Daily Horoscope | May 25th 2016


Tame the rabble-rouser within, Ram. Even though you assumed the helm without officially being crowned captain, today you resent being “the responsible one.” Resist the urge to lead a one-(wo)man revolution. With a tense square between the Capricorn MOON and Uranus in Aries you could wreak some serious havoc on your crew. Instead, delegate duties to free up more “me” time. If your mates are dragging their feet, let them know they need to shape up or ship out! Have capable replacements on stand-by, just in case.


Warning: guilt trip ahead! Some people are master manipulators who know exactly what to say to make you feel bad. Don’t turn your day upside-down to prove your loyalty or affection, Bull. Also, stay on your toes when it comes to a slick self-centered person. You could get sucked into taking on more than your fair share while the hustler glides by on your hard work. Some boundary setting is in order, too. You’ll do just about anything to make up for a recent misstep, but don’t drive yourself to the brink trying to prove your trustworthiness. Apologize, but don’t over promise.


Today’s cosmos set the scene for a loyalty test, Gemini, so keep your wits about you. Someone in your sphere could call you to task, inviting you to prove your mettle. The key to coming through with flying colors is prioritizing. Keep your social butterfly ways on the back burner, no matter how intriguing your new friends are. What’s important is you don’t leave your inner circle high and dry. While they may be far from perfect, can you really imagine life without their support?


Your love life may get shuffled to the back burner today, Cancer. A challenging moon-Uranus square could throw a curveball into your plans for romance. Duty calls on the work front, either for you or the object of your affections. If you’re the one getting the SOS from the office, pause before you swoop in for the save and solve this mini-crisis. First, assess if this is something your colleagues can handle. If not, figure out a compromise so that you’re sharing the load, not shouldering it all yourself. Besides, you’ve got a hot date—or soon-to-be-met prospect—you don’t want to keep waiting.


Which way is up? Today’s confusing moon-Uranus square leaves you torn. On the one hand, you cherish your reputation as an overall awesome human being and you’re primed to prove it. On the other hand, you could happily pull a disappearing act and leave all those obligations and expectations in the dust. Play it safe, Leo, and don’t commit to anything substantial today. Even if saying yes seems like a no-brainer, take a couple of days to ensure you really do have room in your overflowing agenda to do the job justice.


Appearances can be deceiving—especially today, Virgo. While you’re a pro at pulling off one glam outfit after another, not everyone is blessed with your sharp style sensibilities. Fortunately for your fashion-floundering friend, family member or colleague, they’ve got you to help. As the zodiac’s service provider you’re more than happy to show ’em how to shop. And your good deed won’t be categorized as vain either. Lending your expertise so that their true personalities shine through can really make a positive difference in their lives.


Keep your cards close to your vest, Libra. While someone in your world may be keen on being an open book, this is not the day to wear your heart on your sleeve. Establishing trust isn’t something that happens overnight, so don’t share sensitive information until your bond has grown deeper. Besides, your sign enjoys the getting-to-know-you phase that comes with fresh friendships and new love interests. Until you know that this union will stand the test of time, stick to more lighthearted conversations.


Your sixth sense may be sharper than most people’s, Scorpio, but don’t open up the psychic hotline just yet. People may treat you like a mind reader today and you’ll have to call them out on their mixed messages. If they’re saying one thing but doing another, don’t waste time decoding. There’s a chance they’re oblivious to the confusing signals they’re sending. Point it out, and you’ll make things less complicated for everyone. Whew!


Love and money are a bit like oil and water today, thanks to a tense moon-Uranus square. That said, you may still need to address shared finances with your sweetie (or a business collaborator who’s also a good friend). Don’t come to the table with accusations and assumptions. Instead, map out a potential plan of action so you can raise the issue constructively tonight or tomorrow. Single? Although you should refrain from judging someone based on their net worth, stay on your toes when it comes to those smooth-talking moochers.


Selfish or selfless? Today’s moon-Uranus square leaves you feeling torn between your closest peeps and Numero Uno. You don’t want to earn a reputation as being inconsiderate, but the last thing you want is to make yet ANOTHER sacrifice. Your life shouldn’t revolve around catering to your loved ones, but don’t leave them high and dry. Just be clear that you need some “me time.” While they won’t be happy about it, they’ll survive. Besides, you’re running on fumes these days, so topping your tanks is a must. Remember, Cap: you can’t help others until you help yourself.


We versus me? It doesn’t have to be so black or white, Aquarius. A tense square between the moon and impulsive Uranus could cause you to make a rash decision you’ll likely regret. A certain someone could be cramping your freedom-loving style, but you don’t need to call an end to this twosome. Instead, take the breather you need today. Once you’ve satiated your indie spirit, those feel-good vibes will come rushing back.


Boundaries are necessary today—or your bank balance could suffer. Some people may have become accustomed to your generosity and could take it as a given. Even if you’ve picked up the tab or paid more than your portion in the past, doesn’t mean you should make it a habit. Put your well-shod foot down, Pisces. By the same token, if your amigos assume you’re up for playing sugar mama or daddy, say something. Going along to get along isn’t worth being strapped for cash. Think savings, not status.

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