Daily Horoscope | May 7th 2016


The annual Taurus new moon (a supermoon!) lights your second house of work, money and practical luxury. Look for clever ways you can save and budget—without depriving yourself of pleasure. Is it time to upgrade? While you don’t want to blow the bank, it’s time to get rid of objects that have a broken down feel to them. You might even make a pledge to support ethical companies from here forward, even if that means sacrificing a few of those fast fashion fixes. Also, Ready your resume and perfect your pitch. You could land a promotion or field an enticing job offer under these moonbeams.


Happy cosmic New Year! Today, 2016’s only new moon in Taurus (a supermoon!) electrifies the skies and refreshes your emotional feed. Time to leave those painful situations behind you and adopt a “What have I learned from this?” outlook. Certain relationships may come to an end; or, you could finally bury the hatchet and stop talking about THAT subject…like, ever again. Sit down today and make a wish list: What personal milestones and accomplishments would you like to manifest by the corresponding Taurus full moon (also a supermoon) on November 14? Be “greedy,” Bull and ask for what you REALLY want.


Take a pause, Gemini, and a few deep inhales and exhales. The annual new moon in Taurus energizes your twelfth house of closure and healing. New moons mark beginnings, but the twelfth house rules endings, making this one a bit of a paradox. Our advice? Honor the transitions in your life. Sometimes, closing one door is your access to opening another. Gently release an outmoded situation, and welcome new adventures—even if they take time to fully reveal themselves. Need to bring more ease to your life? This would be the perfect day to start a meditation or yoga practice. Check out yogaglo.com for instructor-led asanas you can do in your apartment.


Ready to make the world a better place? Today, 2016’s only new moon in Taurus lands in your humanitarian eleventh house, awakening your inner idealist. Volunteering or jumping in a community service project would be a great way to meet new people. (This could be the prompt for some Cancers to rally behind a favorite presidential candidate.)  A budding collaboration could lead to an amazing team effort or world-changing project by the corresponding full moon on November 14. Get ready for a meeting of the minds, even a virtual one, as the eleventh house also rules technology. Do your devices need a refresh? Update system software or shop around for new equipment you’ll bring home when Mercury goes direct on May 22.


Bring on those #LeoGoals. Today, 2016’s only new moon in Taurus spotlights your tenth house of career, structure and long-term ambitions. Today you could receive an enticing job offer or a project that helps you solidify your reputation as an industry up-and-comer. Got your eyes on a lofty ambition? Since new moons can take up to six months to unfold, aim for a slower but steady ascent. As you climb, it’s important that you align yourself with the power players and decision-makers instead of making them feel threatened by your grabs at the brass ring. Build those relationships and you will soon be among their ranks.


Wanderlust hits you hard under the beams of today’s new moon in Taurus and your jetsetting ninth house. There’s a wide world out there, so start making plans to explore a new and far-flung corner of it. Don the rose-colored glasses too. This new moon restores your optimism and gives you the courage to explore a visionary path. Whether you’ve been dreaming of a startup venture, pondering a degree program or fantasizing about Fiji, no globally-minded goal is too lofty today. Plant the seeds of your intrepid adventure now, and watch them bloom by the Taurus full moon on November 14. Virgo writers, mediamakers and teachers will be especially blessed by theses moonbeams.


Ready for some inside-out transformation? Today, 2016’s only new moon in Taurus pings your alchemical eighth house helping you turn those heavy-as-lead situations into pure gold. This won’t happen overnight, but if you start tackling those stumbling blocks now, you’ll see genuine results by the corresponding full moon in Taurus on November 14. This new moon also spotlights long-term finances and investments, as well as shared resources. You could be inspired to buy or sell real estate, or to find ways to earn passive income. Perhaps you’ll just creatively cut costs with a “co-op” model. Think: potlucks, carpools, shared community-supported agriculture (CSA) boxes and babysitting trades.


Two is your magic number as we welcome the annual new moon in Taurus and your partnership house. Whether for business or romance, teaming up can take you far in the coming six months. But don’t go casting for someone just like you. A complementary force would be a better fit for dynamic duos that get fired up today. Already attached? This new moon helps you find inspiring new ways to co-create. Relationships could go from casual to exclusive, both in the romantic or joint business venture realms. Make no assumptions though, Scorpio—you need to hear that your sentiments are echoed or ask for a contract in professional pairings.


Lace up those cross-trainers and get ready to break a sweat. Today, the annual new moon in Taurus fires up a six-month wellness mission. Whether you’ve been a sedentary couch potato or the gold star student at your Pilates studio you can still make a fresh start. Set some manageable goals—and avoid fad diets and punishing workouts. As you start making small daily changes you’ll build new habits that become part of your long-term lifestyle. Remember, creating vibrant wellbeing is a marathon, not a sprint. Rather than eliminate entire food groups, add more clean, green options to your plate. This new moon could also inspire you to get organized. Go on, Sag—tackle that office reno or basement reorg!


Swoon! The romance factor goes through the roof today thanks to the annual new moon in Taurus and your fifth house of passion, self-expression and fertility. Set clear intentions for your love life, and watch them unfold in the coming six months. A proposal or pregnancy is also possible at this fruitful new supermoon; or, you may “birth” a creative idea that blossoms into something major. Single? The universe rewards action so take a step in the direction of manifesting a rewarding bond today. Pose for dating profile pics or clear a weekly space in your calendar for attending events where you could meet a good match. Your romance may also be with the muse. Take your talents seriously and you could find some fame by November 14’s full moon (also a supermoon!) in Taurus.


Matters on the homefront demand your attention, thanks to today’s new moon in Taurus and your fourth house of family and roots. New moons bring fresh starts, so turn a clean page with a loved one or spend quality time with a female relative in particular. You may also crave more “mother energy” on this emotional day, so prioritize self-care and surround yourself with the nurturers in your squad. This new moon could also spark a move or a home decor project. Perhaps it’s time to hang your fedora on a new hook or swap out a few blinding brights for a crisp, white palette.


Bring on the mic drops! Today, the annual Taurus new moon lands in your third house of communication, sharpening your gift of gab. Do you have a message or creative talent to share, Pisces?  Writing, teaching, blogging, podcasting—the medium doesn’t matter as long as you’re putting your ideas out to a wider audience. A conversation with a friend or a synergistic person could spark a much bigger collaboration in the coming six months. Today’s brainstorm could end up being tomorrow’s joint venture, so get a lunch date on the books to discuss teaming up.

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