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Big changes in Jaki Scarcello’s life set her off on an unexpected quest. Her parents, both in their 90s, had died within months of each other; she’d gone through menopause, remarried and moved from Toronto to California. Scarcello also shifted from working as a leadership consultant, facilitator and coach for Fortune 500 companies to a smaller private practice. “What would I like to do with this stage of my life?” she found herself asking.

Some of her clients – female senior executives – had complained about feeling invisible in the workplace and in society. “I was appalled because these women have a lifetime of knowledge accumulation and wisdom and a sense of self and confidence that I think is far superior to when they were in their 30s,” she says. “Why would they feel invisible?”

That question led her to a larger one: “What is a woman’s role in society after the biological imperative to reproduce has passed?” The wording still amuses her but, at the time, Scarcello found herself wondering how she could find an answer.

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