For a woman as slight as Kate Moss, she always seems to be attached to big controversies. This time around, the British supermodel was caught this summer with her body double—a young beauty named Natalie Morris who is also signed to her modeling agency—while on a London shoot for the shoe label, Stuart Weitzman.

Her double, dubbed “Mosselganger” by the always cheeky Daily Mail, bears a striking resemblance to Moss except that her nipples are pert and her face is free of the lines and creases Moss has acquired throughout the years (having your heart broken by Johnny Depp, partying with rock musicians, chain-smoking like a chimney stack—these experiences would bring character to any woman’s face).

Whether or not Mosselganger was simply a stand-in for lighting, or was used as a replacement for Moss’ real body in the completed ad is still unknown. However, it does raise questions about the act of using a famous name—in name alone.

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