From Don Rickles' hilarious stories about his friendship with Frank Sinatra to Jim Carrey's American debut on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, these boomers left an unforgettable mark on late night television.

With all the scripted interviews and self-promotion on late night TV, it takes someone extraordinary to create a lasting impression that lingers on for years after their appearance.

Among those stars, are consummate performers like Don Rickles and Robin Williams, who couldn't help but to entertain, seamlessly working their comedy into their interviews.

Here, 5 of the best boomer moments on late night television.

It's a well-known fact that Betty White enjoys her vodka, so when she appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman the day after her 89th birthday, her host had a bottle of her favourite alcoholic beverage hiding behind the desk.

When Letterman asked her what she likes to do on her spare time, White unknowingly sets the stage for her surprise birthday drink.

"I like to do most anything, play with animals, mostly—and vodka's kind of a hobby," she said, before Letterman revealed her boozy gift.

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