Daily Horoscope | October 1st 2016


Forget about flying solo, Aries. This weekend’s vibe is all about dynamic duos as the moon moves through the partnership-driven sectors of your chart. On Saturday, check in with your S.O. or a close person, especially if you’ve been short on quality time lately. Saturday’s starmap adds some extra smolder, as love planet Venus dips into a sexy trine with fantasy planet Neptune. Lower your guard, throw out some seductive signals and bare your soul a little, too. The steam keeps rising on Sunday afternoon, when the moon joins Venus in Scorpio and your intimate eighth house. Is it time to move toward a more permanent arrangement with a someone? A joint financial or business venture could get official in the next couple days. Spend time thinking about your bottom-line needs so you can create a win-win scenario.


Do something healthy and active this weekend. The moon is in Libra and your wellness sector until Sunday afternoon. Stroll through the farmer’s market and pick up some fall produce for the slow cooker or take a hike to enjoy the outdoors. Choose good company for your adventures and make it a bonding experience. On Saturday, Venus in your partnership house forms a flowing trine to dreamy Neptune in your friendship zone. It’s an ideal day to explore the town with your S.O., or to catch up with friends over a decadent dinner and drinks. The dynamic duo vibes spill into Sunday when the moon shifts into Scorpio, joining Venus in your interpersonal zone. Give your most cherished peeps some extra love. Sparks could also fly with a platonic pal. Maybe you never thought of them “that way” before—but hey, why not see if it’s worth pursuing?


Be yourself—it’s really what you do best, Gemini. A fun, flamboyant weekend is in store, as the moon lingers in Libra and your expressive fifth house until Sunday afternoon. Romance could also heat up, so plan a lavish date for your S.O. or flirt up a storm if you’re single. The cosmos also help you get your glow back through healthy pursuits. Saturday’s beautifying Venus-Neptune trine inspires you to get clean and green with your habits (including your spending ones). Try a cruelty-free skincare line, stock up on organic produce, grab a few guest passes to try out different fitness studios. The wellness vibes spill into the new week, as the moon ventures into Scorpio Sunday afternoon and stays for a couple days. Get organized so you can dive into Monday and get ‘er done. Prep some make-ahead meals or restock ingredients. Streamline your schedule and make sure you have ample time for self-care.


Family time? Well, maybe a little, but don’t let it overtake your weekend. The moon is in Libra and your domestic fourth house through Sunday afternoon. You could feel like bonding with your clan or just vegging out on the couch. But not so fast, Crab. On Saturday, romantic Venus in your passionate fifth house forms a supportive trine to fantasy-planet Neptune. Your mojo awakens and you could feel sparks with an alluring person quite different from your usual type. Go forth and explore, enjoying the seduction dance. Couples could be similarly inspired to do something fun that’s not on your usual agenda. The moon joins Venus in Scorpio and your flirty fifth house on Sunday afternoon, ending the weekend on a blazing-hot note. Go on, add new meaning to the term “Sunday fun-day.”


So many invites, so little time! With the moon in Libra and your social third house until Sunday afternoon, your phone and email will blow up with tempting offers. But before you say yes to every offer, check in with your crew and clan. Saturday’s emotional Venus-Neptune trine perks up your intuition. You may sense that a female relative or friend needs some support. Reach out! If you’re in a relationship or dating someone, this Venus-Neptune alignment opens your heart and helps you be vulnerable. You might be the one who needs a shoulder to cry on—and this Venus-Neptune alignment brings in the troops. Let it out, Leo. On Sunday afternoon, the moon joins Venus in Scorpio, putting you even more in touch with your feelings for the next couple days. Give yourself a gentle and nurturing start to the week, with plenty of time for self-care.


You start the weekend excited to tackle practical tasks and catch up on work. Good luck with that, Virgo! Your productivity will be deftly outmatched by all the buzzing “people energy” around you. Saturday brings a rare trine of affable Venus and enchanting Neptune in the most interpersonal zones of your chart. Your closest ties need some love—and come to think of it, so do you. So surrender to the magnetic vibes! You could meet someone with long-term relationship potential on Saturday. A platonic friendship could even turn romantic under these stars. For couples, it’s a great weekend to go mingle together and explore local culture. If you MUST work, get up early on Sunday so you don’t miss out. The good times keep rolling on Sunday afternoon, when the moon enters Scorpio and your chatty third house. Check the local listings and go explore, hopping from galleries to pub trivia to fall festivals. You’ll enter the workweek revived and inspired by all that you’ve taken in.


