Daily Horoscope | March 4th 2015


Fly your freak flag with pride today. A merger of changemaker Uranus and creative Venus in Aries prods you to showcase your one-of-a-kind awesomeness. Be loud and proud about your outre ideas, and don’t be afraid to rock the wildest pieces in your wardrobe. Truth be told, you get a secret thrill out of infusing some shock value into your interactions. Just remember, Ram: you want them to open their eyes, not turn their backs on you.


Just. Let. Go. Be it for business or romance, trying to get others to adhere to your agenda will only generate pushback. Today’s stars strongly suggest you surrender to the situation, and simply let it evolve organically. Trust in the wisdom of the universe, Taurus. You never know: it could blossom into something beautiful down the road, or end up presenting you with an intriguing new option. Things are so much easier when you’re not swimming upstream.


Whether you’re looking for love, a fresh crew, or a new job, turn to the digital domain. With today’s mashup of social Venus and community-oriented Uranus in your eleventh house of tech, everything you need is at your fingertips. Peruse a new dating site, scour social media, ask your LinkedIn contacts for introductions. If you prefer a more personal touch, ask your pals to play matchmaker, or simply seek out their advice. You could be just one introduction away from hitting the jackpot.


Today’s merger of unorthodox Uranus and creative Venus in your tenth house of career urges you to think outside the box. A more innovative and imaginative approach on the job can go a long way, Cancer. Instead of going the traditional route, spice up your presentations with eye-catching graphics, or manage your workload with the latest intuitive software. Remember that first impressions make a huge impact, so make sure you dress the part. Pull out that power suit!


Mix up the same old, same old, Leo. Today, creative Venus merges with rebellious Uranus, inspiring you to think outside the box—especially when it comes to expressing yourself. Deliver your message with music or evocative works of art. Philosophical discussions stimulate you in more ways than one. Ooh la la! What starts off as intellectual synergy could turn into some steamy PDA. Just don’t analyze things ad nauseam. With unpredictable Uranus in the frame, this connection probably falls under the fling category. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Romantic reality check, incoming! A connection that’s been burning brightly could suddenly lose its spark, thanks to a mashup of love planet Venus and erratic Uranus. If things don’t come to an abrupt ending, you could find yourself wanting something more serious and secure. The green-eyed monster could rear its ugly head today, too, so keep a tight rein on your possessive streak. If not, you’ll probably end up wishing you didn’t go there.


They love you, they love you not. Today’s meetup of erratic Uranus and romance planet Venus (your cosmic ruler) could prevent you from getting a clear read on people’s loyalties. You may be feeling especially fickle too, which only serves to muddy the waters. That cutie who made you go weak in the knees yesterday might barely register on your love meter today. Although you might be especially vulnerable to the rockstar type, Libra, steer clear of moving into fangirl/guy mode. Position yourself on the same level by recognizing your own star qualities. Everybody else does!


Green is your color, Scorpio. Today’s Venus-Uranus mashup in your sixth house of healthy living urges you to explore fresh ways to maximize your vitality. Investigate the potent powers of homeopathy, or work with naturopath to identify the foods that work best with your constitution. Preventative medicine is the best kind, so pay attention to those minor aches and pains before they morph into a real problem. Sign up for regular acupuncture sessions, or sit down with an Ayurvedic practitioner. Add a few organic cosmetics and cleaning products to your shelves. Every little bit helps.


Impulse control? What’s that? When it comes to romance today, you’re in an impetuous mood. With unpredictable Uranus and amorous Venus synced up in your dramatic fifth house, dangerous types hold special appeal. Keep your eyes wide open before taking a walk on the wild side. Will your impromptu actions put an important relationship at risk? Or could they end up blurring the line between business and pleasure? Do yourself a huge favor, Sagittarius, and steer clear of those short-lived thrills. They’re not worth the cleanup mission that follows.


The decorating bug bites today, thanks to unconventional Uranus and prettifying Venus aligning in your domestic sector. Peruse design blogs and Pinterest boards for innovative ideas. Reconfigure your living room so that a provocative piece of art becomes the centerpiece. Channel your DIY doyen, and make funky, patterned slipcovers for your sofa set. Upcycle old objects into something practical. A few small sensual touches can also make a significant difference. Think: scented candles, a soothing Spotify playlist, dimming light switches.


Today’s mashup of charming Venus and your rebellious ruler Uranus, both in your communication sector, might incite your inner prankster or devil’s advocate. By all means, engage in a lively debate or throw out a few well-timed zingers, but just make sure you don’t cross the wrong lines. You’re at risk of pushing the envelope too far, so think before you speak. Err on the side of caution, and save those non-PC jokes for your most trusted confidantes. Otherwise, that off-color quip could land in you in some serious hot water.


Impulse spending alert! The urge to splurge could strike today, thanks to a meetup of impetuous Uranus and aesthetic Venus. Try to steer clear of temptation and window-shopping—yes, Pisces, that includes online, too! Sate your senses by meandering through a visually rich art exhibit or watching a gorgeous independent film. If you do happen to stumble across a sale rack or a must-have deal, force yourself to wait a day before pulling out the plastic. That beautiful objet could lose its lustre long before the bill comes rolling in.

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