Daily Horoscope | March 27th 2015


Assume the surrender pose! Today’s events remind you that you are not 100 percent in control of all things. Resisting this reality could lead to an emotionally fraught day, as the moon in Cancer, your fourth house of roots, forms a confronting opposition with controlling Pluto. You could come face-to-face with old demons, maybe even ones that have roots in your family legacy. Ancient, nagging worries could fill your mind. If a domineering person pushes your buttons, look within before lashing out. You could be peering in a mirror. Your best bet today? Drop your agenda and go with the flow a little more.


You talkin’ to me? You could inadvertently find yourself in a power struggle, as the moon in Cancer, your communicative third house, forms a confronting opposition to domineering Pluto. With everyone vying for control, it’s easy to get caught up in pettiness. First, remember that you have a right to speak up and say “no” if something doesn’t feel right. If you sense a power struggle brewing today, tune into the hidden motivations. What’s really driving others? What’s really driving YOU? Once you know, you’ll be in a position to create a healthy solution for all.


Hidden agenda? Today, the moon in Cancer, your second house of work and money, forms a confronting opposition to deep-digging Pluto, making you question the motivations of a coworker or boss. While you’re just trying to do your job, you can’t quite shake the feeling that there’s something going on behind the scenes. While it’s good to be cautious—this could effect your livelihood—don’t get overly suspicious, Gemini. With karmic Pluto in the mix, a better use of this energy is an honest self-inquiry: Does this potentially shady behavior reflect back anything about me? Make sure you’re operating from sterling integrity and your worries should cease.


Today the moon in Cancer, your first house of self, forms a confronting opposition with domineering Pluto. Aim for compromise today, and you’ll avoid an epic power struggle. While you can hate conflict, and can be a bit of a softie about it, something (or someone) has lit a fire under you—and you’re not going to take it anymore. Before you go nuclear, ask yourself: am I taking something personally that’s totally not intended this way? When you realize that people are operating from their own baggage—which has nothing to do with you—that may help you rise above any brewing drama.


Healthy or hedonistic? Today, the moon in Cancer, your twelfth house of the subconscious, forms a dicey opposition to dominating Pluto, pulling you in two directions. For example, you could wake up feeling totally committed to a fitness regimen, only to end follow your express yoga class with a lunch of sliders and fries. Or, you could tell that tortured-soul lover to lose your number, only to find yourself in a steamy tete-a-tete later on. Perhaps you’re only making surface changes, rather than dealing with the root of the issue. Summon the courage to confront your core wounds, and true healing will occur.


Is your inner circle more dramatic than the cast of a reality TV franchise? Today, the moon in your eleventh house of platonic connections butts heads with power monger Pluto, stirring up the histrionics and intrigue. You may sense that a colleague or close friend has a hidden agenda, or that a pal is being purposely self-destructive. If only you could complain about it to a hidden camera, Virgo! Instead of jumping in for a rescue mission, force yourself to detach. Otherwise, you’ll just get worked up about other people’s problems—a deeply unsatisfying waste of your sacred time.


Stand up for yourself today, Libra! Today, the moon in Cancer, your ambitious tenth house, forms a confrontational angle to domineering Pluto. Emotions run high, especially around career and family matters. You may feel that relatives are jealous or threatened by your recent success, or that colleagues are uncomfortable when you assert a boundary. Don’t change who you are to make others comfortable. Know that others may not understand where you’re coming from today, so don’t get caught in the people-pleasing trap. Trust your instincts and keep your eyes on the prize.


Nobody said enlightenment would be easy, Scorpio. Today, the moon in Cancer, your expansive, philosophical ninth house, arm-wrestles with compulsive Pluto, making it hard to rise above pettiness. When you find yourself obsessing, gossiping or bickering, take your cue and break out of this low-vibration energy, even if you have to just walk away. You could feel inspired to tune into your higher self, or to expand your existential understanding in some way, possibly via travel. The urge to break loose from limitations may require some fundamental inner shift. With transformational Pluto in the mix, you could be facing down your fears and confronting a deep-rooted pattern.


Is that a volcanic eruption…or just your buried emotions rising to the surface? Today, the moon in Cancer, your psychologically complex eighth house, forms a tense opposition to shadowy Pluto. In both intimate relationships and money dealings, you could have an epiphany that leads to a breakthrough—as long as you’re willing to see the whole picture. The first question to ask yourself: how has my own stubbornness or insecurity played into this situation, or contributed to my unhappiness? Owning that personal responsibility will bring you back to stable ground.


Can’t we all just get along? Today, the moon in Cancer, your cooperative seventh house, forms a tightly wound opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. In one-on-one unions, the more you try to force a sense harmony, the further out of reach it could feel. Before you get locked into a confusing, intractable conflict, though, consider this: Is your intimidating delivery, in part, responsible for any tension? With Pluto in your sign, you may not realize that you are a force to be reckoned with, Capricorn. If that’s the case, wield your power responsibly. You can still get your point across without scaring people into submission.


Today, the moon in Cancer, your anxious sixth house, forms an opposition to plumb-the-depths Pluto, bringing out some psychological wounds to the surface. This pain could be so old, Water Bearer, that it’s buried deep in your subconscious. You might explore hypnosis, or listen to a guided meditation while you drift off to sleep, with the intention of finding the answer through your dreams. If you’re so wound up you don’t even know HOW you’ll sleep tonight, the answer is simple: get to the gym and work out this stress. Overthinking and analyzing will only make matters worse. Ground yourself in some healthy self-care and the issue may just unknot itself.


Walk on the wild side? Today, the moon in Cancer, your fanatical fifth house, forms a tricky opposition to dominating Pluto, bringing out your wilder, lusty nature. Whether you use this intensity to catch an attractive person’s eye or to express a soul-baring truth to your significant other, the passionate energy of today could be all-consuming. Embrace the do-or-die mood, Pisces, but have some fun with it. Don’t take yourself, or your own theatrics, quite so seriously.

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