Daily Horoscope | February 26th 2017


Do you have a space that’s yours alone, Aries? This weekend’s stars help you turn inward. On Saturday, mental Mercury enters Pisces, followed by a solar (new moon) eclipse on Sunday. Pisces governs your twelfth house of divine inspiration, and this lunar lift can help you find a place to meditate, decompress and create. Designate a certain room or a corner in your home as sacred, somewhere you can retreat as needed. Some Rams may be motivated to rent a small studio to hone a creative project. As the twelfth house rules restoration, this eclipse could be the beginning of a six-month cycle of healing. Face THAT issue head-on with the support of a therapist, spiritual guide or life coach. Not sure what’s brewing? Sunday’s volatile Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries could bring buried resentments to the surface. Be careful not to unleash a tirade or make any rash moves driven by unprocessed emotions. Under this rare and unpredictable aspect, you could easily do something regrettable.


Social overhaul, incoming! On Saturday, communicator Mercury enters Pisces, followed by a solar (new moon) eclipse on Sunday. Pisces rules your eleventh house of friends, and these cosmic shifts could mark another round of big changes to the company you keep. As eclipses tend to reveal what’s in the shadows, you could discover good reason to move on from one group and sign up for another. You might be inspired to join forces and turn Team Taurus into an all-star crew. If you’ve got an online project in the works—or an idea for one—get those plans in motion. Crowdfunding, anyone? Steer clear of the fun-but-risky troublemaker types this weekend. Sunday’s Mars-Uranus conjunction could reveal someone’s true colors in a jarring and intense way. You could be hit with an out-of-the-blue urge to overhaul your life, maybe even kicking an addictive habit. Don’t abandon your methodical Taurus pace. Anything started in a frenzy could lead to a quick crash and burn.


Up, up and away! This weekend your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, starts a stint in Pisces, joined by a potent solar (new moon) eclipse on Sunday. Pisces rules your ambitious tenth house, so get ready: This eclipse launches a six-month cycle of professional success. Use Saturday to reflect on what you’d like to accomplish—dream big, Gemini! Get the manifestation ball rolling with some focused visualization of where you’d like to end up. Then follow up with concrete actions and strategic moves that will lay a path to your ultimate goal. Sunday’s ambitious but impulsive Mars-Uranus meetup activates your eleventh house of groups and networking. You may be tempted to gush about your grand plans on social media or over brunch with friends. Easy there, Gemini. Unless it’s a done deal, keep things under wraps. Curbing your enthusiasm feels like an epic challenge, but it’ll be far better to wait until you have positive results to share.


While your sign may be happiest at home, this weekend stokes your wanderlust. On Saturday, curious Mercury enters Pisces, followed by Sunday’s solar (new moon) eclipse. Pisces rules your ninth house of travel and expansion, and this cosmic combo could give you a wicked case of midwinter cabin fever. Stop dreaming about that once-in-a-lifetime vacay and get plans in motion. You could travel in a figurative sense by signing up for a series of mind-expanding workshops or dabbling in a startup venture. A faraway contact might bring exciting news or an intriguing offer that unfolds over the coming six months. For some Crabs, it could involve uprooting or developing cross-cultural connections. Let the adventures begin! Warning: Sunday’s fiery Mars-Uranus conjunction can interrupt your groove with work demands or an unexpected call of duty. One man in particular may push your buttons. The curveball could drive up your stress levels, pushing you to the brink. Instead of exploding, let this be a wakeup call to stop taking on so much!


Drop the curtain and slip into your backstage dressing room, Leo. This weekend’s private new M.O. arrives courtesy of Mercury’s move into Pisces on Saturday, followed by Sunday’s Pisces solar (new moon) eclipse. Pisces rules your erotic and intimate eighth house, and the potent eclipse kickstarts a sexy six-month cycle. A special someone could stroll into your world and light your fire in a serious way. We’re not just talking about physical chemistry—this connection can touch you spiritually, intellectually AND emotionally. The payoff won’t only be in your personal ties. As the eighth house rules financial windfalls, keep your antennae up for ways to make your money work for you, perhaps via purchasing property or another shrewd investment. Before you duck under the radar, you may need to clear the air on Sunday, when a volatile Mars-Uranus meetup lands in your outspoken ninth house.


Embrace the power of two. This weekend spotlights your closest partnerships, as communicator Mercury moves into Pisces on Saturday, and Sunday brings a Pisces solar (new moon) eclipse. These cosmic events will ignite your seventh house of commitments, invigorating both business and romantic duos. The solar eclipse could bring a bold proposition that unfolds in the coming six months—and conversational Mercury helps you talk through the finer points. Is it time to date more serious prospects or to make a collaboration official? Since eclipses can spark events out of the blue, you could meet someone with long-term potential or get a sudden offer to team up. Feeling a sexy spark? With Sunday’s meetup of lusty Mars and impulsive Uranus in your intimate eighth house, you could rush from zero to hookup. Intense emotions may also erupt, especially if you feel a jealous twinge. Impulse control, what’s that?