What do YOU want to do this weekend? The moon is in Libra until Sunday afternoon, putting your desires front and center. Don’t just go along with the herd. Carve out solo time to stroll through your favorite indie bookstore, see that new movie or sift through the fall finds at your favorite boutique. With beautifying Venus and sensual Neptune forming a supportive trine on Saturday, you’re inspired to simplify. A closet edit, a pare-down of your schedule, a revamp of your eating habits—where could you hit “refresh” in your life? This Venus-Neptune alignment sounds the call for pleasurable wellness pursuits. Buy a pass to a sleek fitness studio or plan some healthy meals. On Sunday afternoon, the moon moves into Scorpio and your productive second house. Prep your agenda for the week ahead so you can start on a calm, clear note. Glance at your current schedule: Is it giving you anxiety just to think about? See what you can cancel or shuffle to a later date. You need breathing room, Libra.


Low-key escape? With the moon in Libra and your sleepy twelfth house, you’re tempted to shut out the world this weekend. But you could miss out on some sizzling romance or five-star fun if you do! Seductive Venus (in Scorpio!) pairs up with enchanting Neptune in your passion sector, heating up the action. Hello epic date night? Head out to hear some live music or indulge on a decadent dinner. Just choose an uncrowded place instead of a packed hotspot. Couples might take a sexy overnight trip for two—somewhere you can relax together away from the madness. If you can’t muster the mojo for that, don’t worry. Your energy returns full force on Sunday afternoon, when the moon moves into Scorpio for the next couple days. Make up for lost time by capping off the weekend with a fun afternoon outing, preferably something active and outdoorsy.


Party time? As festive as this weekend feels, you need some downtime too. The moon is in Libra and your social eleventh house until Sunday afternoon, bringing friends and fun invitations into your orbit. But are your tanks half-empty…or bottoming out? If so, escape the crowds for self-care this Saturday, when beautifying Venus and healing Neptune align. You could feel nostalgic, hypersensitive or tired. Honor your need to chill. Your empathic channels will also be wide-open, causing you to absorb the energy of everyone you’re around. Under these intuitive stars, you could have some healing insights to offer friends. But you could also use that time for a massage, a facial or a luxurious nap. Don’t feel like you HAVE to let friends drone on about their dramas or cry on your shoulder, Sag. You don’t. Give your abode a little love, too. The Venus-Neptune meetup inspires you to play decorator, adding soft and soothing touches. On Sunday afternoon, the moon drifts into Scorpio and your restful twelfth house. Resistance is futile now: you need a break. Surrender to the vibes and go to bed early. Let yourself have a cleansing cry or take a rejuvenating bath.


You dive into the weekend ready to tackle some goals. With the moon in your ambitious tenth house until Sunday afternoon, it SEEMS like the perfect time to knock some to-dos off your list. You’re finally gonna paint the living room, switch over your wardrobe for the new season or finish that overdue report. Best of luck, Capricorn. With social Venus and escapist Neptune uniting in the liveliest zones of your chart, Saturday is filled with irresistible invites and captivating conversations. Make time to connect with soul-enriching people—and just to enjoy some well-deserved lightness. Don’t stress about getting stuff done. The work has waited this long and it can wait a little more. But if you do put yourself under lock and key, make a jailbreak Sunday afternoon. The moon soars into Scorpio and joins Venus in your outgoing eleventh house. Surround yourself with great company!


Spontaneous weekend getaway? Not so fast, Aquarius. Although the moon in your adventurous ninth house stokes your wanderlust through Sunday afternoon, duty could call closer to home. On Saturday, caring Venus and compassionate Neptune align in the most responsible zones of your chart. A friend or relative may need a favor or just some emotional support. You might also decide to take one for the team and handle a work emergency, or tackle a household project. If you must sacrifice your free time, make it pleasurable. Light candles, play music, create a little ambience. The moon moves into Scorpio and your industrious tenth house on Sunday afternoon, turning your focus toward your goals. Map out a plan for the workweek and what you’d like to accomplish. With a clear trajectory, you can make some serious power moves!


Sneak away to somewhere private? Not so fast, Pisces. The moon is in Libra and your under-the-radar eighth house until Sunday afternoon, making you crave intimate time with a select few (if anyone). But the best laid plans don’t always work out—not when social Venus in your outgoing ninth house aligns with your ruler, Neptune. Tempting invitations could beckon you out of your bubble, and you’ll be glad you heeded their call. Of course, you can still avoid the crowds and have an adventure: take a romantic day trip or head to the country for a weekend with friends. With the moon moving into your travel sector on Sunday, you’ll be in the mood to explore new vistas. Your mood will be a lot lighter then, so if you’ve been blowing off friends all weekend, catch up over Sunday dinner.

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