Daily Horoscope | July 23rd 2016


Let bygones be bygones, Aries, but don’t get burned twice. This Saturday, when a smooth talker tries to lure you back into their lair, don’t be fooled into thinking this time will be different. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…well, you know the rest. If you choose to play into this person’s hand, you’ll only end up losing—a bitter pill you won’t like swallowing. On Sunday the moon moves into Aries and puts you back on solid footing. Hello, 180-degree turnaround! Suddenly you remember how awesome you are and everything you have to offer. An energizing trine from the Sun amps up your radiance, inspiring your creativity and making you feel oh-so-desirable. Direct this reclaimed swagger toward worthy projects and people.


This Saturday the stars urge you to reserve judgment. Before demoting someone to the not-worth-your-time category, look deeper. This person’s arrogance may be grating, but have you considered it could be a strategy intended to woo you? Look past the pretenses to discover the person behind the ego trip. Set the scene for a casual conversation, perhaps over drinks or coffee. Get this high-strung person to chill and you might uncover the possibility of romance or a business partnership. On Sunday, it’s time to unwind. The moon decamps to Aries and your restful twelfth house for the next couple days. Savor some solitude, sleep in, tie up loose ends. Don’t get roped into doing any big favors, like helping a friend move. You need this day to rejuvenate.


Are you satisfied with the status quo, or do you aspire for more? This Saturday’s moon-Jupiter opposition makes you realize that it’s time to step up your game. You might need to take a pass on a tempting invite or two in the coming weeks in order to advance an important goal. Put in some serious elbow grease and get the job done. If you do go out on the town tonight, make sure you’re mingling with some influencers and talking shop. You could impress the kind of people who can propel your aspirations forward. Sunday’s vibe turns more social as the moon shifts into your group-activity sector for the next couple days. Remember: Every backyard barbecue or brunch can be an opportunity to network. If you’re hanging with your usual crew, ask them to introduce you to helpful contacts in THEIR circles.


This Saturday your truth packs a punch that could send people running in the other direction. If you want to help, soften your delivery instead of steamrolling them with unsolicited advice. Even though you may know exactly how to remedy their dilemmas, hang back until asked. People are much more responsive to change when it comes from within. On Sunday your attention returns to your own big plans. The moon moves into your ambitious tenth house for the next couple days, forming an energizing trine to the Sun in your financial house. Spend some time mapping out three concrete goals for the coming week. Your focused efforts could lead to a boost in status and possibly income. Give your budget and bank balance a once-over. You may be pleasantly surprised to find a little extra left over to treat yourself with.


Motivation or manipulation? On Saturday your fervor may go a little overboard. You’ve got your heart set on something so intensely it almost hurts, but your desperation could come off as pushiness or even coercion. Err on the side of caution. Drop hints here and there but be subtle about it. Bide your time and you’ll pique people’s curiosity, which will eventually woo them your way. Sunday’s stars snap you out of that tunnel vision. The moon shifts into Aries and your visionary ninth house, reminding you that there’s a wide world of options out there. Shift your view from scarcity to abundance. A golden beam from the Sun in Leo boosts your confidence and restores the swagger to your step. You ARE too proud to beg, dammit—and besides that, it’s wholly unnecessary. Your drive, charisma and creativity will always get you through any rough patches.


Watch that competitive streak, Virgo. This Saturday’s starmap could awaken the gold-star-seeking monster within you. There’s nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back for your well-earned accomplishments, but make sure it doesn’t turn into one-upmanship. Be conscious of when you’re making it all about you, and give other people some props. Express sincere interest in their lives and genuinely celebrate their victories. It will dissolve any envy that might be brewing and foster genuine connections. On Sunday the vibe gets intimate, as the moon sinks into your private and seductive eighth house. You might spend the day with one special person or just savor your own blissful solitude. Follow your curiosity and do some research. Light reading on an intriguing topic could spur a deep dive to explore this fascination. Thanks to a mystical Sun-moon trine, serendipitous events could follow—for example, you may meet a person who “randomly” starts talking about the same subject you were just investigating. This is divine guidance, not a mere coincidence.