Dust off your Vitamix and just say no to processed foods. This weekend’s stars illuminate your sixth house of self-care and fitness. On Saturday clever Mercury enters Pisces and your wellness zone, followed by Sunday’s solar (new moon) eclipse here. Talk about a burst of motivation! The eclipse kicks off a powerful six-month healthy-living cycle. If you’ve been self-medicating those aches and pains with unhealthy vices, this weekend could bring a reality check. Set up an appointment with your doctor so you can heal what really ails you. New work opportunities may emerge now. Are you getting proper support? Sunday’s galvanizing meetup of assertive Mars and hotheaded Uranus ignites your partnership zone. Suddenly all the imbalanced relationships in your life become vividly clear. You could take a slacking S.O. to task or explode on someone who’s not pulling their weight. Remember, It takes two to tango. Instead of starting a fight, how about speaking authentically and courageously about your needs?


Pump up the passion! This weekend, two cosmic events take place in Pisces, igniting your fifth house of romance and self-expression. On Saturday, chatterbox Mercury moves in, making it impossible to keep mum about your desires for the next couple weeks. But Sunday is the kicker: A change-making solar (new moon) eclipse sweeps through Pisces, rounding out an eclipse cycle that’s been making you fiercer and feistier since March 2015. This glamorous transit amps up your magnetic mojo in a big way. It’s time to put your talents on full display, Scorpio, so stop lurking in the shadows. Your public awaits! A sultry six-month cycle begins NOW. If you’re looking for love, an intriguing prospect far removed from your usual “type” could emerge. A surprising piece of news may come to light—perhaps involving a baby on the way. On top of this, Sunday brings an abrupt Mars-Uranus meetup in your sixth house of health, organization and details. This could fire you up to start a fitness kick, but it can also lead to jangled nerves and careless accidents. Breathe, Scorpio—and stay present. Avoid rushing and multitasking to keep frustrations at bay.


You may be the zodiac’s traveler, but this weekend plants your itchy feet solidly at home. Two cosmic events occur in Pisces, lighting up your fourth house of family and domestic affairs. On Saturday, ideas maven Mercury arrives, filling you with exciting visions for decorating, entertaining and possibly relocating. Time to host that potluck dinner party and salon, Sagittarius? But Sunday is the real powerhouse, when a Pisces solar (new moon) eclipse sweeps through, bringing one last round of change to your living situation or personal life. Since March 2015, a series of eclipses has been reshuffling your work-life balance and spotlighting your home life and relationships with women. Today is the final jolt that spurs you into action. This could involve buying or selling real estate, expanding your brood or putting down roots in another concrete way. A powerful female, possibly a mother figure, could play a hand. Warning: Your attempts to seek serenity may be interrupted by Sunday’s jarring Mars-Uranus meetup in your dramatic fifth house. Keep that fiery temper in check. A sizzling romance might ignite out of nowhere, but it could fizzle just as fast. Enjoy the chemistry but don’t get too invested.


Let the dialogue begin! Your stoic sign could morph into a total chatterbox under this weekend’s expressive starmap. On Saturday, talkative Mercury enters your third house of communication, sparking synergies and light-bulb epiphanies for the next couple weeks. But the epic moment arrives Sunday, when a Pisces solar (new moon) eclipse brings page-turning news, an eye-opening conversation or a burst of inspiration. Since the third house rules neighborhoods, you might get more involved in local events or move to a new part of town. (“Mayor Capricorn” has a ring to it…) Your social life ignites—but watch for tension at home. Sunday features an angsty Mars-Uranus meetup in your domestic fourth house, provoking tension with roommates, relatives or a difficult woman. Your emotions could flare up out of nowhere, and anger could topple your normal composure. Ramp up the self-care so you don’t lash out.


Make it rain! Money’s on your mind—and in the stars—under this weekend’s transits in Pisces, your second house of work and money. Saturday heralds the arrival of clever Mercury, which will fill the next couple weeks with brilliant ideas that can boost your bottom line. You could start tweaking your budget and savings plans, using helpful apps to track and plan. But there’s real magic in the air when Sunday’s Pisces solar (new moon) opens the doors to abundance. As eclipses shine a light on what’s hidden, this wave of prosperity could catch you off-guard. An activity that you love doing could cause your bank account to swell. Score! If your belt needs some tightening, this eclipse can bring a rude awakening. Don’t stubbornly stick to a plan that’s obviously not working, Aquarius. Start pounding the pavement for higher-paying gigs. If your skill set is lacking, sign up for training now. Boosting your motivation is Sunday’s “just do it” meetup of go-getter Mars and your co-ruler, radical Uranus, in your third house of learning and communication. Don’t delay; put some feelers out to your network and explore your options!


Come out, come out! On Saturday, communicator Mercury enters Pisces, giving you a burst of assertiveness and clever ideas. But that’s not the biggest news. Sunday delivers the (drumroll, please) last in a series of three Pisces solar (new moon) eclipses, catalyzing a huge fresh start. Since March 2015 you’ve been evolving dramatically, making seismic changes to your lifestyle, attitude, appearance and self-confidence. This star-powered makeover hasn’t been easy, but wow. You KNOW who you are like never before, Pisces—and this final eclipse will drive that message home. No more playing small or hiding your light. It’s time to let the world know your mission! (PS: You have six months for this eclipse to unfold, so stay calm.) Sunday also marks an intensifying union of stressful Mars and hotheaded Uranus in your second house of money and self-worth. This could bring anything from a sudden job opportunity to an unexpected bill to a burst of assertiveness.

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