may even write them down and post them on your fridge or bathroom mirror to get the manifestation ball rolling. The next four weeks are prime for advancements and accolades, so dive into your passion projects. Heads up: you’ll need to put your indie spirit at the helm more often now. If your loved ones start to feel too close for comfort, give yourself some space. There’s no sense in ignoring your needs, especially when doing so is bound to churn up resentment for your nearest and dearest.


Fanciful notions fill your head on Saturday, courtesy of a Venus-Pluto meetup in your twelfth house of fantasy. You’ll be inspired to loosen those limits, and let others into your world—and your heart. Just be sure that those rose-colored lunettes don’t blind you to the obvious. With Pluto in the mix, your risk-taking side will be jonesing for some action. That’s all well and good, Water Bearer, but don’t go traipsing off with dangerous or destructive types. If you haven’t done a background check, listen to your gut. It won’t lead you astray. Already attached? This cosmic duo helps you dissolve unresolved conflict or brewing resentment with your sweetie. Have you been doing more than your fair share in this union? Stop expecting your partner to be a mind reader, and speak up. Remember, it takes two to tango. Rejuvenation is the name of the game on Sunday, and you don’t need to escape to a Tulum yoga retreat to do it either (though it wouldn’t hurt). This final month of your annual zodiac cycle is all about relaxing and releasing. A new moon is also in your twelfth house of healing, helping you let go of that which no longer serves you. Focus on scaling back superficial activities, so there’s room for more meaningful interactions in your world. Keep your radar up for a healer or spiritual guide who could make this transition a smoother ride.


Sound your rebel yell, Pisces! Saturday’s mashup between Venus and powerplanet Pluto summons your wild side. You’ll have no qualms about shooting from the hip, and people will love you for it. Your edgy energy could draw intriguing characters into your sphere. While you adore being the center of attention, you won’t mind sharing the spotlight with other fearless friends in your search for adventure. You might even set off serious sparks with someone swoon-worthy. Va-va-voom! Sunday comes with an “all for one and one for all” cheer, thanks to the Sun decamping to your community-minded eleventh house until January 19. Transforming your independent projects into co-ventures could make them really sing. Sitting right alongside el sol is a Capricorn new moon, helping those Pisces who are still seeking their tribe. A few clicks on the interweb might even uncover a kindred spirit or two. If you’re struck with an innovative tech-related idea, run with it! This lunar light launches a six-month cycle, so start planting those seeds on Sunday.

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