Streamline and structure are your keywords this Saturday. Take an unruly project and break it down into individual tasks, milestones and action steps. Get it back on track and establish goals and a realistic timeline. Setting limits will be no easy feat, and you could be tempted to take a shortcut or even abandon ship altogether in the name of a little fun. Keep your eye on the prize, Libra, and delay immediate gratification. Succumbing to your whims will only leave you with more work and woes in the long run. On Sunday, help could arrive as the moon swings into your partnership house. A capable companion might step in to lend support or sound advice. With la luna receiving a golden beam from the Sun, a friendship may start to seem like relationship material. Maybe it’s time to explore the chemistry you’ve always felt brewing. Coupled Libras can have a straightforward and productive dialogue today, as you’re both able to see things objectively.


Don’t say “yes” without thinking it through, Scorpio. Saturday’s moon-Jupiter opposition could tempt you to promise more than you can deliver. Maybe you’ve talked yourself up so much that you feel compelled to back it up with action. But don’t let your ego seize the wheel or you’ll only end up with a mess on your hands—along with a damaged reputation. Do your homework before making a firm commitment. Luckily Sunday’s stars are perfect for research, so crunch a few numbers, look over your schedule and devise a feasible plan. Once you create a solid structure, you may realize that you CAN pull this off—without the anxiety and constant feeling that it’s all going to crash down on you. In the long run, people will respect you more for setting boundaries. Sunday’s starmap could motivate you to get back on the wellness wagon. Lace up your trainers or unroll your yoga mat and restock your fridge with some fresh summer produce from the weekend greenmarket.


Work-life-balance breakdown? Saturday’s stars could find you fielding an urgent weekend assignment when all you want to do is hang with your family or putter around the house. Put in the time, Sagittarius, even if it doesn’t yield immediate benefits. The cosmos are keeping track of your commitment and loyalty, so maintain your momentum and don’t throw in the towel. By paying your dues now, you lay the foundation for future gains. Besides, you get to play HARD on Sunday, when the moon shifts into your fun-loving fifth house. Reward yourself with a day trip or time basking in the sunshine. Romance could be in the cards, perhaps with someone different than your usual type (which, granted, is pretty varied to begin with). Coupled Sags should start researching fares for a sexy summer getaway.


Saturday’s stars give you the gift of gab—but don’t squander this silver-tongued moment. A moon-Jupiter opposition in your communication houses could find you captivating your audience then veering wildly off-topic on a tangent. Rather than let your rambling repel people, pause between thoughts and check in with the other person. Are they leaning forward, eager for more, or are their eyes glazing over? Pay attention to conversational cues. Balance this overly cerebral energy with some heart-pumping activity. Instead of meeting the crew for the same old activities, mix it up and meet them for a merengue or martial arts class. Sunday’s stars have “home sweet home” written all over them. The moon moves into your domestic fourth house, tag-teaming with the Sun in your intimacy sector. Bring on the nostalgia and even a few misty-eyed moments. Couples can enjoy a cozy day of nesting, family activities or visiting loved ones. Single? Open up and courageously reveal more about yourself. You can still maintain some sexy mystery without being a completely closed book.


Money isn’t everything, Aquarius, but it’s certainly important. Instead of giving in to an enticing sales pitch for a budget-breaking item, think twice before punching in your credit card digits. Under Saturday’s fickle moon-Jupiter opposition in your financial houses, there’s a good chance you’ll be disenchanted with your purchase once it’s out of the box. As the old saying goes, “The sizzle is often better than the steak.” Give yourself at least 24 hours to mull it over. On Sunday you’ll find greater satisfaction in the company of good friends, as the moon shifts into your social third house. Meet your crew for brunch, wander through a street fair, check out a  festival. Or just spread out a blanket in the park and plop down for some good conversation. A beam from the Sun guarantees a simpatico vibe—and possibly sparks with a (heretofore) platonic pal.


No autographs please! Saturday’s Pisces moon makes you feel like the star of the show. But an opposition from over-the-top Jupiter could take this “all about me” act too far. While your sign isn’t normally a spotlight stealer, you could unwittingly monopolize the conversation talking about yourself. Colorful as your tales may be—especially the ones about your love life—don’t forget to come up for air and ask other people questions. If you’re hitting up friends for advice, be mindful not to drain them. They have problems of their own, Pisces. Sunday’s starmap is (thankfully) grounding, as the moon settles into Aries and your stable second house. You get a cosmic confidence boost and reminder that you’re resilient, not the “hot mess” you sometimes imagine yourself to be. A helpful beam from the Sun in your ambitious tenth house could inspire a money-making or business idea. Or it could help you get clear about concrete next steps toward an ambitious goal.

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