Daily Horoscope | September 3rd 2015


Work deadline cramping your style? You’re usually a star at multitasking, Aries, but as the moon in your second house of income clashes with pressure-cooker Mars today, you may struggle to meet the demands of earning your daily bread. It appears a client or a boss needs something yesterday, and the atmosphere could get tense as you race against the clock. While sometimes you just need to jump when you’re told to, at other times, you’re better off managing expectations—especially if you know this person is just creating needless drama.


Reached the limits of your patience? Your inner bull could be ready to charge, as the moon in Taurus butts heads with belligerent Mars today. A family member in particular could push your buttons, but do your best not to take the bait. While some issues really ARE emergencies, most things in life are not. Don’t let yourself get roped into “fixing” another person’s problems—i.e., enabling them. Think of it this way: rushing in for the save (yet again) prevents this person from learning valuable lessons.


Don’t lash out, Gemini. You may struggle to see someone’s best intentions today, as the moon in your subconscious twelfth house opposes abrasive Mars. But you also run the risk of taking every remark personally, even if it’s not intended to be. Chances are, you’re seeing this situation through a lens of your own past hurts and insecurities. Clear your head with a meditative walk; it may be just what you need to regain perspective.


You’re not one to make a scene, Cancer, but you could have a little showdown with a friend today. The moon in your eleventh house of group dynamics forms a tangled angle with belligerent Mars. If someone in your posse has been getting under your skin lately, you may need to set them straight. Speak your piece if this has been brewing for a while, but remain grounded and diplomatic. Lashing out will only leave you with a messy cleanup later on.


Don’t push your agenda too hard today, Leo. The moon in your ambitious tenth house clashes with aggressive Mars in Leo, which could make you come across as a bulldozer instead of a go-getter. You may walk into a minefield at work, dodging diva antics from a higher-up or a key client. This moon-Mars square has everyone on edge today, so do your best not to take anything personally. Think twice before you fire off a snarky email or an indignant retort yourself.


Who’s the devil’s advocate today? You can be dogmatic about your views, Virgo, especially when you’re convinced you’re right. You may confuse everyone by flip-flopping on an issue, as the moon in your preachy ninth house forms a tense angle with belligerent Mars. Before you begin yet another sentence with “but” or “no,” really ask yourself if you’re trying to make things easier for everybody—or if you just like hearing yourself speak. Blow off steam later at a yoga class or with a much-needed massage.


Keep it to yourself, Libra. As a communicative air sign, you’ve got a direct line into the gossip grapevine. However, sharing confidential intel could land you in hot water with friends today, as the moon in your secretive eighth house forms a tricky angle with stressful Mars. If you spill the beans, you may face your penance—and it won’t be pretty. Think twice before divulging a juicy tidbit. Better yet, if you have to think twice at all, don’t utter a word!


Trouble in paradise? You can be unyielding at times, Scorpio, and as the moon in your relationship house clashes with irritable Mars today, interpersonal affairs could hit a rough patch. If you refuse to bend an inch to meet the needs of the other party, things could go downhill fast. Avoid blaming, making a scene or throwing verbal daggers. Remember, you picked this person to be on your team, not to be your enemy. The goal is partnership, not power struggles.


Dictator alert! Today, the moon in your exacting sixth forms a tough angle with obsessive Mars. You want it all your way, and on the double. But have your high standards morphed into impossible ones, Sagittarius? You might need to scale back your grand plans, or at least roll them out in phases, to prevent giving yourself and everyone around you a total stress meltdown.


Nobody puts Capricorn in the corner! Although you might normally roll your eyes at someone’s petty power trip, today could push you past your limit. With the moon in your expressive fifth house forming a tricky angle to hotheaded Mars, you won’t be able to bite your tongue, either. Sometimes, you have to show that you’re not intimidated, especially if you want a domineering person to back down. Just don’t take it too far. Once people get the vibe that you can’t be pushed around, they usually look for another target.


Sound the alarm! As the moon in your domestic fourth house butts heads with irritable Mars today, you may not be able to contain your frustration with a member of your clan. Even if you aren’t the one stirring the pot, a female colleague or relative likely is, so watch how you react to her. Avoid giving (and soliciting) relationship advice, too. Under these volatile stars, love is one of those hot-button topics that will trigger both of you.


Location, location. As the moon in your third house of community opposes aggravating Mars today, you could feel irritable in some of your go-to hangouts. That place where everyone knows your name? It will probably feel more overwhelming than comforting. Even the food at your favorite local restaurant might seem like it’s been prepared wrong. If you don’t like the ambience somewhere, don’t force yourself to stay. Even better, why not hang out in nature instead of a crowded bar? The fresh air will help calm your frazzled nerves.

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