Daily Horoscope | October 2nd 2014


Go along to get along? Not the Aries way! Today’s moon-Saturn angle gives you extra mojo to forge ahead as the leader you are. Wait for the right time, and assume the helm. People are counting on you to steer this ship onto the correct course. Just take care not to be too democratic when making key decisions. You could end up drowning in bureaucracy, or twiddling your thumbs while those fence-sitters make up their minds. Make an executive decision, Ram. No sense wasting time waiting for others to sign your permission slip.


Bend but don’t break, Taurus. Negotiating is necessary today, but don’t sacrifice yourself in the process. Protect your vision and honor your values even if it goes against the majority. Keep your inner people-pleaser on ice, and only compromise within reason. You’ll be far better off speaking your truth instead of going along to get along. It may make others happy for the moment, but in the end, you’ll kick yourself for not being true to Numero Uno.


Today’s stars call for self-restraint, Gemini. While you’re ready to dive into action, force yourself to slow down and take the time to get the full story about this situation. Run those background checks, do the research, and wait for the right moment to emerge. The universe will send a crystal-clear sign when you can kick it into gear. Until then, sit tight and keep your plans under wraps.


A passing fling or the real thing? It might be too early to tell, Cancer. Your sign naturally craves security, especially when it comes to relationships you’re invested in. But when it comes to one particular bond, the cosmos encourage you to let it evolve in its own good time. Sure, it’s scary to put yourself out there—especially when you don’t know where this situation is headed. Allow the connection to grow without pushing an agenda. Spend more time together, and it won’t be long before you get a clearer picture of how compatible you truly are.


Today’s stars draw your attention to the mind-body connection. You could experience a minor physical ailment that’s directly connected to your thoughts and emotions. Check out Louise Hay’s bestseller You Can Heal Your Life to help you pinpoint which beliefs may be contributing to this health hiccup. If you’re in tip-top shape, think preventatively instead of waiting for aches and pains to emerge. Acupuncture sessions, regular massages, or homeopathy remedies are great ways to keep stress and illness at bay. Socializing is also good for the Leo soul, so rally together your fun-loving friends for a lively round or three of cocktails and tapas.


Today’s cosmos call for some playtime in a key relationship. A certain union has been seriously lacking some fun and games. Steer clear of heavy topics, and head out on a light-hearted date. Get last-minute tickets to a hockey game, check out some stand-up comedy, belt out duets at a karaoke club. Single? Put your inner coquette at the wheel. Bat those lashes, swing those hips. Follow your instincts, and your chances at wooing a promising prospect look pretty good.


Steer clear of making assumptions today, particularly with your nearest and dearest. Instead of reacting to them as you typically do, take an alternative approach. Resist the urge to share your thoughts, and instead, ask what others are thinking. Simple, open-ended questions work best. (Try “What do you think should be done about X?”) When you release your expectations and truly listen, you could be surprised at the responses. Switch things up with a relative or close friend. Always in the role of advice-giver? Today’s your turn to ask for it. Flipping the script will reveal a strength in your loved one that you didn’t even know existed.


Don’t go along to get along, Virgo. If you’ve got a great idea, speak up. You’ve got a knack for sniffing out intriguing (and sometimes “out there”) cultural events and locales. Instead of sticking to those regular hangs with your friends, offer an alternative suggestion. If you hold contrary opinions to your pals’ perspectives, express yourself freely. Exploring different takes on an issue will actually drum up some stimulating and satisfying dialogue.


Take off those rose-colored lunettes, Sagittarius, and take a long, hard look at what’s really going down. Only when you move out of denial mode can you truly start to deal. Sure, it is what it is, but there’s still plenty of room to drum up creative solutions. Face facts, and then put on your brainstorming hat. Be thoughtful and strategic, and a long-term answer will emerge. If you don’t know where to start, a mentor in your midst can lend an assist in mapping out your action plan.


You typically watch your P’s and Q’s, but with the moon in Capricorn today, you won’t be able to suppress your true feelings. This lunar light also brings out the playful part of your personality, so let those clever quips rip. Injecting conversations with your bon mots can work wonders for bringing levity to a group situation. Your light-heartedness also puts people at ease, and allows them to see you’re not as intimidating as they originally thought. Give your calm, cool, collected persona the day off, and show your softer side.


You can’t turn back the hands of time, Aquarius, but you do have the power to view your problems as life lessons. Be willing to grow, and you could turn a major corner with an issue that’s left you spinning your wheels. Take a look at the big picture, and be open to the path this experience is pointing you down. Moving on may require you to release someone or something, perhaps even resentment. Set yourself free by forgiving others.


Your indie spirit wants to soar today, but you might feel mired down by your social obligations. Even if you’ve been the official organizer or a leader of a group, you still deserve your independence, Pisces. If you want to spread your wings and dabble in a new scene or hook up with a fresh posse of peeps, the cosmos encourage you to do so. And you’re under no obligation to include your go-to crew in your plans either. Breaking off on your own today can actually restore some equilibrium to your existing relationships. Buh-bye, bitterness.

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